Daily Cairo Grill

1922 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis
(612) 870-6200

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Mohammed Ali

They make the best sambusa in town, I would highly recommend specially if you are looking oe crav for samubsa,


If y’all weren’t stingy with the hot sauce I would come here everyday … please fix that. I paid 1 dollar for a extra tablespoon of hot sauce… other than that the foods fire

faiza faiza

If you find better sambusas elsewhere in the state or in the country, let me know. The cashier is friendly but don't be shy to speak up as people tend to cut lines and the place gets very busy in the evening. Meals here are $7, you get either rice or pasta as a base and you get to choose two meats or chicken legs. I go for the chicken legs or the steak almost all the time. Been coming here since 2011 (that's a solid decade). I know almost every employee here, they're nice and sometimes even make me a special rice called biryani whenever I'm bored with the regular seasoned rice. The tea is die for and you get a drink, a banana and hot sauce with every meal even if you didn't ask for.Also don't be scared of the people begging outside, if you ignore them they will go away. I did speak with the management of the restaurant and they said they have no control over loiterers, but they sometimes trespass them from the property. Overall, this is cheap, good hearty food in the neighborhood that I will never get tired of supporting.

Amina Ghouse

If you can tolerate the decrepitness of the place, you'll find the best samosas you've ever had in your life. I got 10 and then immediately regretted ordering them after I walked in. I waited very anxiously and when I received them I waited until I got home to eat them, not really giving them a chance.To my surprise, I polished off 3 and wished I didn't have to share the rest. Crispy, savory, flavorful and juicy with a kick of pepper/spiciness. They are literally the best samosas I've had in my life (and I've had hundreds).My advice?Go, order, look at your phone, wait your turn, don't talk to anyone. Get your Sambusas and devour them at home.I spent around $11 for 10 sambusas/samosas.


The only place to get beef sambus in Minneapolis. Seriously. They're about a dollar a piece and perfect. Spicy, well seasoned, never burnt. You might think that the place is rundown, but the sambus make every trip worth it. If you have doubts about whether or not this place is a hidden gem, let me know. I'll buy you a bag of sambus and you wont want to get them anywhere else.

Walter walls

Supreme service, everyone treated the same with respect. Makes sure everyone is served and forgotten. The usual cashier is the anchor.

Benjamin Rolland

7 dollar plate of Beef Suqaar lasted me 3 meals. I recommend going for breakfast for all day enjoyment!

Shukri Hussein

Worst Somali food in Minnesota, found hair in my food and their quality is poor. And one more thing if you don’t speak Somali they don’t serve you quick. Most people don’t even wear masks.

The Duragged Investor

Worst East African food in Minneapolis. There are plenty more Somali food in the cities. I would avoid this place at all costs. You will get sick or hate that your wasted your money.

Abdiaziz Farah

Cairo Grill is fire. Yes, it really is as busy as the other comments say. But that is a good thing for a place you're buying food in my opinion. It means that they're doing something right. Their sambusas are without a doubt the best Sambusas in Minnesota. If you have Somali friends, ask them where the best Sambusas are, they will all point to cairo grill. Their tea is also pretty good.As for food, their food is beyond affordable compared to the other Somali restaurants in the state. They also have a menu with names and pictures of the food so you can know what you're getting. The rice is fantastic, I normally get the rice with chicken and steak. For something around $7 you get rice, 2 types of meat, a drink and banana. The green basbas (hot sauce) is also very good.

Charlie Drake

Awesome east African style food, very authentic! Tough neighborhood so be careful in and out of cars.

idiris Esse

Nice food with nice customer service, I really appreciate their hospitality.

Ryan P.

Was looking for a place that sells Sambusa after trying it from many of my friends in the past. I was recommended to this place after asking around and I can say I’m satisfied and will keep going back. Perfectly seasoned with the right amount of spices and pepper, very flavorful. Love the heat to it. 10/10.

Constance Love

Love it, especially the sambusas yumm yumm in my tummy

Mazzarney Sanford

Hair in rice , twice. Then it was like i was chewing on the goat meat for days. I threw up after eating there. Could not take it. Then tables were not swiped down or nothing. Never eating there again

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