Karma Coffee Shop & Kitchen

35634 Michigan Ave, Wayne
(734) 589-0304

Recent Reviews

Xavier H

Poor hours make it impossible to even go try it at any reasonable (coffee drinking) time. Would rather have a different shop that has realistic cafe hours.

Wendy B.

A friend told me about this place. It's difficult to find & it's easy to pass by even when you're looking for it. I hope they can do something to make it stand out more because it's a gem. You can enter in the front of the store or the back. I see people posting about their limited hours but it's a small business owned & operated by by a couple so you can't expect them not to have down time. You can always Google it to see if they're open & check the hours before you go. I had a burger & it was delicious. We also had pumpkin spice lattes & a cupcake both were amazing. Prices are great especially for fresh made to order. It's cheaper than fast food & ten times better. I definitely will be back.

Rozlyn Holifield

The food is very good, and priced well. The menu is not huge, but more than enough options are available. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is inviting. Great neighborhood cafe!

Margarita C.

My favorite place to go to escape. I highly recommend the crepes they make!! They're signature coffees are not only hilarious but they're delicious

Shameer M.

Had a rose iced latte which was fantastic. Food was pretty good, not the best sandwiches I've had, but the service was absolutely phenomenal, hence the five stars.

Chef T.

I love the fact that they took an old storefront and repurposed it. My food review is from months ago so hopefully it has improved. I like the menu but it's not as good as it could be. Cappuccino was not as it should have been and small slice of pound cake was microwaved so long that it was literally hard to chew. Service was blah. Forget service with a smile - i got one verbal interaction. "What'll you have?" That was it. No, have a nice day or anything of the sort upon leaving. Only two employees chatting it up at the counter so that I felt I was intruding on their day. Im guessing it's hard to find good help these days. The place really has great potential.

Kurt Wingar

Can’t believe we’ve lived here so long and had never been into Karma! Such a nice lil cafe! Some of the best chicken sandwiches my husband and I have had in a long time! The coffee and cake were great as well. Staff were super personable and kind. We’ll definitely be back!

brian detter

Found this unique gem in the Detroit area today. Great food, delicious treats, good prices, really wonderful service. This coffee and kitchen is a one-of-a-kind delight. I hope they franchise it, without losing its charm, of course, so I can visit more often. Brian Detter, McLean, Va


Love this cute little coffee shop! Such a comfortable atmosphere, the food and coffee is always fresh and delicious. The workers are always super friendly too :)

Denise Morris Laws

Good we ordered was all delicious 5 stars


Absolutely delicious wraps! The friendliest chef and staff In Michigan ?? great experience all around! I highly recommend!

April Curry

Decided to stop by for some brunch at this quaint little coffee shop after a long flight and hotel stay. We grabbed hot mochas, fried chicken breast sandwiches, and fries. The whipped topping on the mochas was SO good!! The best!! It is made with guernsey milk and is really delicious. There was a little wait for the sandwiches but when they came out the chicken was piping hot, tender, and juicy on the inside; crispy on outside. The fries were okay. I would have loved to try the desserts or pastries here but I was so full.I also appreciated that our food was plated on vintage Corelle dishes which gave me nostalgic childhood vibes.We met the owners, Jennifer and Dave, who were so very friendly. I hope you will give them your business especially if you are local.We learned that they serve cupcake shakes. We would like to return and try the it out.I apologize for my pics. I forgot to take them before digging in to the meal.

sarah farnsworth

Absolutely amazing food, the veggie wrap I got was so fresh with vegetables of all kinds and the most perfect sauce exactly what I want in a veggie wrap but can never find anywhere. They nailed it. Didn't even take a pic because I ate it so fast. Great coffee too, awesome vibe, the owner herself made my coffee and took my order, loved the energy I will be back many times for sure!

Rachel earles

Stopped in from out of town. Just had a simple iced coffee and it was amazing! Super fresh and flavorful coffee. Lots of options for flavors and also yummy food choices. The owners were super friendly as well.

Ren Skinner

Karma Coffee is amazing! Food is always delicious and desserts are impeccable. Have not been disappointed by anything I've tried so far and looking forward to trying more!

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