2424 Nicollet Ave Suite B, Minneapolis

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if heaven is real, it's somewhere off Nicollet ave, next to the wedge table. and they have great sandwiches. god is a woman.

Heather Wilebski

Believe the hype. So dang good! The #7 was perfection. Large enough to save half for later but of course I ate it all.

Zining Mok

Reliably delicious! I love the rotation of specials they've got. Portions are generous too!

Jordan A. Harris

This place is LEGIT. The owner was so nice and cool and gave me great recommendations of what to do in town. She also HANDMADE the flatbread for my sandwich in front of me and told me about how she also makes fresh ricotta and pesto every day. One of the best sandwiches of my life; totally indulgent because of the bread and cheese but also healthy-ish because they put like a full pound of arugula on there. Plus, homemade dough and cheese has to be better for you than the ultra processed stuff that other places are selling, right?? Do yourself a favor and go check this place out, you won?t be disappointed!

Nina M.

Absolutely delicious. I had the #6, ricotta, bacon, tomato jam and arugula. I was surprised at how satisfying this sandwich was. It's huge, but the flatbread is pretty thin, somewhere between a tortilla and a pita, so it wasn't overly filling. Lovely service, well priced and a perfect lunch for a cool fall afternoon. I'll be back! I can't wait to try the pickled mustard seed sandwich next.

Andrea S.

These sandwiches are magical. The bread is soft, pillowy, and will melt in your mouth, like a cross between a crepe and Indian roti, and the freshly made ricotta is delicious. I highly recommend the #2! Zettas is a wonderful addition to Eat Street.

Nick S.

This is really an essential little place to check out.. (There's certainly nothing else like it in the Twin Cities.) The texture of the flatbread alone makes it one of the most appealing I've ever tasted, and the fact that they make their own Ricotta is super cool. My favorite so far is sandwich #6 with the tomato jam and ridiculously good bacon. My wife just tried the current Special with the garlic chicken, and she was basically freaking out over it. Overall, amazing addition to Minneapolis' culinary scene.

Noah S.

So good! I live right behind this place and have never tried it until today. Not sure what I was waiting for but will definitely be going back. I had a #2 (ricotta, honey, rosemary). Great lunch at a great price. It was made fresh when I ordered it, which took a couple of minutes but was well worth it. Small place, but there is both inside and outside seating. Just me and one other customer on a Saturday right at open time. A few others wandered in as I was leaving.

Daniel Beckius

Wow! Such a quaint wonderful sandwich shop! So Delicious! I recommend EVERYTHING!!

Lauren C.

Zettas is a special lil treat hiding in a tiny strip mall in the shadow of The Wedge on eat street. Tiny and unassuming, the shop's white-tiled walls reflecting strips of pink neon lights make a sweet background for your food pics. It's all counter seating, save for one table outside in the non-winter seasons. The menu is concise and they've ensured you can't make a wrong choice. The staff offers delightful banter as you debate which oversized flatbread you'll soon be stuffing into your face. Prices are on point. You'll be pleased by the plumpness of your flatbread; the bread itself is thin, crisp around the edges and soft everywhere else, barely holding in the piles of soft ricotta, what seems like a full bag of spring greens, and whichever tasty extras you opted for. You can eat the whole thing without feeling guilty as the ingredients feel fresh and light, though we found ourselves full after half. Could definitely share one between two people. Zettas is a great example of the tiny eateries in Minneapolis that deserve great success and much acclaim.

Dan Juola

Great sandwiches! Really worth stopping by!

Michael M.

Really tiny joint, but the flatbread sandwich was great, if a bit messy. Plus it was way bigger than you'd expect for $8.

Adie Gorney

Great fresh sandwiches. great ingredients. very generous with the greens, which is awesome. Simple but solid atmosphere. the person staffing was friendly and conversational. patio seating perfect for the summertime.

Benjamin Stroebel

This place is no-frills but incredibly high quality! Their house made ricotta and flatbread are delicious, and they assemble them into some really delightful sandwiches along with other insightfully paired ingredients.

Will S.

This place is very, very, very good. My wife and I were sitting in the hospital with our brand new baby girl looking for dinner options and this popped up. My sister and brother in law grabbed it and brought it to the hospital and we were all very pleasantly surprised, as none of us had heard of or been here here before. The ingredient were all VERY fresh tasting and the ricotta is to die for. Eat here before the line is 3 hours long!

Daniel DooGood

Honestly one of my favorite â??somewhat originalâ? flatbread sandwiches. Always fresh and always tasty. Such a fun spot.

Julia M.

Delicious. Big yummy Italian flatbread sandwiches with fresh ricotta. Definitely big enough to share so you save room for the strawberry-donut glaze flatbread dessert. Will be missing this when I go back to Southern California.

N P.

Really cute spot! In a weirdo lil strip mall which adds to the charm. Food is delicious, and HUGE. Truly did not expect so much food, you can definitely share with another person. Delicious food and a great spot to have a quick bite with friends

Jane D.

