Chipotle Mexican Grill

1851 Madison Ave Ste 100, Mankato
(507) 385-1883

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Marlin Theye

Chipotle Mexican grill has become our go-to place to eat lunch...When we visit Sioux falls to see our grandkids. Fast friendly staff and service. The bowls are delicious too.


Everyone here is so good at wrapping my burrito ? they all deserve raises idk how much they make but it should be more bc these guys are great here :)

Wendi DeGrood

Experience on 10/30/21 around 1:30Our daughter has Celiac's and cannot consume gluten. I mentioned this to the first server before placing our order. Despite being completely busy they went above and beyond to take her allergy seriously. They washed thier hands, changed thier gloves, grabbed new spoons from the back and all new toppings. They we're polite, quick and cautious. We will definitely return when in the area.

Brandon Oxborough

Came in with my family line wasn't to long ordered my kids food and my burrito. My girlfriend was next in line but was trying to help out son order what he wanted. They skipped over her and then treated her with horrible service because I called them out. They forgot half of the ingredients I ordered on my burrito and when I sat down to eat it even before I took my first bite the entire burrito fell apart.

Terajae Hart

I hate chipotle. Y'all are so disappointing. I hate the new quesadillas I hate everyone. It’s all grilled tortilla no cheese. Just crunchy as hell.

Jessica Buehler

I love eating at Chipotle its my favorite Mexican restaurant ever.

Kyle Ziegler

Do not order through the mobile app your food will never be ready on time, very slow service

Kyle Z.

Do not go here if you order food through their app, they are very very slow and your food will not be ready on time. Had to wait 30 minutes for my online order.

Haniel Ortega

Great food as always. I live 1.5 hrs away from the closest Chipotle and it is my favorite food to eat. I ordered 8 burritos for my wife and I. The employees where patient but fast with my order. I've got Chipotle for the next week. ?

Tammy Trimbo

Too bad the food doesn’t look like the pictures.. the couple sprigs of lettuce they put on my bowl I had to ask the gal to take the rotten lettuce out . And she did not replace it . And they’re Always out of somethingThe dollar charged does not add up to quality or quantity .. get less & less every time , I don’t believe I ask for a half bowl !

Marisa Ybarra

I’d give them a 0 if I could. I ordered a steak & chicken bowl on 07/29/21, online order went well. It was made in time & all of that. But once I got home to eat it, the black beans reeked like old rotated beans that should have been thrown out, the rice was bland & the cut sizes on the protein was horrible. So many chewy pieces of meat. Chips were stale as ever & too oily. ?? As someone who has worked for Chipotle for 2 1/2 years, not in Mankato but nonetheless. I’m just really disappointed in this location. Both Mankato locations actually.

Av Boltjes

I ordered pick up for my break at work, i got a bowl and when i left to go eat i realize they had given me no fork. In a crunch of time, i was unable to eat lunch today thanks to their simple mistake.

Jon Wood

Stale chips and salsa. Too much lime in my burrito not sure from what ingredient.

Joseph Anderson

I like chipotle. Just not in Mankato. Shakopee has a great one. Lakeville is good. Burnsville and Mankato are ok. I'm not paying $10 for an ok burrito.

Marcus Corbin (CorbCreations)

Rice was not cooked all the way. Tortilla on the side wasn't cooked correctly. Not a very good experience picking up the food. I would just go to the one on campus. They always make the food perfect.

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