Dairy Queen (Treat)

16 E 66th St, Richfield
(612) 861-6151

Recent Reviews

Michael Brouillette

Fast cold and delicious on a 98degree day

OneCrazy MotherDucker

The staff was super friendly and professional even during COVID. They were masks and gloves and wiped down the cover of the ice cream cake I was buying.

Daniel Reynolds

I'm never one to complain seeing as I've worked in the food industry, but my last visit was extremely unsatisfactory both in terms of customer service as well as the food itself. A couple of days ago I ordered two blizzards (chocolate extreme and banana split) from this location, and they had zero chunks in them (the brownie, cookie dough, banana and pineapple chunks that should be present). They were essentially straight ice cream that costed $12 total. I nicely asked the workers to either add some more of the toppings or to remake them, explaining to them that every blizzard I've ever ordered has come with significantly more toppings in it. They got really annoyed with me and tried to tell me that the chunks get blended in (?) and that they were in each blizzard. It was as if they didn't believe me. I even handed them the blizzards so that they could dig through to look for chunks (they found none, no surprise). Also, chunks don't just disappear when you blend a blizzard, they'd still be visible. They reluctantly remade my order but nothing was different. There were still next to no chunks in each blizzard. At this point it wasn't even worth asking them to remake it again. Very disappointed, and a wasted $12.

Amy Andrusko

The people working here over the years are always very friendly and fast at getting out orders

Hoa N.

COV-ID 19 break from the day to take the kiddos for a nice bike ride to this DQ to enjoy the beautiful weather. The staff were friendly and prompt service! Social distancing at it's best for you pandemic. Glad we were able to order at the window and not have to go into a building got some ice cream. Great ride from our house and good workout too!

Toni Jones

After all these years it is still the best ice cream in town.

Robin N Jacobson

Chocolate Ice Cream machine down. Plenty of staff on duty. Was super buzy got a pup cup for the dog for the walk home.

Jessica Leckel

I really love this Dairy Queen because they care about you enjoying your treats more than if they can make a few extra bucks off you. I asked for a Pup Cup and they gave me a perfect amount of ice cream for the more than perfect price

Dave Urbik

I stopped by to get a gift card for my manager who is leaving for another location. I was pleased to find out that you can put any amount on a gift card of your choosing. Also decided since I was there to get a wild berry pie blizzard, which ended up being even more pleasant than I expected it to be!

CODMaster Gaming

Good prices for good ice cream

Alfreda Boles

I will always go to Dairy Queen been going here so long. I hope you never close down, I love coming getting a banana split.

Nariah Henderson

Can't go wrong here! lol

Therese Linderholm

I had my first ever visit here on a warm September day. The staff was so nice, my hot dog was perfectly warm and the hot fudge sunday was a great treat. You can tell the people who own it care about the people who go there.

Nani Davis

Can't go wrong here! lol

Blaque Queen

Staff was cool. Enjoyed my visit to this location.

Dwayne Hampton

Ice cream and cake and cake! Make a quick stop and pick up a cold treat or a loaded hotdog amongst other things to enjoy

Bryan Barth

Good place for a nice cold treat

Phillip McWilliams

Nothing like a nice cold DQ Freeze to cool off after a long walk. Richfield is such a great place to live.

Saynab Ali

Nace people working this place love😘

Andrew Blanford

Good DQ. No longer have Snickers Blizzards. ☹

Pod Castro

Ice cream is ice cream my dudes. As long as you're there for ice cream it's pretty good

Mr. Neo

Need bigger blizzards. Yes Mike bigger one's please.

Livy E

Ice cream is great!

Curt Wieman

Go visit with Mike and Vickie, food is wonderful and your favorite dairy queen treat. I will be up soon.

Marvin Hackley

Like Dairy Queen treats. Minimal parking. Long lines on hot summer days. Nostalgic of Dairy Queens of 50's and childhood.

Telsie P

Best Icecream goes with great customer service😉

Alisa Lockman

Hit the spot on the warm spring day. Staff was great.

Hmong vang

Love this place. They are so nice and great customer service. Come here all the time!

Somaly Riebe

The staff were not that friendly, but the ice cream is good. It's a little small. Barely any space to park.

Joy Mattson

Love their soft serve! Alone or with toppings...

Drew Gibson

Love ice cream

Michael Peterson

Very kind staff, went on 7/10/18 amidst the construction. Love the walk up aspect! Will be back.

Kristen Wollin

Great service. Staff is very friendly.

Ashley H.

The new owner is great. All of my extras I asked for three out my whole order he let me know how I was no problem. I live service where they keep asking what else they can do for you. My chili dog with extra chili regular cheese and small banana milk shake with a whole banana was great. Prefect even.

Ceaira C.

These people and this location were so wonderful to me.. I ordered food to get before work but they make them to order which means since I ordered more than two it took a little bit to cook. I was gonna be late for work which was in no way their fault and couldn't wait for my food. I came back on my lunch break and they acted like it was their fault and made my food fresh and even gave me some coupons.. it was my fault people but what a way to run a location and make my day. Thank you.

Roberta Mckinny

Iam glad they're trying to be open in the winter I love ice cream Blizzards.

BMHD Winner

Wonderful new owners, so friendly and happy. Wish I could go there daily!

Brittney P.

Wonderful new management!!! Love them- Mike and Vickie are the best, love going there and would recommend it to everyone

Bill Markham

Great service from new owners. Will stop again for sure!

Fat Mollese

Still waiting...still waiting....still waiting. Those darn kids will get off their phones and actual work one of these days...still waiting