Joe's Diner

300 3rd Ave NE, East Grand Forks
(218) 399-2000

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Steven and Debbie “LaHuera” Bosquez

I have never eaten at Joes b4.. and I've lived around the area 4 a very long time, ended up coming to the egf spot by coincidence, not only was it a pleasure seeing an old friend who actually works there, I discovered how AWESOME the food was ; ( and they serve you PLENTY) I decided to bring one of their cheese cakes home.. I was literally too full to try a piece there! Well the cheese cake was TOO DIE FOR!! lol cant remember which one I got but very chocolatey, rich and DELICIOUS! I do know I am going back asap for one described as white macadamia nut cookie crust, with white choc and something about raspberries.. totally if you haven't been DO GO!!! YUM!!! Had a very nice Easter meal, thanks Joe's Diner

Roger Anderson

Went into the diner last weekend and got the rudest server. My wife wasn’t sure what she wanted to drink so she asked for a couple of minutes to decide, the server rolled her eyes and said whatever and walked away. She didn’t return for 15 minutes. When we got our food she dropped it off and walked away never asking if we needed anything else, she never returned to refill our drinks. She finally returned with the check and walked away. When we went up to pay we was standing at the register and could here the server complaining loudly how much she hates people. When we was paying we asked to speak to a manager. She said I am the manager. So we said with such rude service we won’t be returning. She said that’s fine we don’t need your business Bye. With Management like that this diner won’t last much longer.

Tim Barry

Great service, kudos to the waitress. Food, the cheese wasn't melted on my omelet, hash browns were burnt and cold, pancakes couldn't melt the butter, coffee was horrible, she even made a fresh pot. Mushrooms seemed like they came straight out of the fridge. Even the fountain pop had a strange taste to it. Way over priced for what you get. Not impressed at all.

Sandy Loeffler

Excellent waitress! Always checking if we need anything! Food- My husband had breakfast and he said it was really good ?I had the cabbage soup, which was awful!!Then I ordered the Ruben Sandwich which was not the greatest!! I have never had white and American cheese on one. No thousand Island on it! Doubt I will go back!!!!

Brian Suggs

I love the atmosphere. The food is amazing and I really appreciated the service. The staff was very receptive and polite. I highly recommend Joe's diner to anyone. ?

Kristin Beauchamp

VERY good food, service and price! Only concern of how filthy everything was sticky floors, greasy table and booth and the bathroom was a disaster. No toilet paper roll holder, hand soap dispenser broke off wall so was laying on the counter.

Shae Carlson

Was here end of September 2021, I experience great service and great food! You can see in the pictures just how HUGE that club is, YUM! I also love those crinkle cut fries. They only had 2 servers on with a full house and they absolutely rocked it better than some places do when fully staffed. Did I mention they also had the most positive attitude and smile to go along with it :) I like that you can substitute an appetizer for a side for an additional charge, offer all day breakfast and have a neat theme. I would come back again!


Went on a Saturday afternoon. Really nice atmosphere and the gentleman hosting/waiting was extremely friendly. Only complaint I have is food was nothing special IMO. Got a Denver sandwich which was pretty dry, and eggs seemed cold. Fries were great though, and the other members of my party enjoyed their meals, so I assume it was a one off fluke or else my imagination. Retro decor and friendly staff more than made up for it.

Angie Davis

Cute restaurant. It definitely has a 50's vibe. The food was good. Great portions. We will definitely go back. Wish the staff dressed a bit more 50's like

Patrick Hudson

I couldn't sleep, was very hungry, and wondering why this was the only place in Grand Forks open at 4:45 in the morning. I'm not sure why this is the only place to get early morning food but I am glad they are. It's a diner and everything was exactly what I expected. Soft fried eggs, great selection of toast options, good coffee good tomato juice. Next time I will know to ask for my bacon extra crispy, it's really thick bacon so I don't know how crisp they can reasonably get it but it was still damn good

veronica dockter

Fun 50's atmosphere. Best burger and fries I have eaten at a resturant.pricey but worth it. Staff dress like fifties and Re happy. Great place to go. Unique in how it was decorated. Lot's of seating. Open 24 hours.


Seems to be anice out of the way dinner. We arrived to have the host say its over an hour wait for food. We were in no hurry so we stayed. The food was good, but the cheese curd amazing. The part that always gets me. We were there for 2 1/2 to get and eat our food. The server sat behind the counter. She wouldnt look up so I could get her attention. I sat for an 45 minutes with an empty glass. Then before I could ask for silverware she dropped the food off and gone. It wasnt til I was done with my sandwich I got her attention. She was at a table next to our and I asked for napkins. 10 minutes later she returned with such napkins. I would go back again since I woulnd not go back because of a server.

Abbey Machado

Where do I start?! Joe is an amazing human all by himself and his diner does NOT disappoint. Bottomless hot coffee and breakfast 24/7 is heaven! The food is so good! Diner/Cafe food at its finest. The atmosphere is super cool too. The renovations are amazing. Staff here are #1 in my book. This diamond in the rough is worth stopping. They are also the only place open 24 hours a day! Perfect for rotating shift folks, Healthcare workers, and definitely the downtown crowd on a weekend!

dave bergum

Food and service were pretty good! No complaints. Diner was a little rough around the edges in the finish details for a newer restaurant.

Krista Labrensz

The only reason I chose 5 stars is because 10 stars wasn't a choice. This place is amazing! Friendly, helpful staff, fun atmosphere and exceptional food! You can tell a lot of hard work and love is put in by the owner. He's doing a great job!

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