1374 109th Ave NE, Blaine
(763) 786-0920

Recent Reviews

Bob Westgard

Food was great and really good price

Daniele Hagberg

Super yummy, decently priced italian! Recommend the penne with a meatball.

Jenell Blenker

Went there for dinner tonight and they were closed! Are they out of business?

Faye Liquete

Great Italian food, owner uses his mom recipe, very freshly made. Large portions. Very good prices and service was wonderful. They are closed on Sundays. We would definitely good here again.

Kevin Walgren

A staple when it comes to good Italian food. Eddy and his staff always make it a great experience.

Jean H.

Didn't expect it but, Marino's Restaurant was simply outstanding. Surely coming back here again. Each and every single item that we ordered was incredibly fresh and delicious. The service is fast and friendly too. I highly recommend it.

Peggy Kopecky

We just had Marinos at the Blaine VFW, I haven't had had ravioli this good in years, I still miss the Totinos restaurant in NE Mpls! But, I am so impressed with this food, can't believe we are so lucky to find them

Nathan Heiling

Great food and service.

Mindy Magnuson

I cant make it a half star so it gets one.. ravioli was TERRIBLE.. noodles half cooked and meat inside was a rock, bread came our half forzen.. and the bean and bacon soup, lol.. it was water uncooked beans and a piece of fatty bacon. Man, I wish they wouldn't have signed a 1 year contract. Miss the old food.. 3 people have gotten sick off the food which I was told AFTER we ate..

Richard Miller

Love the sausages

Shannon R.

Everything is delicious! Marino's Deli catered my senior's graduation party and it was amazing! Can't recommend enough. Plus you support your local business.

Luis Conrad

I absolutely loved the dishes and customer service, good location next to where I live. The staff members are always very kind. Highly recommended.

John Collins

One of my favorite places to eat. excellent location, well kept, and very good customer service. Highly recommended!

James Vinson

We had an amazing experience at this spot. We enjoyed the awesome atmosphere and the food. The staff members were very friendly. I am glad we eventually managed to eat here.

Sonny Esparza

This spot is good! Reasonable rates, big portions and the staff members are always very kind.

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