1856 Madison Ave, Mankato
(507) 344-1554

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Laura Klaas

Love Culver's!!! Great Mushroom and swiss, and the Fish is great too!! Awesome chocolate malts!!

Donavon Mickelson

We are regular customers here. This time me sourdough double cheeseburger didn't taste as good and I couldn't tell if it was the bread or the Burger. My wife also said her Reuben wasn't as good and they didn't put any Mayo on it. This is the first time we were disappointed with the meal.

Jeremy Karja

Manager Matt would not allow my BOGO coupons to be reusable and give them back if I used them. I told them I have used them many times and many culver's and they always give them back. I didn't argue just paid full so ai could use them again.

Missy Isles

We've gone to this Culver's location several times over the years. This time we just stopped to get a concrete mixer. As always with Culver's, it was delicious. From my memory, the food here is good and consistently made. It is in a great location just off Madison Ave, near lots of shopping. It's a good place to grab a quick bite for yourself or have a meal with family.

Dream Girl Trucking

Some (edited for language) tried to say I ordered a Carmel Sunday because I'm too poor to afford the Turtle Sunday that I really wanted! They are the same price!!!!! She didn't take my order & she wasn't present when I placed my order & the boy who took my order didn't offer me a receipt. I didn't ask for a receipt because I didn't realize the manager was going to insult me!! Good-bye, Culver's. Nobody deserves some (edited for language) attitude over a $4 sundae!!!!

Beagletron Gouge

The place was filthy! Had to sit at a dirty table and eat lunch. This is a time of dangerous diseases going around, COVID, monkey pox ECT very scary too easy at a place where tables are not wiped down immediately! The folks bringing out the food could wipe a few tables in their way back. This certainly encouraged me not to dare use the restroom out of fear of catching something! Won't ever be back here. Just discussed with the place! I sure hope I didn't get sick eating here!!

Angela Shackleton

The food was ok, fries were warm. The sandwiches were really messy. Thrown together. They asked what we wanted on them, that didn't matter. They had everything on it And the chocolate malt was really runny like it had started melting. Not very good and for 3 ppl it was very expensive I thought

Tod S

I have never had a poor experience at any Culver's. At a time when I feel fast food in Mankato is at an all time low, Culver's is a place I still enjoy going to. Consistently great food that is hot, orders that are correct, and friendly professional staff along with a unique menu. It's next level fast food and it's just as good as it was ten years ago.

A Hummel

We ordered food to eat in and it was hot and fresh! When they brought it to our table I asked them if I could get some packets of sauce and they were kind enough to bring them back out to our table as well! When I was done eating, I went back up to order a meal to go. They said instead of me standing at the counter if I wanted to have a seat at my table they would bring it to me! How nice! When we got to my friend's house about ten minutes away his food was still hot! He said it was a way better Mushroom and Swiss burger than the one he usually gets at the competitor's! My mom got the fish while we were inside eating, and it was the first time I had ever tried Culver's fish, hands down the best fish I have ever had in a restaurant! It even beats those super fancy, expensive restaurants where you have to have a reservation! It reminded me of the fresh fish I used to catch right out of the lake and my grandma would fry it up! If you have never tried Culver's, you must try it today!!!! You are missing something wonderful in your life!!! ??

Kathy Roskop

Had a great grilled chicken sandwich. French fries were good and crispy!

Karina Bryant

We have been going to this Culvers for 10+ years. Writing my review today because I was very impressed with the service. The food is what you would expect from Culvers — the restaurant was clean and the staff was efficient, kind, and very professional.

Dollis Scheele

Love their fish sandwich and fish dinner. Comparable prices to sit down restaurants. This time I had the burger with lettuce tomatoes and onion and onion rings. Very good.

Steph Kreklau

I usually get drive-thru. The staff is always friendly and quick and the price is good for the great quality of food.

Daniel Thompson

I simply can't get enough!! A great place for people like us on the constant move who want decent food. Love that the salads use good greens!!

Jeremy S

Food and the quality in general has been good for a fast food chain.

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