L George's Coney Island

34438 Michigan Ave, Wayne
(734) 722-2282

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Phyllis Sock

First time there..And everything was totally excellent!! Great portions!! Staff is always helping each other! What a "FANTASTIC" Team!! Food was DELICIOUS!! You will NOT be disappointed!! Or go home hungary!!Vegetarian options: Great menu!Parking: PLENTIFUL EASY PARKING!!


The time is 6:32 Thursday afternoon I'm in l George's Coney Island. I ordered two Coney Islands can a order of chili fries. With three people in the restaurant it takes 15 minutes to be served. She brings my two Coney Islands an additional 20 minutes later she brings an order of chili fries which at this time I am done with my meal and she expects me to pay for the chili fries. Shortly after recovering the chili fries I request my bill the texting additional 15 minutes to receive the bill with two people in the restaurant. Customer service and most of these restaurants is getting extremely bad. In order for me to have large disc complaint with Google I had to give them at least one star and that one star was even one that they didn't deserve

Ashley I.

We always have great service and good coneys! Some of the best soup I've ever had- try the gumbo!


The owners are disrespectful, everyone in the place is very miserable. They sell old/expired food. I seen the owner himself rinse off a chili dog a customer ate off, and put it back to sell to another customer. They also reuse eggs.Don’t waste your time or money.

George Livernois

Stop in with a buddy for coffee. We decided on pie Alamo. Tasted pretty good, slice was far sized, could have used another scoop of ice cream. Price was average for today's market. Waitress was friendly. Bathroom could use some help, TP flew off the holder.

Tiffany Walker

Love our L. George's! The food is always amazing and the service is ever better!! I have been going here for years and have never left disappointed.

Oliver P.

So disappointed, this was one of my favorite places to order from and now the menu has been changed overnight out of the blue, and items are being up-charged for no reason. So disappointed that I can't recommend this place anymore.

Cameron R.

Came back two days later, it took 43 seconds for someone to greet, much better than the 15 minute wait prior. The food cane out good and correct


I really don't have much to so about this restaurant. The food my party ordered was VERY VERY UNDERWHELMING. This isn't the Coney experience I'm use to. Thought about giving them a 3 but nah. Go somewhere else. Don't fall for hype! This location is OK or below ok.

Josh Laford

Went out for lunch and my sister thought it was cute how the young waiter put a spoon with the coleslaw so I took a picture. Then when the food came I was hungry and ate it all before remembering to take the picture- so I took it after.I’m not going to eat bad food. We ate as much as we could.

C. Arnold

The food was okay. For instance, my tuna melt was cold. However, the true issue was the horrendous customer service from the waitresses and Danny, the manager.Long story short, we ordered a patty melt combo which included fries and a drink. We asked for chili on the fries and that the chili be put on the side.When we got the bill, we were charged $4.09 for a cup of chili. I explained the error to the waitress and she said that's how they charge and I would have to speak to the manager for any price adjustment.I explained to Danny that I was overcharged $2.09 because per the menu, fries cost $2.99 and chili fries cost $4.99. I already paid $3.99 for fries and a drink so I shouldn't have been charged that much extra.I told him that I asked for my chili on the side, not a side of chili. He then told me their prices were the best around and that's how all restaurants charge. Overall, he was rude, unprofessional, and obnoxious.He refused to adjust my bill and kept implying that I didn't want to pay which was untrue. I kept pointing out that I respected their policy but that the the waitress should have told me up front.He and the waitress then both asked me to pay and to get out - yes, he told me to get out. He said who was supposed to take the loss? He kept arguing with me and the situation was tense. Never again!!

Cristopher Russell

What can you say wrong about this place. Generous portions of food. Nice staff.Clean and tidy. Eat there with my friends every chance I get.

Alice H.

I love L George's! Their entire menu is off the chain! I've never ever ordered from their menu and been disappointed . The staff are courteous and experienced in their duties and expedient. I hate that they had to decrease their opening hours but other than that, they are (5). Plus they are less than 10 minutes from my residence (another plus).

Dawn Pizor Quarles

Not happy a menu change means I could not order biscuits and gravy with gravy on the side makes no sense to me but ohh well they lost a customer


The order clearly states, turkey, Swiss on white bread. Opened the container to find this. Waitress didn’t sound interested in taking the order. When I called to explain their mistake. A different waitress laughed and said “ I didn’t take your order” . The proper response would have been let me get my manager. Clearly management knows nothing about managing. Good paying customers and tippers have now been lost . I’m sure this is a constant issue. When your business fails don’t wonder why. Sad very sad

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