Agra Culture Kitchen Mia ( Minneapolis Institute of Art)

2400 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis
(612) 870-3180

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Yvonne M

TIP: There is no kids menu, even if you see one online.

Mark Gould

I agree with it being overpriced but I really liked my turkey blt so I?m not really complaining. The view from the mezzanine is really nice as well.

Yvonne M.

Good to know: There is no kids menu, even if you see one online. We stopped in here with kids prior to a children's theater performance. We had seen a kids menu online, but when we arrived there wasn't one. They do have potato chips and cookies, so kids are typically happy. They had a few sandwich choices and salads. We ordered salads, and they were very good. There is plenty of seating and it was quiet.

Gab Lobe

I always get my food really quickly after ordering at Agra Culture. The vegan chorizo burrito is tasty and a good bang for your buck. The smoothies are good, but I think over priced. Its the Agra Harvest salad, however, that is really what keeps me coming back. I love it! When I'm feeling like an extra treat I also like to get a kombucha on tap. So yummy. This place has alot of options to choose from.

Andrew Branch

Confusing, Combative, not friendly nor helpful. This location is nowhere near Agra Culture standards. Save your money.

Jeremy Bonner

Good drinks, food caters a little heavy towards healthy, vegetarian or vegan options and a little pricey for food, but fantastic place to grab a drink before or after exploring a great art museum.

Doc Pesado

Got terribly sick after having one of their turkey BLTs. Prices were too high for the quality of the food

Rumi Faizer

A cafeteria with sandwiches and salads. Good wines and beer available. Don't expect too much. If your here for the art it's fine. I'm always surprised by the automated expectation you tip a minimum of 15% at a place without waiters... Seriously? If you have the time there are plenty of walkable great restaurants...

Rohan Faizer

Food is not amazing and is overpriced. They ran out of caprese sandwiches 1 and a half hours before they were closing.


They were out of caprese sandwiches 1 hour before closing. The food quality was nothing special. The prices were high for basically a cafeteria.

Jan J.

This is inside the MIA on the ground floor. Their cappuccino (and other coffees) are really GOOD, and it doesn't hurt at all to eat one of the cookies with it.


They had the best coffee of anywhere we went in Minneapolis over our 5 day stay. We did not try the food. Be sure to stop by for a cup when you take a break from viewing the art.

Matthew Gantz

Stop #196 for @pizzas365: Agra Culture Kitchen & Press has a fresh, unique flatbread that ultimately falls apart due to an (ironically described) crunchy and bland thin crust. The toppings also do not contribute enough for the taste buds, although they are solid ingredients. 3.4 Stars.


We decided to have lunch here while touring the museum exhibits. We discovered that the portions were small for the price and the food quality was mediocre. It was also, oddly, quite busy and hard to find a place to sit. I guess with a captive audience you can survive. This really needs some improvements.


We planned on lunch before visiting the China exposition. Oh how disappointed we were! This is a cafeteria. Lots of money for small choice/portions. Food quality was ok: Soup nice, very sm portion. Caprese sandwich nice, flavorful pesto soaked into (lots of) bread. Got hard boiled eggs too, relatively reasonable, we were hungry. Will eat lunch elsewhere next time. Even just handing out paper plates along with food would be an upgrade!! Eating off napkins and out of packaging is not my idea of eating. Especially not for those prices! Love the MIA but this needs to improve!!


I like the idea they tried to pull off but the food is way too expensive for what you get. It is ok, not much flavor and small portion sizes for what you pay. I would say it is average at best.

Daniel Pothier

Agree with others. The food is good. I wouldn't call it great, or "artisinal". I've had similar in airports around the US. Prices are airport-like, too. Very high for small portions. On a positive note, vegan options for my daughter were abundant. Quality seems good. Service was excellent. If the prices were 20% lower, I'd be back.

Lisa Uhlig

Good, not great, food. Terrible value. Very expensive for pretty good. Nice staff


Nice place for good quality and very healthy fares. You order what you wish from a wide range of natural ingredients.

Loren Sands-Ramshaw

Great taste, 5 diet markers on the menu including paleo

Shauna Goulet

DO NOT EAT THE COOKIES! They literally mimic the flavor of your mouth after you have been violently vomiting the night before.

Carolyn B.

