28959 Mound Rd, Warren
(586) 576-0434

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Andy Meadows

Went here around 3:30 today. The line was relatively short and service was fairly quick... now on to the food. Fries were stale, and burger was undercooked. How does this even happen? The grills are set for a certain time/temp for the types of burger being cooked. I threw it away. Not even gonna bother getting in my car to come back.

Joshua Flitton

Ba da ba ba ba - it's cheap and quick.

Brandy Bishop

This place is horrible. We live close and go often but everytime something is a disappointment. Today was the last time I will ever go there. They were busy so you expect the food to be hot and fresh but it was only slightly warm, overcooked, hard, dry and burnt. Every last thing we got was bad this time ugh. Even the coke was flat. I will be taking my business to 14 and Ryan. Worth the little futher drive.

Brian Pelinski

Waited in line and gave up. 530 am 10.21.2020. I think only one person was working doing everything. Took about 3 to 5 minutes per car.

Johnny Welch

Asked for a 20 piece nugget it took 15 mins when I asked for fresh and I got stale nuggets I suggest no one goes to this McDonald's again the too busy hanging out at the back drive-thru window then working

Athena Melen

Terrible customer service. Didn't get half my meal.

Victor C

Took my competitors coupon and that Big Mac was even better!

Nicholas H.

Worst McDonald's in the worldAnd I can say this with authority having traveled the worldMy order has never been right or fresh and at my very last visit The manager yelled in my face about how I was wrong and they were right when in fact they were wrongI guess the customer is always wrong at this placeI live less than a block awayI would rather drive across town than ever go here again

marlene st. onge

Took my husband to the hospital and stopped here as it was about the only place open. Got the worst fries I ever had. They didn't give me a receipt so I can't even call to complain. Fries were cold and reheated. Some were burnt crispy. Some were soggy. Only opened container part way so it wasn't even a full order.

Tamara Pizzimenti

Staff was not wearing face masks or gloves and the one staff that did have a mask was not wearing it properly. This makes me question the cleanliness of the establishment.

Edward Zawacki

I go through the drive thru and order 4 drinks and 3 fries. She gives the fries and 2 drinks and says I'm all set. I tell her she owes me 2 drinks. Then there are 3 other people at the window. A lady says can u see your receipt. I show them . I shows i paid for 4 drinks. Guy says like i said 2 more drinks 2.12. I'm supposed to pay for 6 drinks to get 4. I have to argue with them to get what i paid for. If you can't tell 4 from 2 should you really be handling money?

Anna Johnson

Both times I've been in the past couple weeks my order has been wrong at the drive thru speaker, lady at the second window helped me through the stuff in order to get my order correct the second time, it was more of a hassle than needed at the moment when I can just go to another one and not have to have my order fixed, also workers while friendly do seem to care more about talking about personal life instead of helping customers when needed I work in fast food so I understand talking but when the customer is around it should be professional

Evett Hodges

Ordered a large iced Carmel sugar free coffeeDelicious... Although the drive thru line was long, it moved endlessly. The staff was friendly and courteous.

Jeffrey Pawlowski

Go to the one on Van Dyke & 11 mile road. Worth the extra mile drive. Consistently stale fries, bun hard and stale... Love the staff but can't ignore the consistent low quality :(

alexander thomas

This McDonald's was a little faster than some of the others I've been too. I guess they are definitely use to being busy all the time

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