QDOBA Mexican Eats

1380 MN-15 Ste A, Hutchinson
(320) 587-8279

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jimothy jones

really nice employees but seems to be managed super poorly! seems like they purposefully understaff to keep costs low, so they all seem stressed and tired. from what ive seen the employees are also not treated very well by... well... anyone: management or customers. would be 3 stars were it not for the abysmal business practices. the line workers should unionize.

Lyam Woodley

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Christine Rath

Came in today and it wasn’t busy. I asked for 3 corn tortilla tacos. Worker went and got more but brought up flour. Was corrected by another worker but still made them with flour. The brown rice was under cooked, it crunched while I ate it. When checking out could visibly how messy the back/ kitchen was. Empty bottles (could be chemical bottles not sure) scattered across the floor. The floor was dirty in general with food bits under kitchen appliances.Several tables were also dirty but the restaurant smelled dirty as well.

william Dennis

Love the food and good service. They always have a smile on there face

Frank Augustine

I don’t know if I don’t learn but every time I eat here I get a stomach ache. Is how they clean the lettuce?Guacamole? I don’t know. But I’m tired of the stomach aches after eating here. Good food though!

Katrina Anderson

Food was fresh & tasty. Staff helpful & cheerful.

Michelle K.

We've been loyal customers since you opened your doors. Always enjoyed our food and the staff has been cordial. I'm not sure what's going on with this franchise but the last three months the quality of food has nosedived the cleanliness of the store is poor, things were not stocked today. No napkins to go food trays all over the place. The afternoon staff is a disappointment. The last four visits were afternoon mid-day and each time they behaved put out by our presence trying to ask for what we wanted in our bowls. It was not busy and they pushed us through like we were bothering them. Not even neutral customer service. Seriously bad customer service. We used to love Qdoba. This is just sad. If it doesn't change soon we're done with this establishment.


Doesn’t matter if it’s slow or busy there’s 5 people behind the counter and the restaurant is dirty . Not once not twice. More than 3 times I can say there is no where clean to sit inside or out. Makes me wonder if the food prep is any good.

Colton Arries

No longer eat there due to the price increase and the force usage of my points earned. Lost out on 2 entrees that I wasn't able to use.Price is pretty high, and portion size seems to be down. There is only pickled onions and Jalapeños as and option now.Had to order 6 entrees before my point all of a sudden had an expiration date on them.

Tasha Forcier

We ordered catering from Qdoba last weekend and had a wonderful experience! The food was delicious and the set up was easy. I ordered over the phone and the person helping me was very informative and friendly. When we got the food set up we realized we were missing the queso. I called Qdoba and we all realized there was a simple misunderstanding. They happily delivered the queso to my house right away. We will definitely order catering again.

Huh Huh

I came across and employee yesterday and his name tag said rolando he wasa very polite gentleman and so nice. I had a great experience at this qdoba because of him. However much qdobas paying him. he needs a raise asp.

Affan Hassan

Awesome crew ! I was visiting from a nearby town from Toronto. The food was good and the people were helpful.

steven deno

It was good. Got a lot of food. Staff was super nice and all happy

Mike Miller

The food doesn't taste the same since they discontinued limes. Will not go back.

Drew Iverson

The food's always good there never had a problem going there but they're not so good on cleanliness

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