Scenic 61 Mobile Kitchen

5461 N Shore Dr, Duluth
(218) 525-6274

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Jamie T.

Great spot up the shore. Unique menu all deliciously prepared. We were there for dinner. Would recommend reservations. Don't be in a rush. The service was top notch but this is not the type of restaurant/experience where you are going to get in/get out. I didn't see any kids under teen age just for reference.

Hannah C.

amazing restaurant! serves warm pistachios prior to getting your food, lovely wait staff and ambience, and the tastiest baked goods for sale. perfect date night!

Arash R.

What an absolute gem! Eater did well to rank this spot as one of the must dos of Duluth! Great location on the North shore. Views are amazing. Service was professional and courteous. Food was creative and delicious. Wine list was concise but on point. I tried the Borscht, it was beautiful and tasted even better. The Piquillo Peppers were an amazing fusion and of east meets west. The venison strip loin makes it a proper Minnesota meal! The Pots de crème to finish was perfect! Do yourself a favor and visit this spot at least once!

Nina M

We always enjoy our meals here. The food is beyond tasty, the staff are friendly and attentive, and the views of the lake are magnificent. It is always fun to see what's on the menu since it changes seasonally. Highly, highly recommend.

Kim G.

This is a sweet spot to sit and watch the lake while eating delicious what I'm assuming is Swedish food. While our wait after ordering was quite long I attributing it to our large party. I saw other two seaters who received their food in a good amount of time. My only "critique" is their version of pea and ham soup is not creamy. It's very good though.

Nghiem D.

While traveling from Lutsen back to Duluth, I stumbled upon this charming café restaurant. The space was both cute and cozy, adorned with colorful flowers that added a lovely touch.What truly set this place apart was the beautiful view it offered - a delightful backdrop to your meal.As for the food, it was refreshingly unique, and the quality was evident. Unfortunately, my top choices, the salmon burger and seared duck breast, were sold out by 6 pm on that busy Saturday due to the North's popularity.However, I wasn't disappointed. The deviled eggs were a creamy delight, with a well-balanced combination of dill and radishes. While the lobster roll didn't quite impress me, the waiter was considerate enough to accommodate my preferences by cutting it in half.The star of the show was the pork belly confit - crispy on the outside, yet perfectly moist inside. It was crowned with a poached egg that simply melted in the mouth.The dessert menu didn't quite live up to my expectations, but the chocolate pot de crème was a decent choice - not overly sweet and with the perfect level of thickness.The staff were friendly and added to the overall positive experience. As a bonus, they had a cozy bonfire place, which I imagine would be perfect for hanging out during the fall and winter months.


What has happened to the New Scenic Cafe of old? It's been several years since I had dined here, and I was finally able to get back and brought others along to experience what I've raved about. Sadly I will not return and neither will they. Half the stuff we couldn't even pronounce on the menu, let alone know what it was. 2 people in our group ordered steak tips. No sides with it, no chunk of break. Nothing! Just a small plate of mediocre steak tips. I ordered a sandwich, which was my go-to in the good ol days. No more awesome turkey with gruyere on cranberry bread. Now, the only thing that resembled a sandwich was a mushroom sandwich. Good bread, but the sandwich had an off taste and smell, which I did not finish. Wish you wouldn't have tried to fix what wasn't broken, because now it is!

David waletzko

This was hands down the best food I had at the Minnesota state fair!! The taste and freshness of the tuna sashimi was relief from all the deep fried food. Friendly and fast service. I will go to their actual restaurant as soon as I get a chance.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Sashimi Tuna Taco


After reading all current reviews, you would think people had found heaven on earth. I’m sorry, but I beg to differ. We have been coming to the Scenic for many years, and our most recent meal will be our last. Not sure if Covid changed things, but the menu used to be creative, delicious takes on ordinary menu items, like sandwiches, salads and appetizers.Things most people could relate to with an unusual twist. The current menu is an attempt at being some snooty high end restaurant in New York. Prices are ridiculous, portion size laughable, and the actual food was pretentious and pretty boring. Oh, and nothing was seasoned, so we asked for a bit of salt, since there was nothing on the table, and were brought a small bowl with a spoon. I presume the chef doesn’t want his creations disturbed by uninformed guests. We have been all over Europe enjoying fine food, as well as the U.S., but this one makes me shake my head. So you all can have your new New Scenic Cafe, because we won’t be back.

