Second Street Sub Shop

108 W 2nd St, Royal Oak
(248) 543-7474

Recent Reviews

Evan Branch

The special is hands down the best sandwich in Royal Oak.

Haley McConnell

Holy moly that was delicious! We have lived in the area for over two years and just today discovered this little sub shop and Iâ??m so upset that I havenâ??t had this for the last two years of my life. Really great food, great portion sizes, and great service. We will be going back very soon!

Haley M.

Holy moly this place was great! Good portions, great taste, amazing service. We have been in the area for over two years and just found this place. I'm only sad we didn't know about it sooner! I got the tuna and Swiss and my husband got the chicken pesto. Both were excellent! They come with some standard veggies but you can customize of course. And all subs come with this herb and oil combo on them. I wasn't too sure about that on tuna but I gave it a shot and I was so glad I did because it really gave the sub an extra something special. Give this place a try, you won't be disappointed!

Uncle Chuckles

worlds best other than that old,dirty microwave

Joseph Wisniewski

Great traditional subs. The prices seem high compared to something like a Subways, until you realize that a 12 inch weighs about 3 pounds and is probably going to be lunch for 3 days.

brandon payne

Awesome subs, reccomend steak and cheese or taco sub. The bread is freshly baked and delicious.

Rachel Ply

When you're looking for a real traditional sub shop go here!!!! Quality food and support your local businesses! Friendly, helpful staff

Ray Moneya

Sandwhich was Too dry not any favor in the meat never again!!

Detroit On Tap

The Italian sub is tasty. Probably the best in Royal Oak. Medium size is perfect if you're super hungry or else you could probably share.

Yvonne LeHue

The food here is fresh and delicious. Loved the pretzel bites. Many choices. Can't wait to return

Christopher Dix

Tasty, made from scratch subs. Lots of great options and friendly service.

Cintia Brookins

The sub was fine. For all the bread you get I wish it was better with herbs and spices or nicely grilled.

Shelby Resmer

The food was delicious and the staff was super friendly! Highly recommend!

John Monnette

If you're looking for a real sub, this is the place! Very fresh ingredients and the workers have been more than accommodating!

Aaron Fisher

Waffle fries and ranch are decent. But the Turkey bacon sub had so much bread, it's hard to get my mouth around it. Very spongy and no flavored bread. The turkey is very similar to jimmy johns, bacon was cooked perfect. But they need new bread or a grilled heated wrap. Maybe they have, but I wont be getting any more if this bread sandwich. Honestly jimmy John's is the same sandwich with better bread.

Dallas R.

Food is decent. Service I asked how large the small sub was and was given a look that sort of made me want to run for my life. Will never be back, particularly alone as a female. Angry people work here.

Tim Aigner

The turkey sub is heated, the bread is awesome. This place serves my favorite sandwich period

Philip Tully

Amazing sandwiches and great service.

Dan Farr

We ordered a little of everything for the office and everything was great! Highly recommend.

Saraya Burkhard

FOOD IS AWFUL!!My sandwich wasnâ??t explained to me correctly. Thought it was a hot sandwich and it was actually half and meat was cold but my cheese and bacon was hot? Then I asked for avocados and they gave me 3 old pieces..the chicken taste artificial. WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!

Ron P.

I've tried this sub shop several times. I really don't get the 5 star ratings at all. Compared to Subway, yes, Second Street is better. Compared to Mudgie's or Zingerman's, Second Street is nowhere near the same quality . This place is comparable to Jersey Mike's.

Paras T.

I almost don't want to leave a review for this place cause I'm scared it will get very popular and crowded. But it's too good to keep a secret. I have come to trust that any place that is a cozy little hole in the wall will be amazing and my instincts were right. Best subs in detroit area period!

John H.

Always fresh and delicious! Love love love the bread! The meats are quality, veggies fresh. The Vegan sandwich was absolutely amazing! Great job, people.

Eve Lachowski

Good sammiches but the dude is rude af. Like Im just tryin to get some lunch dont be a mean grouch.

Valarie O'Donnell

Worst sub shop I have ever been to. I wanted to like this shop but it was gross :(

Nathan jo

Always super kind staff and the subs are so so delicious I used to believe jimmy johns was the cream of the crop when it comes to subs. But I was so wrong, I never see anyone else in there though? Please give them a shot you wonâ??t be disappointed.

Nicole E.

Blah subs. I would rather starve myself than eat a sub from here. Ordered a turkey sub and was more boring than Subway with nothing on it. The 2nd time I went the cook or guy that makes the sandwiches was found digging into his nose before making his next sub, bare hands and didn't wash his hands as necessary between. I will not be returning there in this life time. I can't get that horrible image of him picking his nose and making a sub right afterwards as if he had done nothing.

