Panda Express

1810 Madison Ave, Mankato
(507) 388-2308

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Morgan Shea

The worst Panda Express. Drivethru is a minimum 20 minute wait. Every day.


When it was my turn to order, I ordered a plate of double orange chicken with white rice. I was informed that there was going to be a 5 min wait on the rice. Which I had no problem with. Well 20 min later I finally got my order fulfilled. I must note that I have never had to wait on rice at any Panda Express I've been to.

Matt Walterson

Placed an online order, arrived at the scheduled time, and still had to wait 45 minutes. The place was moderately busy, but the staff (and they were well staffed) clearly had no sense of urgency.Cleanliness was lacking, and, unfortunately, I had plenty of time to look closer and closer.. It just got worse.Until better management is found, and the majority of staff replaced, I do not recommend this establishment

Helen Scott

The food here is quite tasty, and priced cheap! That's about it for positives. I've been here 3 times over the last 7 months, and each time there's been a pretty big issue. I ordered from Uber Eats the first time, and 3 different drivers tried to get my food, but ended up leaving, and the food was an hour late and cold. I still have no idea what the issue was. I decided to go through the drive-thru the second time, because maybe there was an issue with the delivery service. It took 20 minutes after I ordered at the speaker to get my order, and there were only 3 cars ahead of me, and the dining room was empty. The guy at the window also forgot an item, and my food was once again cold. Apparently, I had amnesia because I ordered from here again today. This is the 3rd and last time. I ordered online this time, paid ahead, and it was supposed to be ready at 6:30. It was finally ready at 7:05. Several tables left because of the wait. This restaurant is not well-run, and needs some serious help with efficiency.

Rosa Soto

I was just in Panda Express, I really enjoy the food! But REALLY don't appreciate them giving me my Plates side ways when it comes through drive thru.And I notice it's the same Person.And yet order get home, for my loved ones and my entrees don't even look like entrees being all over the plate! This has happened many times! And sick of it. I'm calling it out next time.I take my food serious!!!

Amber Masloski

Fast service. But always seems to be out of what your first choice is…. Every time.

Owen Padgett

I ordered takeout so I could just pick it up after work. They didn't even have my order ready at their stated time and only started making it after I got there and told them my name. What's the point in ordering takeout if they make it after you arrive? Online pick up area is unclear and not well stated. Building ventilation is imbalanced which makes doors difficult to openWas ultimately disappointed in their "takeout" and after I arrived it took around 15-20 minutes to get my order when I ordered 35 minutes prior online for takeout. In comparison to the picture I left with my food at 6:50

Elizabeth Rasmuson

Great staff! Food was great!

Hector Macias

This place Is dirty af and slow! It’s gone down hill fast. It’s a shame.

Ron R.

The serving sizes are the smallest of any Panda I've been to. Ordered the Beijing beef and literally got 1 piece of beef. Lot of broccoli stems. The Orange chicken dish had maybe 5 pieces. They always forget sauce for the Teriyaki chicken. Gave this location a few tries and it's the same every time. Won't be back.

Meraea Hennessey

Everytime I come here, they are literally out of everything. The store is closed, You can only go through the drive thru, therefore it is always packed. And if theyre getting as much business as they are then you’d think you’d be able to prepare enough for the continual amount of customers they get. Also they have a weird rule about not accepting more than one card through the drivethru-which if you have a car full of friends that want to order, how do they go about paying? (Not sure if it was just that specific employee) also if this is how fast they help customers through the drive thru then I understand why the lobby isn’t opened but then again service would probably go faster. Otherwise the manager seems nice.

Erik Posz (Erik Posz)

For a drive-thru place, these guys give you a heck of a tasty meal in just minutes.

Tanner O.

Chicken is very hard to chew very dried out I've been here a a good handful of times and have had more bad chicken then good gonna have to look somewhere else -sweet fire chicken

Amanda Becker

Even when an online order is placed you cannot go inside to pick up. You won't know this until you go to the door a read it on one of their 6 signs posted. Drive thru takes forever, so people wait in the parking lot for their food, then workers confuse drive thru orders with online orders. Not a great process all around. Also, it still takes roughly 20 minutes for an order to be done during a slow time. They're trying, I guess.

will watson

Absolutely the worst place to stop. I mean how do you screw up rice? If you'd like to know, eat here

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