Rh C.

Great view of the lake! Get a reservation or you'll probably have a 20+ minute wait. Good food, nice atmosphere. Great pastries.

Claire L.

Elegant food with a beautiful view! This is an upscale restaurant and bakery. A foodie's dream. You will not find chicken nuggets, plain sausage or bland herring fish and chips here. Check out any other breakfast place on the north shore for your standard diner american breakfast. The table next to us didn't quite understand this. We were here for lunch at the opening time of 11am. You might have to wait after that. Service and kitchen on point with speedy, flavorful, rich and hot dishes. The mussels are 10/10 and a must get. The sauce has the perfect consistency to cling to the mussel and they even will bag it up for you to take. Or order a bread basket! Its just really that good. We were there for lunch with a long drive back to the cities ahead so we sprung for a lighter meal. The dinner choices look succulent and sound just as delicious. The monsieur brioche was yummy but hard to eat and very rich (the saltiness of the meat complimented the cheese) but was a bit over powering at time. Not sure the point of the egg but it does pair well with the dish. The torta ahongda was a special and would recommend but be warned the sauce is spicy. The good news is its on the bottom of the dish not in the sandwich you can control it to an extent. The pork is so delicious mainly because it is cooked in butter. The lemon raspberry terrine had a good subtle fruit flavor balanced well with the tartness of the coulis. You can get this in the display case up front but it doesn't come with the coulis that really made the dish. I wish there was a hard biscuit or shortbread on the bottom as the bite felt mushy. Come early for anything in their pastry case if you are coming during the peak of summer.

Sehaj S.

This restaurant could have terrible service, sticky floors, Hunts ketchup instead of Heinz, and I would STILL give it five stars for one dish alone: king crab on shokupan toast. This was - I'm not kidding - one of the best dishes I've had in at least a year. And surprise surprise: New Scenic Cafe doesn't slouch on service or ambiance. I don't actually know what ketchup they serve but I'm betting it's decent. Our waiter was pleasant, and the host offered recommendations for our order, which was appreciated. Food wise, pretty much everything we ordered was lovely. The banh mi eclairs were delicious little bites, the smorgasbord was a really tasty plethora of offerings, and my husband's entree (a fish special) was ALMOST as good as my king crab. We also got the lefse appetizer which was nice but a bit forgettable.We grabbed a few items at the bakery on our way out, and those were delicious as well. The ham/cheese croissant was scrumptious after warmed slightly in the oven the next morning.I also really appreciate that no one gave us grief for bringing our four month old in her stroller into the restaurant. She's a pretty chill baby but we were definitely nervous that folks would be annoyed she was accompanying us, but there was no need to worry. In fact, in the bathroom there was not only a changing table, but a pack of complimentary wipes! I seriously appreciated that gesture.I think we'll probably make a visit to New Scenic Cafe a necessity whenever we're up North.


Food excellent, as usual. Atmosphere charming. My issue: the unadvertised 20% service charge (NOT a gratuity) for health and sustainability. I have no issue paying for increased wages, and values consistent with the restaurant's mission. You need to bake it into your prices, or state this at seating. What if the party was large? 20%?


A true hidden gem. Delicious Banh Mi crepes and Lobster roll. Couldn't of asked for a more delicious dinner anywhere in Minnesota! 10/10 would return again.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Lobster Roll

Diane B.

Unique. Foodie place for sure. Great bakery shelf upon entering. The pastries look delectable. We are trying to be adventurous today. Service is good and attentive. The ambiance is casual and cozy. Great outdoor space, but it's raining so no outdoor space today. It's a happy friendly place to be. Calm. We started with beef tartare. It was surprisingly delicious. Then we had rack of lamb and the charcuterie board. Super good. The herring and deviled eggs lacked a little flavor. All the rest was quite good.

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