Taco Bell

8030 Gratiot Rd, Saginaw
(989) 781-5200

Recent Reviews


All good, but they need to.speak up..because with there face masks on it's hard to hear them at the drive up order kiosk.

Carrie Mcintosh

Why is it so hard to get some sauce from you people? I ordered 5 tacos and extra mild sauce. I was given 3! Came through last week and ordered 9 items, again, asked for extra mild sauce and was given 3! At least my tacos were in one piece this time! Last week it looked as if they were sat on, and saturated with grease! This location USED to be one of the best! Now it's by far the worst around Saginaw, next to North Michigan ave. Get it together!

Mason Loeblein

Simply because I came for breakfast at 7 on a Sunday and they weren’t even open even though they’re supposed to be

Nancy Throop

Fast service!! My grandson loves the food after school. He says thumbs up!!

Angela Yockey

Cannot remember the last time I have went and my order was right. They replace my meal for free which is nice but even that is wrong. Food tastes fine, just check order before you leave!

Jessica Earley

Taco Bell is Taco Bell, but the staff here is fantastic. Friendly, and no mistakes in orders

Craig Schultz

If you think you can't have gourmet dining at a fast food price, you'd be absolutely right. I ordered a chicken power bowl and it exceeded my expectations. The front counter interaction was pleasant and my food was prepared with haste. The presentation was 8/10, some of the chicken had slid under the lettuce and the guacamole had splashed out of uniform shape. The texture of each component in the power bowl was as expected and the chicken was microwaved to perfection. Taco Bell® offers quite the array of toppings to spice their food up as much or as little as possible, I selected the hot sauce as my condiment and was delighted to find the amount of spice contained in it was exactly what my refined pallette can handle. The portion size at this establishment was 7/10 for this particular item. The menu portrait made the power bowl seem more full and filling, I was not hungry after completing my meal but a little more ingredients would have pushed this delicacy to a 10.

slime is nice

Love the breakfast casadias are the best.


Good food, never dine inside

Kelsie Ellerman

I like their food a lot and the workers are really nice but sometimes the potato bites are burnt or the order is incorrect and the portion sizes are very small for what you pay . I feel that they rush to get the food out. I will still come here though because the staff have been very nice and helpful and everything still tastes good lol.

Fay Fay Hug

I'm crazy about their grandeur steak scrambler.. nice amount for the price

Tina Tirsek

One of our favorite spots!

Beth Tudor

Love eating here.

Jeff Paul

It's ok , better than Mickey D's

Lanette Gasta

Because its Taco Bell! Best food ever!

Rebecca Taylor

Service was fast and food was hot hot hot! Both my sister and I felt the pop could have been better, they skimped a bit on the syrup I think. Bathroom was only a single and girls need the potty when on the road. Otherwise the restaurant was clean, staff was nice and food was good.

Amy Paul

Best Taco Bell by far. Has been for YEARS!! We love it here.

John Smith

Food was good Carolina Reaper sauce on the steak and Fry burrito could have a little more Reaper in it and a lot less Ranch but was still quite tasty

Ron Benson

The cashier tonight had a wonderful smile! Thank you.

Milt Palestos

Good food fast when you on the run.

Bill Roasa

I got there at 7:45 a.m. the doors were locked. No one was in the parking lot. I couldn't see anyone in the store.

Kyler Malloy

I love Taco Bell... I just can’t advise anyone to patron this Taco Bell. Jessica the manager hired me and I started my first day today. While I was there the hand washing was nonexistent, gloves weren’t being changed and it wasn’t up to “Live Mas” standards. I ended up rescinding my acceptance because of the staffs hostility to both staff and Customers. They were incredibly inappropriate when it came to side comments about staff and New Hires. They were so disrespectful and assaultitive in there commentary that I didn’t feel they were a safe team to be a part of. I would never choose to work there because of those staff and the hostility Jessica was condoning and encouraging.... It was so hostile and as a new hire. Also be careful with you children in the Family Restrooms. The staff leave the cleaning Peroxide and other chemicals in the Restroom hanging a confused Guest or Child could get hurt.

Frank Kirkey

Best nutritionist fast food restaurant. Love there breakfast 😍

Vincent Martin

First LEARN to wash your hands!

Leroy Howard

Was nny or the best..just ok

Robert Clark

Slow but good food

Steven Dorey

Quick good cheap food.

Jason Potts

Great Service and they even play some good music when I told them I didn't mind it being played 😎

erik parker

I love this taco bell, the order is always correct and the people are always friendly. The store is clean and updated and the landscape is wonderful and surrounding are warm and inviting.

Judd Pendred

It's taco bell it always gets 5 stars

Justin McCommon

Tex-mex food on the cheap, what more could you ask for! Service can be a little slow at times though!

Mikeal Blakeslee

Go late for best service daytime staff is not very nice

William Foster

Its Taco Bell, it is what you expect. Friendly service, order was correct.

Ask Me

Stop to get breakfast the other morning and bought breakfast soft tacos and when i got to work and opened them they were a mess!!!! People not very friendly either!!

Sam M.

This is the greatest Taco Bell in the US, as far as I'm concerned. I'd like to think of myself as something of a Taco Bell connoisseur: if our family was getting fast food growing up, we probably wanted Taco Bell. I'm pretty sure I've had everything on the menu, at least twice. I've lived in 8 different cities in 3 different states and travelled around, but seriously, this one just keeps me coming back. I literally go out of my way to get to this one whenever I'm in town. It's clean, fast, the menu is all prepared with skill, and they even do some of the throwback items if you ask them. Coming through late at night, lunchtime, dinnertime, all the time.

Jenni Maier

Staff and management are great. Food is prepared well and made to order. The manager on duty was Logan and he was awesome!

Sandra Ostrander

Food was great, really hit the spot.

Justin Young

Good food but a loud interior

Holly Matterson

They put no meat at all in their chalupas or tacos, and they burn anything that's soft shell to the point of it being hard. My double chalupa literally had less meat than a taco. I guess I have to be fair and say I experience this at most other Taco Bells too, it seems to have changed to being like this during this year. They also have gotten very expensive for it being fast food, they raised prices and every change you make to your meal now costs money, they got rid of free substitutions, and it's 60 cents to upgrade to a Dorito taco now as well. When your meal comes out to over 10 dollars you might as well spend a few dollars more and go to Applebees or Chilis. I used to eat at taco bell a few times a week but that's going to change to none.

ReAnna Stopjik

The food was good the service was ok