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Mae W.

Closing March 1st, 2022. So Whether it was breakfast, lunch, dinner my friends and family nearby on Excelsior would meet here. The way were treated at other north-side Perkins, not so good really. Here is a Special tribute to the way a good team works at all times of the day. Thank you to the team and management here what you did through some very hard times. I will follow all of this staff to the 494 and France Perkins location. How sad it is to see the effects of the pandemic hurt great teams. A little caring and kindness goes a long long way with human beings. So in this particular location all is well with the souls here as they do practice humanity. Inspired and practiced. The service was always phenomenal not to mention a great meal for your dollar. My style of writing is if I don't see anything spectacular or if always great service, may not write. Today On Yelp to say a goodbye to Perkins at this Edina location and thank you for all you did. For your customers, your community and mankind. My warmest thank you.

Jael Anderson

You must go to this Perkins❣❣❣Tom is the manager who is not only amazingly fun but made an excellent team!! Amy & Lucus waited on us separately over two day period & they both went over the top. Feels like family. The food and atmosphere were unreal..decorated so beautiful and food incredibly delicious / great prices. You wont be sorry you came.I had to go two days in a row & those I invited loved this restaurat, & want to come back each week. Thanks Edina Perkins. See you soon. ?

Marion Sodnik

Excellent service and food. We always get a salad with our breakfast. Some restaurants balk at this, they did so without flinching!

Robert K Kroll

Had a craving for a Perkins Everything Omelet with Potato Pancakes W/ Applesauce.

Jeffory M.

This was so bad. Growing up Perkins was a staple of good food and for the last 10 years or more it has really gone down hill. I hadn't been to a Perkins in sometime I needed a quick bite and thought I would give it another try. My order: two egg breakfast scrambled with smoked sausage hashbrowns and pancakes. I also ordered a side of white toast and I requested extra crispy on the hashbrowns. The side of toast was burnt and I asked the waitress to bring me a new side of toast. no problem it's just toast The smoke sausage was under done it looks like they cut it through it on the grill flipped it and then threw it on a plate all within about a minute and a half. whenever your sausage is as pale colored as it was coming out of the package it was under done. The hashbrowns were also under done. There was a light layer of crisp on the very top. I asked for extra crispy but these hashbrowns weren't even crispy at all in fact they had the consistency of raw potato The pancakes as always were delicious. I let my waitress know how I felt about the food when she asked and she said OK thank you. She was very nice and she was very prompt and did not hesitate to change out my toast. The manager checked me out as I left and asked me how everything was so I let him know. His response was oh sorry to hear about that. And it was with the tone of I don't really care just pay your bill thanks for coming. I giggled just a bit and left a tip for my waitress because she was very nice. I'm going to give this rating 2 stars. One star for my waitress and one star for the delicious pancakes. Maybe I'll try Perkins again in another 10 years

Jose V.

Order pickup. Order was missing items and meal was not up to par. Avocado on the Cali eggs Benedict was not fit to be served ( core of avocado was black). Overall: not a positive experience to start my day. French toast was good tho.

Robin Capouch

Perkins is the best! Great food, awesome service!Also I keep coming back, because all the staff is respectful and wear masks!I do not return to restaurants where my server is not wear a mask during this covid time.


Saying goodbye to an old friend Perkins restaurants have been around the upper Midwest for decades. While similar to appearance and menu, in our experience each is different— especially in the cleanliness of the dining room and the quality of the food. The service wait food quality at the Perkins in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota was so awful it finally closed. The store on Highway 7 in Minnetonka was so slow in serving pie and coffee after a late night movie we stopped going there. The store along I-94 at the Black River Falls exit was always a treat for the kids, especially because of the giant orange moose. Recently, while in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and not knowing the area, we settled on Perkins thinking it was a reliable standby. Were we disappointed. The store was, literally, falling down. The iron railing along the sidewalk leading to the front door was bent away from the building at a 45° angle and the sidewalk was all busted up. Inside, the place was so dimly lit dirty we had all we could do to leave. However, the Perkins on Minnesota Highway 100 and Vernon Av, in Edina, has for decades been far and away the best, and consistently best, Perkins of all. Morning, noon or night, summer or winter, it didn’t matter. The place was clean, the bakery items looked fresh, the service was good and the food was consistently good. Whenever we’d get a hankering for comfort food at a reasonable price, This Perkins was our go-to choice. We are saddened to learn this Perkins, the best Perkins, is headed for demolition, to be replaced by yet another condo building. We will miss THIS Perkins! Thanks for the memories.

Ryan Z

Ordered through a delivery app. Very simple order.How do you forget a Milkshake and Ginger ale? Oh and felt the need to leave a sausage link out.I’ve now been on hold for 18 minutes to simply ask if they forgot it or our Delivery Driver is responsible? Which he stated he did not.Edina Perkins, looking forward to meeting you in person. You’re in Edina, MN, expectations are very High.

JC Nelson

Satisfied with service and food. Omelet was full and hearty.

Lizbeth de Padua

Nothing fancy, but reliably good comfort food for a great price. ?

Abigail L Johnson

Perkins! What more is there to say? Classic diner vibe, went on a Sunday night around 6-7 pm. No wait. Only a handful of other tables seated.Our super friendly and attentive server was Bre. It was fun to listen in on her conversations with several elderly guests that are clearly regulars.We ordered a Coke, Bottomless Decaf Coffee, and a small Orange Juice for beverages and the Twice As Nice and Triple Egg Dare Ya combos for food.Twice As Nice had 2 eggs, hash browns, and 3 pancakes.Triple Egg Dare Ya had 3 eggs, breakfast potatoes, 3 sausage links, 3 strips of bacon, 2 pancakes, and 2 pieces of french toastIt was so much food but our bill was only $30.38 (not including tip)!!!!Will likely go again.Minus 1 star because it is a chain.

Shar Y

Too bad I have to give a whole star! This may have been a nice place at some time in the past, but those days are long gone. An elderly friend & I had stopped in for dinner but there was a wait. We gave our names to the host and went back to have a seat while we waited. Within a few minutes the couple behind us were called for a table. Apparently out of sight and you are forgotten. They encourage customers to go elsewhere unless they're a fimiliar face. We won't be returning. I encourage others to go elsewhere because this one is not going to last long with their rude attitude.

James Hayes

My grandma comes in for breakfast weekly. The staff knows her by name and always takes good care of her. It’s wonderful to know that they care for their regular customers.

Marcia Ernst

It will be so sad to see this Perkins close. It's been a landmark and meeting place for most of my life. New development replacing it. Get there one last time before it's gone!

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Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

4917 Eden Ave, Edina, MN 55424
(952) 927-4049