Tim Hortons

8099 Gratiot Rd, Saginaw
(989) 781-2303

Recent Reviews

Jackie Swarthout

I have allergies and told them and i had a coupon all i asked was for no cheese..they said they couldnt do that and honor the coupon. ' wth does that? They also dont have dairy free creamer they said.it makes me angry they chased dunken donughts away they are so much better. I agree with the other reviewrs too the drive thru employees are so rude. Michigan is so much nicer.

Jerry Chadwick

We recently visited family and when we got back to Michigan we knew that we had to visit and get some of there doughnut holes. They always had a wide selection of fresh doughnuts and great staff.

Kiji one

My one stop coffee shop.

Tom Burgoyne

Best dam breakfast in town that two bagel sausage egg and cheese for 4.00

Chad Carter

So tired of the employees of Tim Hortons being so rude. I started going elsewhere and decided to give it a try again today. Doughnuts went up to $1.26?! What a rip off. Just so you guys know, you can go to Hamilton bakery on Gratiot, get better doughnuts for 50-65 cents, and you will have friendly people wait on you.

Dan Boivin

Ham and cheese sub, large drink and ice cream...was all good!

Rob Gardiner

Great food, great coffee, and great atmosphere

Clarissa Redburn

Pretty good for the most part, however, half of the time I get an ice cap they don’t mix my ice cap all the way and I can taste the syrup itself

Hector MrHEME Espinola

Food was ok service was good

Benjamin B.

My favorite coffee shop. Great service, good food and clean facility.

Benjamin Benkert

My favorite coffee shop. Great service, good food and clean facility.

Stacy Near

nice donuts awesome coffee

Shomari Kerreos

Staff is not very friendly in drive thru.

slime is nice

They are fast and the food is better than McDonald's

Robert Young

I would not recommend this place at all. The espresso machine is never operational. It is always down for cleaning. Who cleans the coffee machine in a place where you sell coffee during business hours. Going to Starbucks!

Blanca Hernandez

Make great ham and swiss cheese sandwich and services is quick at the drive through

Linda Kube

Yummy food and great coffee, who could ask for more.

J Swarthout

Bad service at the speaker. Emplyee couldnt be understood because he wasnt speaking clearly. He kept getting my order wrong. At window doesnt offer sleeve for hot beverage no reciept and doesn't say thank you. I'm so over these places that take our money and can't train their employees on proper service # 1 being thank the customer for spending their money with them. Tried calling store to speak to manager twice and nobody answered the phone! I had to call michigan store. Will see if manager calls me back.

Mark Rupp

So much better 20 years ago

Chad Roasa

Better coffee than the gas stations, but otherwise just ok. Pastries and other food options looked good, but only came in for some coffee on this visit. People working there were quick and friendly.

Jane Krueger

Much prefer this Tim Hortons over the one on State St. The service is more pleasant and friendly.

Shirley Pollick

Staff is friendly and knowledgeable about their products. James makes the best iced cap mocha ever!

Alanna Dashkovitz


Carol S.

When it comes to product, I can't say that this location offers anything different than any other TH. I rarely order food and I consider the coffee to be perfectly ok and reasonably priced. It's the service that gets five stars. The staff is friendly, capable, and speedy! Even if there is a long line at the drive-thru, I know I will be on my way within five minutes. I've been to two other TH locations in the last month and that was not the case. I also appreciate that they are not stingy with cup sleeves!

mark g

A bit slow at rush hour , but food was still on point and hot!

Paul Eschmann

Great coffee! They always get my special order right and are very friendly!

Mark M.

Ordered a biscuit with egg-cheese and bacon with coffee and donuts. At the drive thru window I was handed my egg and cheese with bacon sandwich wrapped in paper that was coated with oil, I made a comment about this and was handed some napkins and was assured that the sandwich was good, The sandwich was a mess-the bacon was greasy-eggs were warm. I tossed the sandwich out of the window. I did not feel like going back to the store taking 15 minutes to explain . Lesson learned stick with the dollar menu at McDonals.

Carrie Joyce Davis

Horrible drive thru service! Horrible!! I ordered a everything bagel, not toasted with plain cream cheese. Lady at the window hands me an everything bagel, TOASTED, with plain cream cheese. I handed it back to her. She asks the young man behind her if he toasted it. He shrugs his shoulders. They make me a new one. I'm handed an everything bagel, not toasted and with NO plain cream cheese. I hand it back to the lady at the window who gets nasty with me because they can't get the order right. Now I'm running late for work. The make me a new one for the third time! Lady hands me my bagel. I drive off and go to work. Sit at my desk, open the wrap. There sits a plain bagel! Just a plain bagel. And these workers want $15 an hour???!!!!

Natalie Ann Hamman

My husband and I stopped here to order breakfast. Keep in mind while you read this, the MANAGER was "serving" and taking our order. We were also going through the drive-through. While we were ordering, the manager proceeded to yell at an employee in front of us. Then, when we were paying we were not handing her money fast enough; the same for when she was trying to hand us our order. She kept shoving our order out at us. She did not give us straws for our drinks; also, she gave us the completely wrong donuts we ordered. Also, the Iced Capps had liquid on the top of the cup, spilling all over us when we went to drink them. Very unfriendly, rude, and treated the employees under her very badly. We will not be going to this Tim Hortons any time soon.

Nada's Daughter

Bad service, rude employees, and somehow my order is wrong. Going to leave earlier and patronize the State St. Store. Today is the last day I give you my business.

S M.

This business continues to struggle with having product. This is the third time in a row that they can't fulfill my order. Today in was 2 ten packs of chocolate Tim Bits. Nope, all out. Ok, how about 4 chocolate donuts? Again nope. I replied, it's 9:15 on Saturday, how can you be out of donuts? Well we've been busy she said. Off to Mickey D's I went....

Richard G.

I go to this one quite a bit. I usually order a breakfast meal. The sandwiches are usually pretty good. Their hash brown are nothing to rave about. The glazed donuts are awesome. I'm sure I'll be back.

Stacy Guttowsky Ruhlig

Rude customer service, girl had an attitude when taking the order over the intercom and pretty much slammed the window shut after getting donuts without saying anything. Miss the old owners!

Courtney Elizabeth

I love this location! Who else would allow you to still order after you inform them that you left your wallet at home?! They printed a receipt for me and told me to come back later and pay. "We treat you how we would like to be treated." THANK YOU, Tim Horton's staff! The cafe mochas and angus steak breakfast sandwiches were delicious!

Luna Christine S.

Nothing fancy like the lattes you can get with your Big Mac at McDonald's but you'll love the donuts and coffee. A Canadian company known for their coffee, it is fixed how you like it. It's hot but they don't offer cardboard sleeves. Grab extra napkins and be careful.