Young Joni back bar

165 13th Ave NE #1172, Minneapolis
(612) 345-5719

Recent Reviews

Lynn Gilbert

The service was spectacular and the food... divine! Can’t wait to get back... hopefully to see the back bar...couldn’t get in this trip.

Rolando Almodóvar

The pizza is to die for. Excellent atmosphere. Very attentive staff. Highly recommended.

Tom Webster

First time visiting and will be back. Pizza was fantastic and soft server was a great treat at the end.

Jennifer Markey

I love this place; it’s an awesome spot to bring friends from out of town. The decor is gorgeous and the service is friendly. The drinks are pricey but it’s a good time.

Trypp Adams

Great spot to wait for your table if you can find the door(its about 20 feet past the red light). Its a cozy atmosphere that feels like you are at an old family cabin. Also, they can bring your drinks through the kitchen to your table when it's ready even though you need to walk outside. Service was great, cocktails from the inside of the "back bar Gazette" ran $12 a piece. I had a "Sousaphone player wanted" but think I would have just preferred an old fashioned.

Patricia Gray

It's an ok place. great location from the freeway and the music is great. Drinks are a bit pricey

Debra Jenkins

We came here for our friends birthday, and had scheduled the time for 10pm. We knew we were gonna be a tad bit late so we called and let them know, and they gave us some time to get there which was nice.

Jessami B.

Went with friends last night and it was impeccable! The service was excellent. Low key, but flawless. The restaurant is unique and well decorated. The music was different but not weiird and not so loud that we couldn't converse. The food was awesome we had the quail appetizer, the La Parisienne Pizza and the church bars for dessert. My husbands old fashioned was amazing, and he's a whiskey guy. Can't wait to go back.

Melissa F.

Like everyone else, impressed and more. Amazing food. Just wish that I could get there more often.

Valerie P.

I could go on and on about this place, but I'll spare you. It's wonderful. I've been several times, and each time has been such a delight. Some of my favorite menu items: cauliflower, mushrooms in miso butter, the prawns, and the Amalfi coast pizza. The Amalfi Coast has to be one of my favorite pizzas of all time - it's fresh, tomato-based, vegetarian, and not super heavy on the cheese. We also recently tried their church basement cookie/bar plate and that was delicious too! I've never been astounded by their cocktails, but they're always pretty solid. But... the PIZZA. Yum.

Heather S.

We came here in between lunch and dinner and there were still quite a few people in the place - very popular! Our server, Branson - was wonderfully attentive - not too much, not too little. She made a great old fashioned with her own spin on it. Excellent service! We had the wings and the Korean BBQ pizza. Both wonderful. The wings came with a nice spicy sauce that we kept to dip our pizza bones in. The lime for the wings added a great tang. Nice Asian flavors. Pizza crust had great consistency and the toppings were perfect. Highly recommended!

Deborah K

Every bite was flavorful, made so with careful attention to ingredients. Innovative combination, the persimmon, manchego, and deacon salad was a star.

Lori Erickson

Excellent imaginative and ever-changing cocktails and a cool and cozy environment. Don’t forget to read the whole menu!

Julie Cross

We were treated rudely by the door Person. We were there for birthday and done other friends surprised us there. We made the mistake of trying to put two tables together to accommodate all of us. We were told briskly that we could not do that which was fine. We had two tables across the room from each other waiting for an ajacent table to one of them to open up. When it did, the bouncer said we could not move tables. Another table along side open-minded and wet asked if we could move one group to it. We were told no...he had people waiting. When I replied that he could seat the new people they're he was very brusque. I decided to all the bartender what we had doneto offend as we were clearly getting thecold shoulder when we were just there to celebrate a birthday and stay. She told me I didn't understand the business and thewait procedure and that I gave an incottrct number the first time. I again explained that we didn't know they were coming but tables had opened up that would displace no one as we world give out table up. Both of them stick to the line about you have to terms the line before you let people move. We ended up just leaning and going somewhere to celebrate my birthday where we were allowed to sit together. It was a weird night and we were treated like trouble makers. The table we wanted to give up was completely Compopal to take one we needed. They just didn't like us


Had lunch here for my first experience. Other family members are already fans. Will never look at pizza the same. Great pizza, toppings, crust, sides—everything about this place is a good vibe. Service exceptional and super friendly. I will return as often as possible.

Cassy W.

I wish I had pictures of our pizza, but I guess you'll have to trust me that it was amaze-balls! The Korean BBQ pizza is the definition of craft pizza and like nothing I've ever had before. One thing I wish other yelpers would have mentions is the atmosphere. It's a semi-classy place where most people are dressed rather nice. The service was decent: nothing bad, nothing amazing, If you're starving and looking for food fast, this probably isn't the place for you as the restaurant gets packed and seating takes quite a while.