Steve Seargeant

Great sub!! I had an 8inch club and am falling asleep because I am stuffed!! Portion size was incredible...Fresh bread, tons of meat and hot peppers were good too. Great job, I'll be back.

Jeffrey Pollock

Service was great and so was the food. My party got a variety of sandwiches and everyone was pleased. Prices were good too, recommended for a quick bite or a low key lunch.

Anne Hallock

Best submarine sandwiches in all of metro Detroit. All subs made fresh to order. There are side dishes available. Limited seating inside. Parking is limited because of construction next door. But the subs are so good, you'll be glad you searched for a parking spot.


The Second Street Sub Shop, is located at 108 W 2nd St, just East of the main Royal Oak Post Office here in Royal Oak Michigan. For that reason, because I have a postal box at the Royal Oak Post Office, I have passed the Second Street Sub Shop many MANY times over the past years (they have been in business about 15-years). Today was the magic day. I went in and purchased a 12-inch foot long tuna sub. Let me tell you it was fantastic. I asked for the bread to be toasted dark. BUT I forgot to tell the sandwich master to toast the bread BEFORE putting tuna on the bread. So as she finished the sub and started to put it into their toasting device I said YIKES I forgot to tell you toast the bread first. She simply took all of the tuna off the bread (in spite of the fact I protested saying it was I not her who made the mistake) and toasted the bread DARK. Wait till you see my photos. It is a very sweet venue. I have posted many photos of it showing off its most unique appearance. They seemed to be doing a very good business. WONDERFUL experience.

Chris Van Assche

Sandwichs to the hotdogs are on point

Nick S.

I had gone there with a friend because he had heard such great reviews. I had gotten the 12 inch sub for a few dollars more and the size was extremely generous! I couldn't eat it all, so I got two meals for the price of one when I ate it for lunch the next day. I got the steak and cheese sub. The sub had a beautiful mixture of flavors as well as cheese mixed in with the steak. I definitely recommend this place as it lives up to the hype

Eric Kim

Good if you're looking for sandwiches. Their chili dog and salads are poorly proportioned and less than you could put together yourself in your kitchen. Service is bored and not friendly. Subway is better overall.

Christopher S.

I hit this place every time i'm in the area. The Vegan sub is quite good and a great size. Haven't branched out on the menu but am pleased every time I eat here.

Courtney T.

The guy working was a complete ass hole. He wouldnt make my sub the way I wanted until I asked him 4 times to make it without lettuce. He was so awkward and made this a horrible experience for me. I will not be back to this establishment ever again because of this worker. He made me feel very uncomfortable.

Amanda L.

Lots of options to choose from in subs. They even have a hummus sub! We love the chicken pesto sub and you get a great amount of food for the price. We tried the cheesy bread too and it was warm and flavorful. The bread for the sides and sub is large and fluffy which toasts great when the warm up your sub. Perfect hole in the wall place for a great meal!

Kaushik B.

I eat sandwiches every day. They are versatile, easily accessible, and pretty balanced meal (depends on what you get), but not infallible. However, this sub shop never gets it wrong. I have never had a better sandwich in Michigan. They put together the perfect blend of toasted doughy bread, which would taste even if it were to be eaten alone; fresh crisp veggies, plenty tomatoes, lettuce, & pickles; and amazing cheese, simply amazing. This sandwich joint is a must if you are in the area.

Enjoli M.

I decided to give this place a try after hearing such great reviews. I placed a pick-up order through yelp which was very easy and my food was ready as soon as I walked in, yes! The place was a small cafe space with about 3 round tables by the window and pretty smokey when I walked in. The 8" sub was ginormous, so A+ for portion size, definitely a great price for the portions you receive. I ordered a turkey, bacon , avocado sub and it was ok. It wasn't the best sub I've ever had, the avocado spread was good a generous. The bread was soft but there was a lot of it, which made the sub a little dry. I would try a different sub next time, I was kinda underwhelmed.

Patrick I.

Small sub shop located in the heart of RO. When you get there for the first time, choosing something on the menu can be a bit of a challenge. All of it sounds delicious and it makes you want to sample all of it prior to ordering. I had the 8" reuben sub with a side of the cole slaw. My better half having the chili, my daughter having the grilled chicken sub, and my son having the ham and cheese sub. All of the meals were made with quality products, and give the big chain places a ginormous beat-down. The young lady taking our order and preparing the food was polite and friendly. After finishing our meals we vacated the premises and in my haste, I left my mobile phone on the table. She ran out of the place and flagged me down. All four of us give the Second Street Sub Shop a definite thumbs up. We will be back for sure.