These things are really good! Huge and messy to eat. Tiny little shop in a strip mall. We watched her cook the fresh dough on the skillet and fill with yummy stuff.

Steve B.

Stopped by Zettas for lunch today. I had heard nothing but glowing reviews from friends, and I was not at all disappointed. I had the #7: flatbread with fresh ricotta, oil, bacon, tomato, arugula, pickled mustard seed, then added pickled jalapeños at the suggestion of the person working. I was blown away the thin but sturdy flatbread, fresh ingredients, and generous portions. The fresh ricotta was a highlight: it's slathered thought the flatbread and brings a fresh, bright tanginess to each bite. The person working was friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt. I will definitely be back! (Note: I didn't take a picture because I devoured it immediately)

Sarah L.

10/10 paninis!!!!!! We went here on a whim to grab a bite while apartment hunting, and I'm SO GLAD WE DID. This is the best quick meal I've had in months, healthy/fresh/REAL and they have something for everyone (I'm a super picky eater). We'll definitely be frequenting here as soon as we move :) just as a heads up it may be a bit hard to find, but don't give up! It's well worth it!

Bret Kitchell

Nice people and good, unique food. Definitely check it out.

Megan W.

My husband and I are both vegetarian and finding a good vegetarian sandwich type place is always exciting. The hours are somewhat limited (mostly weekday lunch and early supper hours) so it took us awhile to make the trip, but we finally made it! I loved the fresh ingredients and they have some really tasty combinations. It was awesome to watch them roll the fresh dough to bake right there! The sandwiches were very good, but we both felt like there was room for it be even better. Since we had the wraps without meat, the ricotta seemed to need a bit of sea salt. The ricotta was also quite cold which made the fresh bread quickly cool off. Overall, we really enjoyed the food and were impressed by the fresh ingredients.

Joe Allen

Super delicious, light, fresh, savory. Get the pickled peppers on the arugula/balsamic combination. Definitely gonna come back and try some of the meat combos or that dessert option

Robert Bayer

Fantastic food and quick service.. Much needed on eat street. They know exactly how to operate.

Morgen Chang

Had the #2 (rosemary+ricotta+honey) and ate it while walking down the street. Crispy, warm, delicious! Comes in a little packet that feels very like European street food. A nice stop along Nicollet.

Jay Z.

I've walked by this place various times, and decided I'd finally venture in. Their sidewalk sign caught me on a day I was craving pepperoni, tho I didn't want a slice of pizza. As soon as I walked into their space, my mouth started to salivate at the smell of fresh tomatoes, which is used to make one of their spreads. I opted to get number 4, which has pepperoni and oh my goodness... tricotta! The service was friendly and quick, and the food delicious! I'll for sure be back.

Megan Urness

SO GOOD! There are Vegetarian options and everything is fresh and healthy. I will definitely be visiting again. I had #3 with peppers and would recommend.

Nicholas Johnson

Stumbling upon this place made my day! There arenâ??t any places in the cities like it. I had the ricotta and honey with added prosciutto and savored every bite. The staff was hospitable and friendly. The prices are more than reasonable for the quality! They make the ricotta and flatbread themselves. A must try on eat street.

Katie Copan

I tried the Number Two (ricotta, rosemary and honey) for an affordable $5. Homemade ricotta on homemade flatbread, which was cooked to order (they make their own dough every day). SO GOOD. Friendly staff, efficient little storefront and a wonderful addition to Eat Street. I can't wait to walk there more often in the summer!

Justin W.

Great food and great people. You can tell the sandwiches are made with love and homemade ingredients.

Grant Postier

Honestly the best and tastiest flatbread I have ever tasted. Spreads are all phenomenal and the home made ricotta is spot on.

Elizabeth R.

Such good flatbread (piada-esque?) sammies here, y'all! FYI, their Instagram indicates they'll be closed until January due to the holidays. When I inquired, it's because 2/3 of the owners are out of town, so that makes sense. They're considering the first few weeks a "soft open," so more to come in January! Anyway, onto the food that you can't get until January (sorrrrry). I stopped in here for some nourishment on my way to entertain a friend's cat (said friend is traveling). I went with their most expensive sammy, the Number Five ($9). It includes the HOUSE-MADE ricotta (it's so good!), prosciutto, tomato, arugula, and HOUSE-MADE, NUT-FREE pesto. The balance of flavors in this sammy was p e r f e c t. I loved every bite of it! The pesto is really good despite the lack of pine nuts, and it blends very well with the ricotta and arugula. I was told this is one of their best sellers, and I see why. The flatbread sammy size is pretty large--I definitely felt like I had enough for two meals rather than one. For $9, that's not a shabby deal. This is a takeout only place--no seating at all. This has a very limited lot (like, five spaces) behind the building. For those of you that remember Evergreen, it's located above that space. Street parking is...well, Eat Street. Good luck! I'm looking forward to stopping in again and trying Numbers One through Four!

Kyle G.

Fresh spin on sandwiches. The BLT special was killer! Fresh ricotta, thick cut bacon and tomato jam. One of my favorite new spots on eat street!