2424 Nicollet Ave suite b, Minneapolis
(763) 325-3190

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Chelsea H.

Stopped in passing through Minneapolis while on a cross-country drive. Well worth it! The ricotta was amazing and the flatbreads were delicious and herbaceous. Would return!

Lizzie Nolan

These sandwiches are the best! We got the number 5 and number 8. I can’t believe I went so long without one of these! I am a changed person. If I could give it 6 stars I would! 10 stars! I literally sent out a group text to all of my friends telling them to go to Zetta’s! Will def be back! Also, the service was great and super friendly. 15 stars!

Jeff Ruby

Mojo's dad loves this place!!! Food is fantastic and the people, well, they brighten up my neighborhood!! Love that they're here.

Jack Schneeman

One of my favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities. Simply great.

Adrian Leyva

They are taking orders online. They are super delicious and a really fresh change of pace from some of the other eateries in the area. I usually try to order from them during my WFH lunch break. Support local Minneapolis businesses! :-D

Keegan Bunker

Great tasting homemade sandwich! They grow their own jalapeno peppers too, which was a great addition to what I got! Super friendly, will definitely be coming back soon.

Keegan Bunker

Great sandwich, if you're looking for a good lunch spot this is your place! Homemade ingredients make a great touch, and they were super friendly and gave some great recommendations. Will be coming back soon!

Rob Perez

This was the best sandwich I've had all year. The bread was made fresh right in front of me. The ricotta was the smoothest, creamiest greatness I've maybe ever had. It was filled with healthy greens and a savory prosciutto. I only ate half because it was so large. It felt like I stumbled into a Brooklyn gem that only New Yorkers get to enjoy. But no. It's right here on Eat Street. What an incredible FIND.

Niki Garrett

Amazing flatbread! Definitely would order again.

Gita B.

What an incredibly unique take on a sandwich. It's kind of like a low carb calzone with a mix of sandwich and pizza ingredients. I had the sandwich with arugula, prosciutto and tomato. And obviously ricotta :) I had leftovers and heated up the sandwich ever so slightly, which really brought out the flavors and made it very tasty! For location, it's a little hard to find. There is a parking lot off the alley way. Drive by slowly! I definitely recommend a visit!

Melissa D.

So good! We chatted with the owner Paige whole she was making our food (from scratch!) we also tried the soup of the day (tomato) and that was fresh and delicious as well. There's only a little space to sit and eat, and you will probably end up wearing quite a bit on your face - but we'll be back again and again!!

Peter Simon

The best spot for lunch in Minneapolis. Good portions that don't bog me down for the afternoon.

Mark C. McCahon

Very taste Sandwich! Had the Garlic chicken, lots of flavor. The ricotta cheese was amazing! Brian, one of the owners very friendly fellow. Thanks for the wonderful lunch.

Anita T.

As someone who doesn't really eat sandwiches on the daily or ricotta for that matter. Zetta's is life AND game changing! Who knew just combining the simple staples would be so absolutely delicious? I've tried three different sammys, and out of all of them - my #1 favorite would definitely have to be the number eight. It's got the ricotta (obvi), pepperoni, pesto, honey, and greens. Major flavor and texture explosion here! Ya got creamy, salty, sweet, and crunchy! There's just something about savory and sweet food pairings wrapped up in a luxurious coat of creamy ricotta that makes it so magical. Not to mention, it's all freshly made and the portions are massive. That's right, MASSIVE. I'm telling you - this can definitely be split into two or three meals and all for $10?! DAMN. Totally worth it IMO. Now don't go wild and inhale all of this in one sitting. I mean definitely inhale it, but also SLOW. DOWN. I'm serious. As much as one would want this in their belly like ASAP. This will probs land you in a sleepy state, maybe in a coma, or six feet in the ground. JK but I gotta admit, it's so delicious that it's probably worth the trouble. Also don't worry my lactose-intolerant friends, there is a cute lil heart shaped dish filled with lactaid so you too, can experience the joy of ricotta and have it as a treat. Ricotta for all! Tucked away in the old evergreen building with metropcs. Ya can't miss it or can you? It's quite honestly the cutest lil stinkin' shop you'll ever set foot in plus the owner is a sweetie! Come thru, have a somewhat original sammy, and sneak a pic for the 'gram!

Kelly D.

As always, Zettas is a gem! I absolutely adore this place and the owners! I can't wait for summer and that outdoor patio! I usually get the #2 (ricotta, honey, rosemary) and add prosciutto. Today I tried the Garlic Chicken special and it is now my absolute favorite! I heard a rumor that these folx are opening a Bar in NE soon! Can't wait to check it out!

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