Robert Hines

Cool atmosphere and friendly staff. A must do while waiting for a table at Young Joni's!

Mary R.

My cousin recommended this place and when I mentioned it to my hubby he said it's only like the best pizza place to go to right now. I will give it a 5-star on atmosphere and trendy for sure. And let's just say for starters, I want to go back there with him to try a different pizza and experience it for date night. On a Tuesday before the holiday and arrival at 5:30 we scored a table, but the place was full, so I'd encourage a reservation - they do take them! Wait staff filled our water immediately and informed us our server would be with us soon. He was, and incredibly helpful at that ...discreetly pointing out neighboring tables and their pizzas and sharing the menu favs. Insert the need for old lady glasses in this dimly lit (I know it's atmosphere!!) but we went with the La Parisienne and the cauliflower appetizer. The pizza was odd to me. I didn't hate it but I think it was a texture thing for me and something I'd missed in the menu description but it has pickled mustard seeds on its own ...Albeit this didn't stop me from eating my share! Honestly, I enjoyed the cauliflower app more! Just a little bit of kick! I could have eaten the whole thing!

Joshua D

Really friendly service, excellent atmosphere, delicious cocktails. This is a great place for a date.

Kevin L.

Young Joni never lets us down. The service is consistently outstanding and the food is to die for. Tonight we had the Sweet and Spicy pork ribs as a starter and they were amazing. Very nice balance of heat and sweet and excellent ribs. For my main I had the Basque pizza and I think I have a new favorite here. The olives and goat cheese really made the pizza sing.


My girlfriend and I enjoyed a great meal and cocktail at Young Joni, and since it was still early when we finished, we decided to hang out at the Back Bar and have a cocktail. As we entered the bar, we encountered a very rude front bar manager, or bouncer, named Calvin. He was very cold towards us the moment we entered, and didn't seem to want us to take up any tables. No hello, no smile, no greeting. Just "I need to see your IDs". We showed him and he didn't even say thank you. Very impolite. We didn't feel welcome at all. Then he tried to argue with us about where we wanted to sit. We are two very friendly, polite and happy women and did nothing whatsoever to prompt such behavior.

Dale G.

Another great experience at Young Joni. I still think it's one of the best places in the city. Perfect atmosphere and vibe. Amazing pizza and good options. Good drinks and cocktails. Price for a pizza is around $15 per person which is a lot for pizza but not much for this kind of quality and restaurant. We arrived at 5pm on a Saturday night and were told it was a 45 minute wait. Luckily, they seated us 15 minutes later. And the soft serve ice cream with olive oil and salt was especially good this time around.

Kiaya G.

If you don't mind waiting for the best pizza around, stop here. It's. So. Good. If you like unique pizzas and a good ambiance, stop here. In short, stop here.

J Roy

Laid back environment, with analog HiFi, crafted cocktails and YJ pizza. Not the most comfortable seating to dine but it will do in a pinch. Best to research a table or wait for table in main dining area and enjoy the back bar for drinks.

Jens Knutson

Best daiquiri I've had in Minneapolis, and the bartender was super friendly & approachable. Can't wait to come back!

Sarah N.

This is my third or fourth visit to Young Joni and each time impresses me with it's ambiance inside, it's tentative wait staff, and the food! This time around we got the Korean BBQ & the Lamb pizza. Both are worth trying and very flavorful. The Korean BBQ has been a repeat favorite, you can also order the Korean ribs on the menu as well which we got for an appetizer and they are just as flavorful. The lamb pizza was super flavorful and a lot of us compared it to a gyro style which was spot on. Both wood fire over, made to perfection, and amazing flavor that every pizza lover wants and needs in their life. We also are big fans of the Whole Fish on the menu as well and have gotten it a couple of times. The wait staff will remove the bones for you if you don't want to do it yourself otherwise it is fried to perfection and comes with an amazing Thai basil dipping sauce that I could actually drink if it was appropriate too. I got the Paloma which is perfect. Make a reservation far in advance by calling verses online as some times it's easier to get in and talk through times with them. Otherwise sit at the bar and order there or sit at the bar, enjoy a drink, and head across the street to Dangerous Man with you perfect pizza to enjoy it there instead of waiting. This place is straight amazing, it's worth the wait. lives to the hype and truly is some of the best pizza in MN.

Q B.

It was...alright? I guess? For being such a hyped restaurant, I was hoping the pizza and overall food would be much better. It was super dark in the space and hard to see the menu--though, that didn't stop us from ordering like six dishes. The mismatched plates were really cute, and service was friendly and accommodating. Really, the downfall is food. The potato pizza was extremely bland. Potatoes drink up salt, someone should encourage them to use it on the pizza. Ditto with the persimmon salad. It tasted only of vinegar. The fish and prawns were the highlight of the meal and actually quite delicious. The prawns were so fresh and sweet and the fish, though a little salty, had great flavor.

