A Slice of New York

2407 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis
(612) 871-4334

Recent Reviews

Brad Kvanbek

Great place for a quick lunch. They finished my slice off in their oven. It was hot and with perfect crust. Good value

Alison Rippentrop

Amazing pizza and bread sticks. Well worth the money and it's not expensive! Definitely worth trying!

Paul Wichser

Parbaked slices, baked to order. Crispy crust, gooey cheese, classic and Mediterranean flavors. Best fast food option for the space

Rocky Blanco

It's great to find bit a pieces of great parts of the US in other great cities. The NY style pizza is a part of US culture and this spot brings a piece of that to the Midwest. Good selection of pizzas with single or multiple toppings that you can purchase by the slice. Although I can say I have had better in other cities outside of NY, it does a good job at giving you a taste of NY pizza. I was also very impressed with the large selection of other famous Italian foods (i.e Strombolis). I would have love to try them but was really there for the pizza.

Meaghan Rabideau

Good for Midwest pizza, not the best new York style but it's good for a quick slice. I lived in New Jersey for 4 years so I can't say this is as good as authentic, but it's better than your standard Midwest pizza.

Aaron Bogott

A decent slice of pizza when hunger grips you. The portions are generous and the toppings are also plentiful. The seating is not large, but the day we were there it was enough. Staff were friendly and helpful.


Reminds me of NY so much I love having it available in my neighborhood! Perfect crust, sauce and cheese combination!

Kelli D.

I've never had that great of an experience with pizza-by-the-slice places, but it was late and I was hungry and this place was near by. I was pleasantly surprised. The vegetarian slice I ordered (forgot the name) was pretty tasty. It had spinach, bell peppers, banana peppers and two types of olives. It really hit the spot! The guy at the counter was friendly and I didn't have to wait long. The slices are huge and reasonable priced. Parking in this area can be difficult even late at night.

Brian Purdy

A Slice of New York is the best pizza that we've had in this area. Every time we find ourselves in Minneapolis we have to stop in for their pizza and breadsticks. Prices are very reasonable and the staff are very friendly with great service. I would recommend this to any person that loves New York style pizza.

Noah Sanders

Excellent pizza. Crust was crispy and the sauce is delicious. Can’t say if it’s traditional New York style but I enjoyed it.

Jamila Hakam

The food is really fresh and delicious! Great desserts, too. The prices are very reasonable. Most of all, the service is friendly and quick.

Joshua Rudy-Kohlhepp

I thoroughly enjoy their pizza. I would say the margarita pizza is their best option.

Alex S.

Very frustrated with the service being provided by A Slice of New York. We placed an online order for the office early in the morning for a noon delivery. As 12:10 rolled around I called in to check the status of our order. After being on hold for 10 minutes I called back in once it was apparent no one would be picking back up. Once someone picked up the second round the order was 20 minutes late and the message delivered was that the pizzas were still at the restaurant and would "take as long as it takes" to get to us. No credit offered. Very poor service overall. If I didn't have 30 hungry people here I would just cancel the order and go to somewhere more customer focused. Pizza Luce next time!

Slim Bjaxon

Delicious strombolies, good calzones and pizza by the slice excellent pizza. Good place to eat quick or stay a while.

Ruthie Aittala

They have calzones, strombolies , and pizza ready always . So you get your food fast. Its always really good too. Open late everynight !

Peter M.

Stopped here after a long day walking around the city. It was exactly what I wanted. Big slices of NY style pizza. Perfect. Chicken with peppers slices was delicious!

Charlie Smith

So very yummy! I stumbled across this place and now I plan to go out of my way to get it. The pizza sauce is the best I've had.

Alana Shannon

pizza at this place - delicious. Great ambiance & decor. Prices were fair.

Paul Manoppo

Delicious pizza. Fast service. Open late on weekends.

Jazmyn Smith

The staff was kind. The food was great. If I am ever in the area I will be eating here again. Completely recommend that you try the food.

Michael Malone

My best hometown greasy pizza place. Need a big slice, a gyro, and tons of carbs late late late at night, delivered? Only one place to look. Great after a night out with friends

Savanna Rankin

The food is amazing and inexpensive. Service is top dollar. (Picture taken as of 5/4/19)

gryphon riley

Awesome service!! Fresh pizza very clean I highly recommend you to come to this place!!

Robert W.

