La Feast

315 S Main St, Royal Oak
(248) 545-7100

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Eve Ramirez

Ive never heard of this place until they supposedly catered at my job through fooda. First of all the taste was disgusting. One bite in and i threw up. Continued gagging nonstop at the after taste left in my mouth. Went to the restroom since i started feeling sick and i had a hard time focusing after that. Not only was the taste inedible but it was COLD. Frozen Cold. Chicken looked black and soggy . Was it the chicken or the seasoning they used ? I dont even know it was just terrible. I love Mediterranean food and was looking forward to a warm yummy shawarma just to be disappointed terribly. Zero stars if possible. Never purchasing from this business gain. Id prefer to go hungry.

Kelly Kinzey

I was unaware that this location closed down. I was still able to place an order without a notification of it not being open, it took my money without it being open and until I pulled up in front of the store to pick up my food I had no idea it wasn't open. I did get my money back but something just felt off about the website that I placed my order through (I know I know). So just beware!

Don De Carlos Hardison Jr

Delicious food and great service! My family eats here whenever possible. I recommend the bread and the veg dishes, but everything is good so far.

Sheri Kash

Just got an order from this place and had to throw most of it out. Salad was wilted and swimming in dressing, after I requested dressing only on the side. Baba Ghanoush tasted really weird and like it was mixed with flour for some reason. Chicken was all dark meat and mixed with peas. Truly terrible. Wont be back.

Don H

Delicious food and great service! My family eats here whenever possible. I recommend the bread and the veg dishes, but everything is good so far.

Sara Gil

Phenomenal taste, great service. Everything was packaged for takeout. The lovely woman on front she really good above and beyond.The mixed Maza was mostly vegetarian it lacked the Sojok, Sausage Medallions, Magani, Sausage Links, Fried Kibbee, Mixed Veggies And Pickles. The meat that was included was the meat wrapped in grape leaf. The whole dinner tasted incredible, but it was disappointing getting charged for a dish that wasn't fully to par with the menu. I would of appreciated communication as I would of preferred the fully vegetarian option

Peter P.

This unpretentious restaurant is a gem!! Today I had the best crushed lentil soup and falafel sandwich ever. It is hard to describe just how exotically tasty everything was! I have had great Lebanese food many times at other establishments in Metro Detroit and elsewhere. La Feast has similar food offerings, but has an extra something. Perhaps because it is actually an Egyptian restaurant!!! I have to tell you if you like your food spicy, but not to the extreme, give this place a try. Presently, due to Covid precautions, it is only doing carry out. Prices are very reasonable and portions generous. I can't wait to return and try their lamb with okra.


Stopped in for lunch today and had a great experience. Muhammad and Taisha were very nice and friendly and the food was amazing!! Falafel sandwich, sooooo good!! Definitely coming back!!!

Raymond Hobbs

I had the Combo for two tonight and it was delicious!The chicken and the beef are well seasoned and tender and the sauces that it comes with we’re great.The combo for two is a great deal, the amount of food that they give you is enough to feed four people with big appetites

Gena Dellicolli

Got a carry out tonight!it was delicious!I'm Lebanese so I'm biased. I highly recommend!!bravo

Heather Adair

Their hommous is amazing, their plates are well seasoned, well garnished, and generous—all in all great food!

Julie G.

I walk pass this place all the time. Today I was toddler free and decided to treat myself to my favorite cuisine. Mediterranean food. I have eaten every Falafle from Here to the west side. I'm a vegetarian. This place is the BEST Mediterranean food I have ever had. I have lived all over the world and eaten this same cuisine. La Feast is the best. The sauces, the warm fresh bread. The grape leaves. Clearly all handmade with Love. Cozy inside space. Friendly family service. Reasonable prices. Mmmmmm the flavors. There is an outdoor patio too. Everything beautiful. I will be back.

Yousef A.

I go there every weekend their food is the best Anchorage every person who is trying to eat Lebanese food or Middle Eastern go down there their food is awesome and the people who work there are amazing I am pretty cool to the owner of the place his name is Mo he's one of the best people that you can talk to and they also have an amazing people work with them I encourage people to go there because their food is so amazing I can't really tell you how good their food is

Jill Robnett

Loved my first visit to La Feast! Delicious food and huge quantity! Friendly folks made us feel welcome! Really enjoyed dinner here! My son recommended the food - I will be back! Thanks for a wonderful meal!

Q. Bowman

My first visit to La Feast was GREAT!!! The food was made fresh to order, taste was on point and service was very friendly! I look forward going back many times!

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