Note that this is for the Uptown location.I had higher hopes for this place. The menu is solid but the execution was a little lacking. It strikes me as the kind of place that might do well in the skyway downtown with the lunch crowd, but going there for dinner was a big disappointment. I made my own bowl and despite assembling a $13 bowl, there was barely any food there. Same with my husband's taco. We ended up having to order another entree. And the flavors just weren't there. I ordered sauce, but there was so little on there, that I couldn't really taste it. Too bad.

William G.

This Agra Culture is the in House restaurant for the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA). They offer a not particularly inspiring selection of salads and sandwiches in a cafeteria style arrangement. Prices are a little steep and food just ok - pretty much the standard museum restaurant experience. My wife and I were there for the Martin Luther exhibit and stopped by afterward for lunch. They had a bratwurst and German potato salad special (I suppose this was what Martin might have had for lunch after a hard morning working on his 95 theses). It is really hard to screw up bratwurst and the potato salad was pretty good. I also had a cup of chicken chili which was really more like canned chicken soup. My wife had a lemonade. The total came to about $28. Rarely is a museum restaurant particularly distinguished as you are essentially a captive. The excellent Fika at the Swedish Institute is the only museum restaurant that I would actually go to without visiting the attached museum and I have eaten at a lot of museum restaurants around the world. If you are thinking of stopping by just before leaving the museum you might consider exiting and trying one of the many restaurants on nearby eat street. I agree with other Yelpers - our wonderful MIA deserves a first class place to eat.

Corinna C.

Ordered take out and was a bit disappointed. Got a bowl and it was pretty tasty. For a side to share, we got broccolini. It was no joke 3 stems of broccolini. It was also so insanely spicy it was nearly inedible. I emailed the restaurant and even included a photo and got no response. (Wasn't asking for anything free in response, just for them to acknowledge that it was under par for them). Most likely won't be back nor will I recommend it.

S B.

We've been to Agra Culture's first-floor cafe and the mezzanine-level restaurant many times. For the majority of our visits, there has been at least one issue. This is the first review I've written because I want to like this restaurant but they make it so hard to do so. First, the hours listed on the website are often wrong. The restaurant is not open during MIA hours, as stated, which customers don't know until they arrive and see a 8x11 sign informing them that instead of being open until 5 pm, they are closed at 2:30. This is when there is a play at the Children's Theater (attached to the MIA) at 5 pm. So there were quite a few put-out families around. Second, their inventory management is rotten. Today, they had zero baked goods, and spotty other options. This was in the cafe. We've been to the mezzanine-level restaurant when they had just opened and they had maybe a of their menu actually available. Finally, the food is hit-or-miss. The small cup of curried chicken I had today was gritty. That's unappetizing at best, and suspicious at worst. My family members enjoyed a sandwich and chips, so that was a bright spot. I've tried to be a good customer and politely email Agra Culture about changing their hours on their website, etc. and I've never received any correspondence back. MIA deserves better than this. We all deserve better than this.

Fatma S.

The food here is amazing. The portions seem small, but they are just right. I felt confident in my health and great about my day after eating here. Sadly, the prices may be too high for some, but it is worth every penny. I recommend the fresh juices and the taco. Enjoy.

Alice A.

Such a fun place to sit at the coffee bar and sip coffee along the hustle and bustle of the baristas. Placed comfortably in the MIA museum, one of the best in Minneapolis, it is an awesome place to catch up and have a great cup of coffee While pretty expensive, their coffee is good and the fact that you didn't have to pay for general admission for the museum it can be forgiven. I highly, highly recommend the COCONUT CHAI. I women messed up and grabbed a wrong coffee and so they had to re-do the orders and a friend and I got to try the coconut chai for free because they would have thrown it out. It was beyond delicious. I would pay anything for it again, but not sure if I want to know the price. The barista's are very nice and personable. One was joking with us the whole time and again I wish I remembered her name because she was very nice and made it comfortable sitting at the bar area. Great place, definitely stop by if you're strolling through the MIA museum.

D B.

We are disappointed in this coffee vendor choice at the MIA. There are so many great coffee options in town - particularly Dogwood who used to be in this space. We have been here a couple times months apart and both times have had the same experience: -Agra Culture's coffee at the mia is not good. -Service is just serviceable (though they did ask if we were members and gave us a discount). -Tables and chairs outside were dirty. -ALL the cups are disposable - why?? We weren't going anywhere, why not nice cups to stay and linger with? Taking my cup straight to the garbage in a few minutes seems so wasteful. This isn't a worthy experience for such a great place.


