Sisters' Sludge Coffee Cafe and Wine Bar

3746 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis
(612) 722-3933

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Dawn Wesolek

Best coffee in America(thus far). We visited on our way down through oregon on a massive road trip and I can honestly say this is the best coffee I have had outside of Europe. Thank you!!Kid-friendliness: Full of mothers and families. Beautiful decor and very safe.

Davi Gray

Coffee is decent and not too outrageously priced. Great little sidewalk seating, indoor tables and couches, two single-person bathrooms, very casual vibe.

Ryan Smith

It was a bit expensive and confusing at first but what coffee place isn't am I right. The service was good and I'm the product was good. It was just a little pricey. They have some cool unique items that I liked. I would try it

Ashley Kenney

I’ve worked in coffee and with roasters for 6 years, I stopped in on a trip from Boston and this is some of the best Cold Brew I’ve ever had. Highly recommend

Aisha Ahmed

The worse coffee shop. Please don’t go if you don’t drink alcohol. We’re force to buy something even though they don’t service coffee after certain hours that we didn’t know about. The only have alcohol and we don’t drink. After sitting 15 minutes, we’re told to leave or buy something, meaning buy alcohol. This isn’t the first time she targeted my and my friend. She always has unwelcome face when she sees us.We weren’t feel too comfortable to come in the first place but this incident even prove to us not to ever come back.I forgot to mention that there are people who literally sitting didn’t order a thing. When we told her that, she said you should give them time while she was kicking us out. If you care about customer service and you don’t want get kicked out, please don’t waste your time and gas.

Fartun Macow

If you want a welcoming environment and you’re a person of color, this is not the place for you. Bar worker (older women) was VERY rude to me and my friend. We have been here multiple times and this is the first time we have been harassed. She made us feel very uncomfortable and was discriminating towards us. We are Muslim and have our traditional clothing on and she was very rude towards us. I’m hurt and saddened by the way she treated us.

#1 Love

Myself and a friend came here and had a bad experience I have not ever experienced that before I was embarrassed of this lady actions I am a brown skin woman that has been before and never experienced this she stated she would call the police on us we was not being loud we were just handling business for OUR BUSINESS she is a white older lady behind the bar with glasses with short blond hair. Bad experience I’m still in shock.

Miss A

Cozy as heck. Alcoholic drinks are overpriced. But this has not been a good time to run a coffee spot. An electric fireplace and a bar to hangout at. Great if yr a misfit like me.

Beth Powers

Big spacious coffee spot. Lots of tables. My latte was terrific too.

Andrew Mifsud

Lovely peaceful spot, great service and excellent atmosphere


I have tried Sisters' Sludge twice for their coffee. I strongly advise to stay away from their cold coffee drinks entirely and order a hot drink. The espresso is made beforehand and chilled in a container. This makes the coffee extremely bitter to the point it is undrinkable. The hot coffee drinks are actually pulled fresh. The shop itself seems cozy enough to stay but their service has been a hit and a miss.I, personally, would not recommend this place given my experience.

Michael Minino

Very delicious and very potent caffeine ?. Had the mocha one day and turtle the next and both were outstanding. If I ever come back to Mall of America I'm gonna make a special stop back here.

Meri DuRand

Very cute place! Staff was super nice. Went for a hair flower making event.

Emily McKinney

Love studying/working here during the day and getting a glass of wine with friends at night! The rotating wine selection is great. The bartenders are knowledgeable and kind, they make you feel right at home.

Carlos Montanez

Really cozy café and the crew is very friendly. The coffee, chocolate, and chi tea ? are awesome. Great place to chill ? and just relax.

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Sisters' Sludge Coffee Cafe and Wine Bar

3746 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 722-3933