Shake Shack

850 W Big Beaver Rd, Troy
(248) 817-1529

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Sameh Swiha

one of the worst fast food. and none honestly workers. don't trust them. I was there 2 months ago ordered food and they charged me way over the actual amount. I asked to cancel and return my money because they can't figure out how to fix it. until now I didn't get my money. the supervisor or who ever was on charge at this time give me her phone number and told me if I didn't get refund to call her and she said trust us we will fix it and she never answered my phone or even refund me. NOT honest place to visit

Ferris-Venis H.

I had to place my order outside in the cold without a menu. When I got Home my order was all wrong and missing items, I tried to call them but all I get is an answering machine.

Gabriele Franceschelli

I panini le patatine e le salse sono fantastici


Waited 30mins for my dine in order and nobody brought out the food. I had asked them how long and they hadn’t even started making it. The building was completely empty as well so no reason for them to forget about us. Downtown Detroit is a much better location surprisingly

Jamal H.

I place an order and paid for it on the app because I was running late for something and didn't want to wait for my food upon arrival.Once I got to the restaurant, about 6 people were waiting outside in 40 degree and windy weather, all wearing masks. I asked them if anyone had even come out to see ask what the name for their orders were, and they all said no. I stepped over the giant metal sign they had obstructing the door, and was rudely ordered to go back outside in the cold and wait for my order. A couple more minutes go by, and someone not even dressed in uniform sticks his head out the door and I had to specifically ask him "can you take my name for my order?". He did, and everyone finally got their food.Stop making your customers wait outside, it's well into fall and we're all wearing masks. Why tf would you force your customers (who already friggin paid your business online) to wait outside in the cold when we all have masks on?

Michael Goodman

food was not that good.

Arden Marie McCray

First timer, and it was good. I had the chicken sandwich w/fries. The sandwich wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be, and since I intermittently fast, I need to fill up during my eat time!! Other than that it tasted pretty good. If I decide to go back, I think the next time I'll try a burger.

Shabbir Ezzy

Did online order for takeout. Tried their hot chicken sandwich which has 3 levels of hotness. I went with the lowest level and it didn't seem that spicy so will definitely go for fire level next time to see how hot it can get. Really really low amount of shack sauce provided with the order.

Lane Fredrick

Awfully run location. No leadership. I’m sure the food would have been great if it ever got to me. Sadly, they missed the opportunity to do so.My experience: First, you walk up to the door and there are no signs or anything letting people know what the expectation is regarding how to order or where to go based on whether they’re dining in or ordering to-go.While I waited in this line I saw various customers asking around if they anyone knew what they had to do. Finally as I reach up the line after a 10 min wait, the cashier at the outside door informed me and the group behind me that if you’re looking to dine in you can simply walk in on the other side door. The group behind me had been waiting in this to-go line with me and were visibly upset now that they knew they just wasted time waiting in the to-go line for nothing.For me, this was not a huge deal because I was ordering to go anyway. However, a clear point that there is no proper leadership in place or signs to make the customer experience a good one.Second, I order my meal, order number 835836006 . Cashier asks for my name, I explicitly spell it out letter by letter. He still managed to enter an incorrect letter. That’s fine no worries normally I wouldn’t care.I get the text message showing me that they’ve got my order in the system, and it shows my incorrectly spelled name. This was actually a good thing Bc I knew what to give the workers when asking for my order later.Time passes by, I’m waiting patiently. I get the text message letting me know my order is ready! Great, Then I see what is definitely my order getting packed together. I ask the young man if that’s an order for *insert incorrectly spelled name* and I also spelled it out how they did in the system. The worker said no.Fine, I wait more, and then with each new package I say oh is that for *insert name* I am repeatedly told no my order isn’t ready yet. I let them know I’ve had the text saying it’s ready for 20 minutes already.At this point I’m upset. Whatever food I had is cold, whatever shake I order is now melted with the time that went by. After I stand there even longer watching more and more people get their orders that ordered AFTER me, the worker finally decides to ask me what I ordered. I told him what was ordered. He says “oh, you know what it’s that first one you asked about” he then points to the table with my order that’s been sitting there for what seems like eternity. He also went to look at the shake I ordered and it was 80% melted.At this point I couldn’t understand the incompetence of the location and I politely asked for a refund and for them to keep the food.And guess what, they couldn’t even get that done correctly. They claim to have refunded the order but the money never went back to my account. Check number for this “refund” ticket (looks more like they just voided the order) is 240246 .At this point I’ve lost all faith in the locations management and ability to train its workers on the correct processes that need to be followed in order to be a successful franchise location.I actually don’t feel like going back to let them know about the fact that the refund never came in. I was nice and polite while this was all going on because I didn’t want to be “that guy”. But I feel at this point if I went back I would just have to scream at someone and I don’t want to do that.Cheers, I’m sure the food would have been great. Unfortunately , the location is poorly run and offers a poor experience for customers all around. From the lack of guidance for where customers should order, to the day to day of getting orders to the customers.

