12 Mile &, Stephenson Hwy, Royal Oak
(248) 397-1520

Recent Reviews

James McSpadden

Service was good.


These professional Baristas are fortunate enough to also be part of the UFCW 876 labor union. Which means they are covered by a negotiated contract that ensures guaranteed raises, health care insurance, seniority rights, advanced scheduling, paid days off, paid vacations, grievance procedures against unjust firings and safety on the job.

Sherry Manuel

Very clean establishment ,warm and friendly staff...will be returning in the future!?


Location is very good

Mo Kib

Had a longer line than expected but everything was great.

sherrie jackson

I hate star buck coffee is awful and too expensive Folgers make better coffee for a cheaper price

Dan Sigro

Peppermint Mocha or Nitro Cold Brew. Yes please

Isaac bluewolf

Nice food

Jacqueline Affatati

My coffee was okay. They were very light on food while I was in. I hope for a better experience next time.

Laura Ratliff

I love this place

Tree B

Don't drink too much of it, but it is good when I go😀

Dan Cizmarov

Good coffee 👍


They send money to isis

Taq The Dolphin

I didn't have any, Google Maps is wrong.

Taq James

I didn't have any, Google Maps is wrong.

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