Amazing Grace Cafe + Grocery

394 S Lake Ave, Duluth
(218) 723-0075

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jennifer Koutsoheras

There were no lunch options and despite a he fact that we ordered drinks and purchased bakery items and snacks, we were told we could not eat our sandwiches from another place there. Understand that that is not typically prudent behavior, but it was later in the day, in the middle of the winter in an area that is not typically busy outside of the tourist season. We spent plenty of money and would have bought sandwiches there if that was an option. There were very few people in the cafe. The drinks were mediocre at best, not hot and no flavor. You are also required to go to the counter for your drinks and bus your own table. There is very minimal interaction with staff, so I don’t know what the issue was on that particular day. I’ve been going to Amazing Grace for more than 20 years and have introduced several people to the establishment. I will never go there again based on how rudely we were treated. I have overlooked the lack luster provisions, but the inability to look at each individual situation and to fail to treat your customers with value is something I cannot look past. It’s a shame.

Becky Haddad

This was such a fun little stop on my way out of town. The breakfast sandwich was a unique take on a classic and the coffee was great. Super local atmosphere with made to order drinks and food.

Jess Jo

4 stars for quality and taste of drinks, but this place is definitely lacking in the cleanliness department. Arrived shortly after open, ordered a couple of drinks, and took a seat to enjoy them for awhile. Didn't take long to notice the litter on the floors and rugs, empty cups and napkins under furniture, and just general lack of attention to detail in that department. This place has much potential, hopefully it is reflected soon in the way the place is cared for.

Chelsea Kaminski

It was a beautiful place. They're patio is pet friendly. It seems they try to use the best and as local as possible ingredients which is something I look for. The coffee was delicious...I had cold brew and daughter had blended mocha which she said was tasty. We both had the breakfast sandwich which was so flavorful I only wish it'd more bacon as it only had 2 strips for a big sandwich and the price.


Apparently, this really used to be someplace special. I’m sorry I never got here when it was worth going to. It is basically just a small specialty grocery store. They do have coffee drinks and a few baked items like muffins and cookies that are completely wrapped up in plastic in a self-serve case. In my opinion, not only is wrapping everything in plastic extremely wasteful, it actually ruins the texture of the item. It’s definitely not worth making a special trip to this place, but OK for a cup of coffee if that’s all you want and you are in Canal Park.

Joe Elliott

Great coffee and great atmosphere. I love the live music they play now and then. They have four person tables, plenty of room for friends and family. Also a convenient tiny grocery store

mark bieker

Funky, cool hangout. Great place for some caffeine and a chat. We stumbled in on open mic (Sunday at 5 pm) and were not disappointed. Great folk guitarist!

Chris Dalton

Liked the venue and decor. They have a stage which I am assuming they do live music. Service was friendly and good but a little slow, but they were the only employee and they were taking orders and making drinks. I got a spiced brown sugar latte, it was superb, also something different. It is located in the basement but is accessible from the outside of the building. There is also a small grocery store here.

Stacie J

IMPORTANT - they only have breakfast Saturday and Sunday. Delicious coffee, tea, pops and cookies always available. Of course like many places they could use more staff.

Ty Duluth Music

This place is great! Their breakfasts are delicious. There is live music every Saturday and Sunday for your brunch experience. They also have one of the best open mics in town on Sunday nights. You should really become a regular there.


Love their arrangement of foods. The takeaway case is good for a picnic or lunch on the deck. Good service!

Elise D.

I'm so glad I went here, the atmosphere was great, had a lot of plants and the place was very cute. The pricing was pretty good so was the coffee. I also really liked that they used eco friendly products and had a compost bin, I appreciate it when businesses care for the environment. Also their garlic is really good!

Peter Rodman

We went for a loaf bread (it’s an excellent loaf) and found the cafe totally charming. The baristas were gracious, and there was live music on stage at 10 AM. So we sat to drink a latte (great coffee), enjoy the ambiance, and listen to the excellent singer/guitarist/ flautist for a relaxing set. Perfect shopping trip!

Benjamin Schuster

Get the breakfast sandwich, buy the biltong from the grocery section and get a fresh loaf of sour dough to go! I worked on my laptop while in Duluth and this was the perfect place for it. Live music, chill atmosphere and great coffee too!

Ashley w (Smashley)

Nice atmosphere with live music and notebooks people can write in on the tables. I had hash browns and they were really good. It was somewhat busy when we went, but there were still a couple of tables left.

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Amazing Grace Cafe + Grocery

394 S Lake Ave, Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 723-0075