Terrible service and food . Burnt black panini, we asked for a new one and the staff's attitude was very rude. We also ordered tuna seared salad for $12 and just got 3 small pieces of tuna. (Staff A placed 4 pieces and Staff B took 1 off the plate....) Chicken strips are burned and super dry! Feel like being treated as prisoners! Terrible terrible terrible!

Kimberly M.

Urk. Terribly rude service, many things on the menu not available (within 45 minutes of opening), very expensive for pre-made stuff. If you pre-make sandwiches with things like pesto and balsamic vinegar, they will be soggy inside and dry outside, especially if they are sitting out uncovered and made on ciabatta. Exceedingly average food-- typical "fresh and local" type stuff, with wheat grass and some sort of aioli on everything. This kind of food can be amazing and innovative, but at Agra Culture, maybe because it's sitting around, it's VERY meh. Dry bread (though soggy and sloughing off on the inside of the sandwiches). Dry turkey. GREASY bacon. Wet, creased herbs and greens.We were also told that it would be 25 minutes if we wanted the chicken bites for a child, which seems odd at lunchtime in a cafeteria style place. We requested a sandwich made without pesto for a person who was having trouble finding something on the menu that they could eat (this person has trouble with multiple raw foods), and the cashier sighed, went to the back, and came back saying that they "would make an exception this one time" for us. We tried to order a several other things from the menu board, and were told they didn't have them. When we checked out, I told the person cashiering that we were disappointed that so many things weren't available, and that the lady helping us was so irritated that we didn't want the pesto. This cashier said "well, you were complaining so loudly about our restaurant". We were really trying to find things that we could eat, we were the only people there, and we weren't complaining, until the end when I spoke to him. Absolutely bizarre behavior. (Also, we weren't loud). Unfortunately, the MIA seems to have made a dodgy choice with this particular vendor, though Agra Culture obviously thinks it's pretty special, at least from the attitudes. Very disappointed--generally we are at the MIA many times in a year, and always eat there, but $40 for a few half sandwiches, a grilled cheese for a kid, and three cookies, (no drinks) accompanied by people who don't know their customer service skills, is the last money Agra Culture will see from me. Bleah.

Sarah J.

The food is amazing! I've been here several times and am always happy when I leave. Service is also very friendly :)

Andrew E.

Happy to see Agra Culture at the MIA. Limited menu at this location, but the Agra Harvest salad was excellent ( romaine, cabbage, kale, quinoa, beets, butternut squash, cauliflower, apple, gouda, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, raw sunflower seeds, apple cider vinaigrette ) - highly recommended. Note that all dishes are pre-made, which is a bit of a disappointment, but I will admit that it makes for the ability to serve many people quickly. A side of bread included some pieces that were stale. A bit expensive, although not outrageous. Trash bin is situated next to the cashier, which leads to a traffic jam and detracts from the aim of efficiency. Agra Culture also runs a nifty coffee bar on the first floor of the MIA, where we had excellent coffee, tea, and a danish.

Sarah K.

Stopped in for a bite to eat after spending a number of hours looking at the amazing art at the museum. Unfortunately I came in shortly before they stopped serving (no posted signs but the very rude staff member informed me to hurry up and get out). I made a hasty decision based on what was left to serve, blt and a side of quinoa salad. I could help but notice how dirty the serving area was and the register area. I appreciate closing time and I was sorry that I was cutting it close but not excuse for bad service and filth. The sandwich was excellent, the salad was very bland. Certainly the gorgeous atmosphere of the museum helped a great deal. All in all okay, hope they are better during normal hours.

Leah G.

I only stopped in at the cafe for a drink while I was at the MIA but was very pleased that I could get a Surly Furious for $3! They have happy hour everyday (even weekends) from 2-5pm and drinks are half off. The beer selection is not large but the choices they do have are good! This is added to my list to come back and try their food! All the servers were very friendly as well and they have a small bar and some tables for you to use outside of the cafe. If you want to eat in the actual restaurant you can go upstairs but the menu is the same.

Agra Culture Kitchen Mia ( Minneapolis Institute of Art)

2400 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 870-3180