Tim Hortons

34441 Michigan Ave, Wayne
(734) 729-4391

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Jennifer Montgomery

First timer... Had to ask for recommendations... Service was awesome.. drink was awesome.

Honest Reviews

The coffee doesn’t taste good, alot of times they miss your order and you’d have to drive back to get it, and when you order a bagel, they give you two sides of a bagel, Philadelphia cream cheese packet, and a plastic knife… like I could’ve done that at home.

Sara Cross

This has been my coffee spot for three years now. The crowd is rough on them in the morning, but they always keep the line moving and have been nothing, but nice on my interactions. I'm actually leaving this review bc the car ahead of me threw an absolute fit this morning and acted ridiculously. It seemed to be over them being given a "ripped" $5 bill. I've also witnessed another "customer" throw a whole cup of coffee back into the window claiming it to not be their order. I see negative comments here, but after seeing the foolish behavior myself by some of these people, I would take these negative comments with a grain of salt. Of course someone is going to be rude when you're throwing coffee at them!

Krista Roose

I have been coming here for a long time, always had really good customer service until the pandemic hit, my coffee was always made right until new people started working there and there is a manager there who is rude and very unprofessional, also they continue to keep putting sugar in my coffee when I state at the speaker, that I would like splenda, I am a diabetic as I have told them, very unsatisfied with them and won't be going there anymore.

Katie Loniecki

The staff at drive-thru could be more friendly. And coffee could be hotter. Maybe make fresher pots more frequently. The Mocha Ice Cap was perfect. But, they did not put chocolate/Mocha toping on whipped cream. And the vanilla dipped doughnut I Bought for my daughter was already as hard as a brick....

Martino Jones

Great, but if you come during standard breakfast times (7AM-8AM), or when people go to work, be prepared to see a line that goes out onto the main road.

Carlenn Riggs

First off I found out that the window at 5:45 a.m. this morning, that apparently they don't serve food?? I then proceeded to order my coffee with two and two shot of espresso whipped cream and chocolate syrup. And I got a water down sugarless non-expresso coffee with a little whipped cream. The only reason why I'm giving two stars is because I liked Tim Hortons if it didn't have anything to do with Tim Hortons I'd give you a one out of five. Step your game up you working fast food it's not rocket science nor is it too difficult to make a coffee. And if you don't like it find a different job.

Abedalrahman Kamel

quick service. keep it up. doing awesome job. thank you.

Dawn Arm

I've been coming to this locations for over 8 years and love all the people who work here. Had an issue with my ice coffee and they had no issues fixing it for me!!! Thanks again ladies.

Mohannad Bujoq

Got an ice coffee the first day was a disaster.... Came back the next got a ice tea.. Was even worse.. Undrinckable.

Mike Killer

Horrible hot chocolate. Worst ever. Dont bother. Avoid like the plague. First time trying it there. Never again.

Robin Johnson

This place blew my mind my boyfriend went to get my icecoffee he came back with nothing he said all the lights were off and no one answered the intercom twice in a row. So then I decided to call and see the manger said shedbeen there since 5am taking orders but there were no cars she was rude and called me a liar..so I decided to call tonight to make sure workers we're there this is at 7:43pm there was 3young workers and when i asked for Manger they said she was not there isn't there supposed to be a Manger on all shifts Especially when whichLook like miners to meThey messed my drink up and slammed the window inmy faceThere are three workers they're not busy and the place was disgusting.

Randy Carter

Coffee taste the same no matter which Timmy's you visit.

Isabelle Bergeron

Coffee was burned, weird after taste. What are you doing Tim's? Why can't you make it like we do in canada?!?!

Timothy Voss

The one on Michigan Avenue 1st didn't have a sleeve on it had ask for it then when I tasted it, it tasted like water I got a French vanilla cappuccino ????

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