L. George's Coney Island

26799 Greenfield Rd, Southfield
(248) 559-8600

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Chris Gibson

One of my favorite family restaurants to go to. I usually go with my family after work or after church on Sundays. The food never disappoint. The service is great, when you go to the right ladies. The atmosphere is friendly and clean! I only wish they could get hot water in the bathrooms to wash hands with! ???Food: 4/5


I was excited to get a vegetable stir fry from L.George’s, but it quickly fleeted after opening the box. My box was skimpy especially for the price. Customer service was great, but the food I received was less than comparable to the price.

M# B#

I so want to give more stars, but I can not! I've been a patron of L. Georges for maybe 20+yrs. My favorite on 6 mile and Schaefer. I have been coming to dine in and carry out at the Southfield-Greenfield location for 5 or 6 yrs. I typically have no complaints, however, today is the last time I will purchase food from this establishment. This is the 3rd time(one time so bad, it resulted in a refund) that my order was not properlyprepared. I typically order the same thing a Greek grilled chicken salad with extra beets and olives. Simple, right! Nope! Every time I get my order there is something wrong with it. Once my beets were so old they were brown and I was afraid to eat them, today all of the items that should be in my salad were not there. The pepperchini's are missing. Sure it sounds small, but when you order and pay for a specialty salad you expect it to have the items that makes it a specialty. 3 strikes and I'm done!!

John Davis

Very good food and service. Clean restaurant. My only issue is that they play country music with a predominantly African-American clientele. Mix-up a bit at least.Parking: Good parking.

I Bonner

My daughter & I visited recently and I must say I was impressed. The customer service is AMAZING everyone that came by the table checked if everything was good and not in an annoying way either?kept the coffee flowing. Our waiter was Caiden he was a very polite young man (keep up the good work). The food was good as well. We enjoyed our french toast & breakfast skillet ?. Even the busboy was friendly. I will br back.

Catherine Collins

This hotel was nice for a good night's rest. They offered continental breakfast with a limited amount of options. The hallway rugs need some cleaning. The rooms were clean but the floors in the bathroom needed attention. The hotel staff members were very nice.

Eris S.

5 stars! Restaurant wasn't packed. Service was great. The food was delicious. And most importantly, the food was inexpensive. I want to go back! They serve good grits so this is definitely a winner in my book. I dined with my cousin. We both had eggs, grits, meat and toast with beverages. Our bill came to $25. I can't wait to visit again.


Customer service is always friendl Food is delicious.

kimberly overton

I have nothing but good things to say about this restaurant, food is very good, customer service is excellent, restaurant is clean. because of these reasons, I bypass several coney islands that are actually closer to my home just to go to this one. Very impressed and will not go anywhere else unless they are closed!

Demond Ingram

Order $40 worth of carry out fish sandwich soggy pita soggy lettuce at the bottom hot chicken on top call back to explain to manager and he was sarcastic been going there five years since they open definitely won’t be back and I’ll be letting the owners now how they lost a customer from the beginning

Crews Gfm

My husband and I love this place. I take my clients here for meetings etc… Under NEW Management and we’re loving the change!!


This is one of my favorite Coney islands. They have a fast and friendly staff. The food is good. It's a safe and clean environment.

Cathy Vergis

Great service. Breakfast was delicious. Very clean. Tighten up the toilet seat , or replace in women's bathroom.

Queen McCauley

I have ALWAYS loved L George's, my favorite on is the one on 6 mile, however I've had the pleasure of dining in at this one which is more accommodating for that. Only issue is parking, watch out cause if you don't know, you will mess up something due to the potholes and rubble. Other than that cool!

Felicia Horner

The customer service is phenomenal. The restaurant is spacious and clean. Everyone is greeted with a smile. The food is amazing, its very obvious that the cooks take pride in making every dish delicious for every customer they serve. Thank you Nick for your hospitality on 6-12-22 while my son and I was waiting for our carryout. You offered us a seat and gave us both complimentary beverages! Keep providing your customers service excellence and you will remain number one in the service industry.

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