The Hilltop

5101 Arcadia Ave, Edina
(952) 925-5628

Recent Reviews

Kristin Borchers

The food was delicious and the service was fantastic! This was my first time dining here and I was very impressed. I had the chicken ciabatta sandwich with sweet potato fries. This will certainly be a restaurant I will enjoy returning to. Keep up the awesome work!

Denny Oehrlein

The Hilltop restaurant and their food is amazing! Such a wonderful atmosphere. Their staff is very friendly. We had such a wonderful family birthday celebration there. We love the outdoor room with the open roof.

Becky Oehrlein

My husband and I highly recommend The Hilltop! The food is always absolutely delicious with a lovely presentation and the service is also excellent. This fine dining restaurant has been around for decades for good reasons.

Kris Krabbenhoeft

Elevated pub foods. We had the poke bowl, burger, steak bites, and pretzels. The pretzels were crunchy in a good way and the beer cheese was tasty. The steak bites were decent, but I'd order something different next time. The burger was delicious and the fries were good with the beer cheese leftover from the pretzels. The GF said her poke bowl was aight but could have used more dressing.

Tim Gruidl

Had another amazing meal and service tonight! The staff is so friendly, attentive and always proactive!! The best place in Edina

Virginia M.

Great, perfectly made omelet, and safe server wearing a mask. Nice to be out for breakfast again.

Keli Gilbertson

Excellent food! Weve had dinner here before and its always been top notch. For breakfast today, we got 2 huevos rancheros, bacon and a side of pancakes with blueberries.Ordered thru chownow after dental surgery this morning and picked up my order on my way home. My partner asked me to grab him food too, so I ordered a SECOND breakfast when I arrived.The server who helped me and the young man who handed off my food were both great and the orders came out together in just a couple minutes. They clearly made an effort to whip up the additional order real fast like and the quick service and friendly staff really made it a great experience.I also asked for a bunch of specifics and I appreciate very much that they took the time to make sure my browns were crispy and my bluebs were on the side. ♡

Karl Moore

Best Steak Taco salad I have ever had. I'll be back. This was my first time here and won't be my last. They have my personal recommendation for taste and quality. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

Mike Anderson

My absolute favorite restaurant! The Hilltop is a 10 every visit. The food is always fantastic and the service is always off the charts!! If you haven't been, it is a must go. The are amazing from breakfast to dinner!

Jim Kearney

We were outside. A big group. Very safe. Very good menu. Great service.

Arachne's Corner

I had the Mahi Mahi Tacos and they were perfect. Be warned: parking is limited and you will almost definitely need to park on the street which could mean a long walk to the table. Plan accordingly if you or someone in the party has a disability that makes walking difficult.

Badger State

Great food and service. Had the walleye and salmon on recent visits. The strawberry shortcake was amazing.Two of us couldn't even finish it.

Thys Coetzee

Just a lovely little place. Of course we hang at the bar. There is however an indoor dining area, a patio and now an extended outdoor dining area to both help with the COVID issues as well as expanding opportunities to enjoy the good weather.

Lala S.

Update - the Edina Health Dept has been in touch with the management at Hilltop and he has informed that their staff will no longer be wearing the transparent chin shields and instead will all wear actual masks. Lesson to all: speak up when you see something.

Ryan Kosciolek

Delicious food and very accommodating during this pandemic.

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