Kendall D.

The rumors are true as you probably already know: Young Joni is the pizza king. From the moment you walk in to the restaurant, it feels warm and cozy and welcoming. There's plants near the door and even the napkins and the menus felt comforting and as if a family member had given them to you. The menu has a ton of really delicious sounding and creative appetizers and pizza options and cocktails, and our server was very helpful in recommending good choices for my group. First we tried the cauliflower appetizer... I already love cauliflower but this is probably the most amazing version of cauliflower I've ever had! The sauce was really really yummy. For pizzas we went for the Korean BBQ and the Basque. Both were really good and cooked well. The KBBQ was super unique and definitely had that smoky flavor that reminds you of Korean barbecue. The Basque was definitely more of a traditional red sauce style but had the fun/super tasty perk of the goat cheese. Didn't have room for dessert after sharing one app and two pizzas between three people. I'll definitely be back for the soft serve ice cream because I've heard it's great!

Kristina S

My girlfriend and I enjoyed a great meal and cocktail at Young Joni, and since it was still early when we finished, we decided to hang out at the Back Bar and have a cocktail. As we entered the bar, we encountered a very rude front bar manager, or bouncer, named Calvin. He was very cold towards us the moment we entered, and didn't seem to want us to take up any tables. No hello, no smile, no greeting. Just "I need to see your IDs". We showed him and he didn't even say thank you. Very impolite. We didn't feel welcome at all. Then he tried to argue with us about where we wanted to sit. We are two very friendly, polite and happy women and did nothing whatsoever to prompt such behavior.

Stacy Remke

Great food, wonderful wait staff and fun atmosphere.

Nancy Cronin

So inviting! Great food, great service. Pizza was delicious!! Definitely will be back

Lois ORaye

great drinks, food, atmosphere and staff I'm still talking my experience there I loved the backbar

nek namirrem

Take a small band of friends and stop at two drinks. One of the more chill speakeasies. They put a lot of creative effort into their menus! Nd the music on the reel to reel is great when they have it on!

Jane Natoli

Creative drinks, fun bartenders, eclectic glassware that’s definitely sourced from Value Village. I’m not sure what more you want out of a hidden cocktail bar, people

geoffrey van Dover

Loved the place solely for the atmosphere and how cool it is to get there. Drinos are also really good if a little expensive

Megan Tieso

Great experience! It gets pretty busy though so be prepared to wait in the evening

Richard B.

This was voted among the top 10 new restaurants in the U.S.... it's a beautiful restaurant and already packed by 6. Mostly known for pizza but a lot of other yummies on the menu as well. Grilled corn, Caledonia blue prawns, and clam pizza for tonight. The whole grilled trout was also really tempting. I almost overlooked this place when I read pizza. Do not make this mistake!!!


Great place. Great service. Interesting and diverse menu. Delicious cocktails. Really good food. Cauliflower app and yummy umami (mushroom pizza) were delicious. Kind of pricey. Other places to try before returning. Definitely go but not craving it later.

Lana T.

OVERALL: Anytime someone asks me for a cool new place- this is absolutely going to be my answer. Knowing that this exists automatically makes me cooler than I am. ATMOSPHERE: usually I don't start with atmosphere but I feel like I have to. Tucked away in an undisclosed location (behind Young Joni) there aren't many people inside. It transports you from where you were and brings you into what seems like an old cabin furnished with all your grandmothers old furniture. Not in a bad way- but in an old timey and comforting way. DRINKS: We ordered the Goldendoodle Puppies and the Bake Sale. The Goldendoodle puppies had vodka, orange, sparkling wine, and carrot. It was super flavorful and went down easy! The bake sale warmed you up in a way that was like being next to a fireplace even though it was a cold drink. The nutmeg flavor was fantastic. SERVICE: Our server was super attentive! Didn't grab us any waters though, which was no big deal as we were just enjoying our drinks. PRICE: Warning- there are no prices listed on the menu but each drink runs you about $13. They also have a social hours where food and drinks are discounted.

Lindsay S.

Before going to Young Joni, I had many of my friends telling me to go. Typically I am pretty skeptical, but I decided to go for a date night. It was beyond amazing. At first I thought, "Upscale pizza?? How fancy can it be?!?" The food blew our minds! Incredible food and drink. We had the Burrata with English Peas, Japanese Sweet Potato with bonito flakes (yes, they move!), Umami Mama & This Lamb is your lamb pizzas. I love that the lamb sausage on this pizza was only lamb, not lamb and beef. This pizza was so unique that it was our favorite. We had enough for leftovers the next day! We will be back for more burrata and lamb pizza!