Taj Willis

This place is very unorganized and unprofessional. I waited there for 40 minutes for my food. They didn't text my phone when my food was ready.They just let my food just stand there and get cold. I had to go up there and ask them about my food. My friend was done with her food about time I got my food. It was a disaster. I will never go back again.

Jordan W.

Burgers were excellent! I love thin salty burgers with tons of flavor! The fries on the other hand, I ordered the hot fries and let me tell you something these fries had NO FLAVA"uncle roger voice" these fries were as tasteless as a frat boy at a rush party. But, these fries were as hot as a hot piece of ass on Miami Beach. And I'm not talking about the fake ones.

Mark B.

I have always been a big fan of shake shack and have been to plenty of locations back home in Southern California so I was excited to see there was a location in Troy. This was during COVID-19 times so I placed my order online through their website for pick up and drove on over. As I was driving over you cannot miss it on Big Beaver. It's pretty big and has a nice parking lot outside. My order that day consisted of a smokehouse burger and fries. It was all neatly packaged and ready for me to pick up. As soon as I got home I dove straight into my food. It was delicious! The same premium quality that I would expect from shake shack. Solid food with great taste. The only issue I always end up having is while the flavors are excellent and the quality of the ingredients is good I still do think it's still a little pricier than what I would value it at. After having shake shack I oftentimes find myself still hungry not willing to shell out even more money at shake shack to get my fill. On top of that, while I will be understanding since these are not normal times it was confusing up in the front while I was trying to get my food. They do not really have an organized system at the moment so I am hoping they fix that up. Other than that another solid experience at shake shack and I will be coming back when I am craving it again.

Felicity N

Undercooked Bacon in Smoke shack burger, I ordered Spicy cheese fries because I love everything spicy... driving home eating my fries I realized they gave me regular cheese fries not spicy and the girls that work in the location are rude.

Amanda D.

I was pleasantly surprised! I guess I had low expectations (last Shake Shack experience at another one wasn't great), however I actually liked that they weren't letting anyone in. It's super simple and really fast (under 10 mins between time of order and pick up). They also gave me extra fries (that was probably a mistake, but I'll take it!) Would go back!!

Ashley B.

My boyfriend and I order pickup about once every couple of weeks or so for a quick dinner after work. Because I cannot tolerate gluten, I am always testing out different gluten free buns and such. I have to say that these are the most delicious gluten free burgers from a fast food restaurant out there. They are toasted most of the time and made to taste exactly like the real thing, and that is basically the only reason we come back time and time again. Let me tell you -- their hospitality here at this location definitely leaves much to be desired. It comes to over $45 for four burgers and some fries, so this definitely isn't the place you want to go if you're ballin' on a budget...okay, no problem. Is there any sort of rewards program for loyal guests?.... So when you show up to pickup the order you placed on the app, they now have the front door blocked off with one employee both taking orders from random people walking up, as well as dozens of people scattered around waiting to pick their previously placed orders. After I park my car in the structure all alone, I walk up and can clearly see the bag with my name on it just chillin' on the table with about 10 other bags waiting to be picked up. I tell the gentleman that I can see my bag on the table and ask if he can simply hand it to me. He tells me to hold on and proceeds to ask the random people placing the orders the attention, while ignoring me for 10 minutes because there are so many of them. 20 minutes go by and I finally ask again, he hands it to the wrong guy but the guy walks away before realizing it. After the man realizes it and brings it back to me after sitting in his car with it for five minutes, I request a new order be made for hygienic reasons. Finally after waiting 30 minutes for my order to be remade, I get home and realize that they had forgotten one of the fries. Not wanting to go thru the hassle of everything all over again, I go hungry for the night and I am not sure we will ever give them our business again. I understand the whole closed entrance thing due to the COVID scares but there seems to be a better way of doing this.

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