1384 109th Ave NE, Minneapolis
(763) 767-6833

Recent Reviews

Lisa Williams

Maria was an amazing employee, she went above and beyond to help me enjoy my experience.

Steven Theisen

20+ minute wait inside for a single iced chai. I'm not returning to this location any time soon.

Raymond Morse

Kenon/ Ed is the best, everyone should get their coffee from him

alexander taylor

There are some cute girls there I work in the area so during the week I'm there an there nice... never really have to wait

Ahmed Ali

Bri is extremely rude, no care whatsoever. She messed up our drinks and when we brought it to her attention rather than apologizing she simply brushed it off and walked away.

Darin Scott

The staff here is great. Very friendly and accommodating. When it comes down to it, seems like Starbucks are all the same. So the experience is all about the staff.These folks are great.I travel a lot. So many Starbucks I go to it seems the staff treats you as if you’re lucky they’re serving you.Maybe that’s why some of these places push for unions - they’re just bitter and entitled people.It was great to experience all the staff at this location over the last 3 days.

Andrew Ryberg

Starbucks is almost always great. Cause they train the employees to treat the customer with a nice coffee and a smile. Starbucks is just always a coffee you can count on.

Mo W.

these people are so rude dunkin donuts is better #sbk imagine working at starvucks yall best spin back to dunkin

Kris Jacobson

Love my Grande Decaf Mocha with Oat Milk (no whip). It's dairy free, gluten free and lower caffeine for those who are sensitive to it, like myself. Today's wait was a while, and my drink may not have been stirred properly as chocolate was at bottom ? but I keep a stir stick in my truck for such occasions! LoL!

Josh Carey

The inside of this location was “closed” at 9am on a Friday for no apparent reason, even though there were customers still inside. Not to mention, the drive thru line at the time was not very long. Seems like employees here like to turn away customers to make their jobs easier. I would recommend other coffee shops in the area.

amanda cruser

When I visited this location last week, Jacob helped me decide what to order because I don't visit Starbucks that often. He was honest and straightforward which I appreciate in any customer service individual. I loved the beverage so much I got a second one before I left. Thank you Jacob for introducing me to a new beverage!

Jessica Hanson

I stop in here every now and than to treat myself to a coffee and it never tastes like what I order! I always order a caramel breve or a caramel macchiato and I am ALWAYS disappointed. I will no longer be stopping at this location.

Sarah Jeske

Newly remodeled made the space look much more open and perfect. Had some staffing issues but I love the new manager, upbeat friendly and charismatic. They always make my coffee the way I love it!

Courtney Karels

The new remodel is beautiful, but took way too long waiting for my order I placed ahead of time. Always delicious

Kayla Running

Was great when you used to actually be able to know when they were going to be open. Now it’s always closed for some reason or another and I’m no longer making the drive over there just to have to turn around and go some here else

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