La Feast

315 S Main St, Royal Oak
(248) 545-7100

Recent Reviews

Heather Adair

Their hommous is amazing, their plates are well seasoned, well garnished, and generous—all in all great food!

Julie G.

I walk pass this place all the time. Today I was toddler free and decided to treat myself to my favorite cuisine. Mediterranean food. I have eaten every Falafle from Here to the west side. I'm a vegetarian. This place is the BEST Mediterranean food I have ever had. I have lived all over the world and eaten this same cuisine. La Feast is the best. The sauces, the warm fresh bread. The grape leaves. Clearly all handmade with Love. Cozy inside space. Friendly family service. Reasonable prices. Mmmmmm the flavors. There is an outdoor patio too. Everything beautiful. I will be back.

Yousef A.

I go there every weekend their food is the best Anchorage every person who is trying to eat Lebanese food or Middle Eastern go down there their food is awesome and the people who work there are amazing I am pretty cool to the owner of the place his name is Mo he's one of the best people that you can talk to and they also have an amazing people work with them I encourage people to go there because their food is so amazing I can't really tell you how good their food is

Jill Robnett

Loved my first visit to La Feast! Delicious food and huge quantity! Friendly folks made us feel welcome! Really enjoyed dinner here! My son recommended the food - I will be back! Thanks for a wonderful meal!

Q. Bowman

My first visit to La Feast was GREAT!!! The food was made fresh to order, taste was on point and service was very friendly! I look forward going back many times!

Zamanable H.

Probably the worst chicken shawarma I ever had. Wouldn't recommend, save yourself the time and go somewhere else

Miles P.

Very authentic, very delicious. If you're looking for fairly priced yet very TASTY middle eastern food, go to La feast!!!

Cameron P.

Funny that the reviews here are all praise or all hate. I've never been inside the place but my brother ordered delivery from Grubhub the other day and the food was AMAZING. The best shawarma I've ever had, and the biggest size sandwiches easily. Some of the best hummus ever, sooooo silky and tasty. Huge salad portions too! The salads came dressed which surprised me a little since most places do dressing on the side by default for delivery. Eating it the same day, no problem. Saving for the next day it was a bit limp but still super tasty. Ordering dressing on the side is also at least partly on the orderer IMO. Despite the bad reviews I think I'll be ordering from them again.

Gabrielle Ekstrum

Small venue with very friendly and attentive staff. The food is all delicious too, you can't go wrong with any menu item!

Douglas Hayton

I used to come here years ago. I just had the lamb ghalabba. My wife used to like Sahara, in Oak Park. There is no comparison. La Feast not only has more flavor, but also you get so much more for your money. I am so happy that I went back to try my old standby. I will certainly be back!

Liem Ngo

Excellent restaurant. Have only had take out due to the pandemic. The portions are huge. Lasted three to four meals. Great price for the amount of food. Had the chicken and mushrooms entree. Delicious. The hidden gem is the Kosery dish. Authentic Egyptian dish made of pasta and lentils with spicy sauce. Huge dish that lasted for days. A staple of just every authentic Egyptian meal.

Anna Visintainer

Always excellent and great for the price. Excellent service as well. Our go-to for large family meals.

Sara L.

We placed an order today for 9 people and got 1/3 of the order correct. I understand that mistakes happen, but please own up to your mistake and rectify the problem. It's not like we can leave work to pick up the rest of the order. I paid $16 for nothing. Thanks, La Feast. NEVER AGAIN!

James Humphrey

Food is amazing. Fresh ingredients, best hummus in town


This place started coming to my job, the food smelled so good that I had to try it. I was not disappointed, I now drive from West Bloomfield to get it. No one else even comes close.

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