Taco Bell

8030 Gratiot Rd, Saginaw
(989) 781-5200

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Judd Pendred

It's taco bell it always gets 5 stars

Justin McCommon

Tex-mex food on the cheap, what more could you ask for! Service can be a little slow at times though!

Mikeal Blakeslee

Go late for best service daytime staff is not very nice

William Foster

Its Taco Bell, it is what you expect. Friendly service, order was correct.

Jenni Maier

Staff and management are great. Food is prepared well and made to order. The manager on duty was Logan and he was awesome!

Sandra Ostrander

Food was great, really hit the spot.

Justin Young

Good food but a loud interior

Holly Matterson

They put no meat at all in their chalupas or tacos, and they burn anything that's soft shell to the point of it being hard. My double chalupa literally had less meat than a taco. I guess I have to be fair and say I experience this at most other Taco Bells too, it seems to have changed to being like this during this year. They also have gotten very expensive for it being fast food, they raised prices and every change you make to your meal now costs money, they got rid of free substitutions, and it's 60 cents to upgrade to a Dorito taco now as well. When your meal comes out to over 10 dollars you might as well spend a few dollars more and go to Applebees or Chilis. I used to eat at taco bell a few times a week but that's going to change to none.

ReAnna Stopjik

The food was good the service was ok

B Mill

Taco Bell is one of my favorite fast food restaurants. The Gratiot Rd location can be hit or miss as far as quantity but it's usually always pretty good. Sometimes the wait may be a bit longer than it probably should be, but I've kinda gotten used to it.

Chris Redden

Typical Taco Bell food, but for some reason the food is always fresh. The shells are always fresh. Beware of the breakfast here had it a few times and always cold and hash browns are always burned or dripping in grease.

Beverly Huff

Like Taco Bell. Service is great and friendly. Always like what I order

Hooch Nineteen

Got old nacho fries, but they replaced them with no problem. Good dollar menu.

aaron clements

Gratiot rd Taco Bell is by far the best one in Saginaw. Great staff and food is always right. Drive though night staff always polite and willing to make you smile.

Ashley Hicks

Food is always great and fast. They have also changed the menu to fit even low end budget people who need a quick bite. My favorite fast food place. It's to die for.

James O.

Best damn TBell I've had in a long time. Whoever was working tonight was awesome! The woman working the window was quick and polite. Great experience for the drive home from a good at Patty's day. :)

Jeremy P.

Stopped in on the way to pick up our son from practice. We wanted to get a cheese roll up for our daughter. I went inside and placed my order. 10 minutes later I got my roll up I've never waited so long for one item.

Gregory Miller

Cheesy gordita crunch with a a dorito taco shell is amazing

Kristin Hill

One of the best places to eat very addictive

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

8030 Gratiot Rd, Saginaw, MI 48609