Caribou Coffee

1100 MN-15, Hutchinson
(320) 753-1000

Recent Reviews

Darla Heiderscheit

Good drink's. Service is on slow side. Saw at least 3 people working, wasn't very busy and worker's were doing more talking between themselves then worrying about getting drink order's out in a timely manner.Service: 3/5

Hope Hagert

The parking lot at this location is still a disaster, but the coffee and team members are phenomenal!Food: 5/5

David Boettcher

Took a long while to be acknowledged. Asked the wife if we should go somewhere else. The wait was worth the wait I guess.Food: 5/5


Consistent Caribou location. I've never had issues with drinks, food or service. The parking lot is kinda wonky but it's workable.Parking: Parking can be hard to get in/out of because of drive through traffic. I wouldn't park in certain spots if I was in a hurry.

Nate Wilson (Organic Squirrel)

Just ok. Waited for 7-8 minutes for two drinks. Maybe short staffed? ?Also, we're talking Caribou Coffee; most of their roasts taste like burnt carbon. Maybe they could try roasting something lighter with nuance? (Not this location's fault, but geez Minnesotans, upgrade your tastes!)

James G

I spent tons of money here, only to find out if you don't use your points you lose your points, I will be giving my business to other coffee shops in the area


Don't be afraid if you see a long line of cars at the drive-thru, they get people through the line with (or better than) McDonald's-like speed. (And they're a lot friendlier)

Jordan Scott

My families go to for coffee in hutchinson. They all love it.

Mariah Rosengren

This location has the most helpful and friendly staff. My only complaint is the guy that takes your order in the drive thru is the most incompetent person I've ever encountered. I gave him some slack the first few times. He was new so I wasn't going to complain as I figured he was learning. At this point it's just ridiculous. Every single time I've gone through, he'll ask if I'm a perks member, I'll say no and give him the 1st item I'm ordering, and then he'll tell me my total and tell me to drive forward without asking if I'm getting anything else. I'll give him one item at a time, notifying him of modifications one at a time, and he'll still basically ask me all over again what each modification is. It's been so bad at times that I look around as if I'm being Punk'd because nothing else could make sense. My drink got messed up because of his lack of listening skills. The girl that handed me my order offered to remake it and apologized. It wasn't her fault and if I had to stay there a moment longer, I wouldn't have held back with the guy taking orders.If the owners read this: Please put him somewhere that's not as "complex" as taking orders. I'm not sure what that would be, but he's horrible at the drive thru and I wouldn't trust him to make the food either. Everyone else that's staffed there is great. They can make my drinks perfectly and offer great service with no headache, even when they're slammed. I won't be using the drive thru anymore because of that guy though. It's always a frustrating experience interacting with him.

April Lee

Good coffee, great staff! They were out of so much stuff though! It's not their fault as there are shortages everywhere!

carol tritabaugh

Worth the wait in the drive thru line....slows you down so you can enjoy that first sip of coffee.

Calli Wegner

Delicious coffee and they got everyone through the drive thru very quickly! The parking lot and drive thru itself are kind of a headache though.

Nikki Horner

Really like using the app to place my orders ahead of time.

Chris Simonson

Service was terrible 4 people working and only 2 people doing anything. One walking back and forth doing nothing and another just hanging around talking. The 2 that were working were very busy and trying to get the orders filled.

Jay Vachal

Saturday morn...Parking and drive thru is a mess. In side service is slow and unfocused as a result. Urban planning fail. Customer service in house fail.Sunday morn...nobody in drive thru but service inside the same. 6 pp working. Front ignored. People cleaning machines but no one can be bothered for an order. After ordering bagel came up. No coffee. Why call me up if complete order isnt up. I had to wait just to ask for my coffee. Coffee was stone cold. Had to wait for fresh....What business are you in?

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