The people who Owen it is very friendly and the place was very clean the food was good and prices are good it can get vey busy there for lunch I will be back to have lunch there again


Discovered 'A Slice of New York' via grubhub during a recent business trip. A great find! all food items were simply delicious - the only thing that would have helped would have been including utensils with the food (salad and pizza). Otherwise, the food arrived quickly, was really great, and I would definitely visit 'A Slice of New York' if I were in the area!

Bear A.

Pretty decent pizza. Around the same price as red savoy's, but they have a great selection with things like Stromboli

Amanda Angstman

My friends and I love this place! But please, can you make it so we're able to order 1/2 Stromboli 1/2 Chicken Roll... I can't ever decide!

Tracy M.

Terrific NYC style pizza...crust is perfect! Would be ordering one now if they were open, but will have to wait until next time in Mpls.

Jake Westerback

Best New York Pizza in Minneapolis.

Sadie N

The men working were very nice, the place has neat old pictures all over the walls, and I really wanted the pizza to be good, but it wasn't. I got a slice of sausage and it was dry and didn't have a whole lot of flavor. I also got a piece of garlic bread which was okay, but not worth $4

Kirk R.

Growing up in Queens, I know New York pizza. this is a poor excuse for it. That wasn't the worst part. They served a piece of baklava via delivery with a bite taken out of it! Be wary of the food you order. They attempted to pass it off as a break, but the baklava was perfectly formed and sliced, save the bite taken out of it. They offered more baklava with the next order, but no thanks. Not after the rude customer service I received on the phone.

Mohammad A.

Amazing halal pizza, the perfect amount of crunch on the pizza crust. Lots of toppings per slice perfect pizza sauce ratio. Also the staff is very very friendly.

Mark M.

In college this was the spot we'd go for slices. I've been to New York about 30 times since then and I guess you could say it's similar to Ray's. If you're from NYC you get my drift. For MPLS pizza this is in the top tier for slices because it sticks to the real OG ingredients and for that I give all my props.

Peder T.

Best Stromboli ever!!! I had one for the first time and ate there two other times that same week. I brought a friend of mine there and he said the same thing and also ate there two more times within two weeks. Still haven't tried their pizza but, but I vouch for the Stromboli. :-)

Adrian M.

This is the worst place ever. We waited for 1 hour and a half and they did not come. When I called them they said that they came to the hotel here in downtown but they did not. Please stay away from this place.

Brianne J.

Disappointing.. Ordered a meatball hero, roasted potatoes, and a garden salad for delivery. The meatball hero was okay, I've had better but the sauce was really good. The roasted potatoes were very mushy. The garden salad was literally just lettuce with a package of ranch. Unrelated note: I felt like they used an excessive amount of plastic containers.

Sakira W.

If you're looking for a quick bite of pizza with an authentic taste this is your spot! Great location in the heart of south Minneapolis without all the buzz, easy parking and open late. The pizza was fresh, handmade, and well thought out ingredients. The owners were friendly and informative. We heard from previous reviews that this place is "pork free," every meat is either turkey or beef (even the Canadian bacon). This was confirmed AFTER eating our food, the workers themselves showed great attention to us and assured us this was true and shared a couple laughs! Nice genuine spot with a homey touch, great place!

John C.

Who'd have thought you can get a solid NY style pie in Minneapolis? Surprisingly good! I've ordered delivery from here a few times via Yelp and food always arrives earlier than expected and as ordered. NY style pizza can get super greasy, especially with pepperoni on it, but I haven't had a problem with it from here. Prices are totally reasonable too. This is definitely my go to place for pizza delivery in the area (though if you're not a fan of NY style or want something a little more healthy/nuanced, look elsewhere). For what this place claims to be, they deliver on it, and that's what counts. That being said, it's a pizza place. I tried the chicken wings last night and they were nasstttyyyyy and soggy. Just get what you came for!

Kate S.

This place cannot seem to deliver very well. I placed an order online through Yelp, and never got the pizza, brownie and cookie. The order totaled $33.72. I did contact the Yelp support and left two messages. Contacted the store via Yelp and no replies from either method. I waited for the store to do the right thing and not charge my account and they DID NOT. I called the store today, the man said I should have called the store since I ordered it at nine and they were open until 12. He said he couldn't find the receipt. So much for computers and technology. I am all for paper receipts and using a phone again. This is as we say in Michigan, CRAP!!!!!!


Staying in Minneapolis after the Timberwolves game just looking for some grub and to be delivered, A Slice of NY fit the description and definitely hit the spot. Sitting in a room with 3 other hungry people with all way different palets.... It was what we all wanted. Delivery time was great, pizza was hot, everyone was happy. Great Job