Papa John's Pizza

740 W 78th St, Richfield
(612) 861-5150

Recent Reviews

Daisy y LaLo Gee

Called to make a modification on my order, and person who answered was so rude!! Need better customer service!

Luther Garner

I ordered a pizza twice and they sent me the wrong pizza twice and when I called to complain about it Tiffany the Manager there hung up on me multiple times.. I ask for a refund or credit and she kept hanging up on me... I order there all the time I never been treated like this , I always order the same pizza never had a problem.. Tiffany was very rude and unprofessional and I never received any type of credit...

chris calloway

Talked to Joey low over 8 stores in concord nc and when I asked to put a complaint in to his supervisor about the call center he hung up on me. I have lived in the same place for over 15 years and been ordering from the same Pappas John's never been so disrespected never will call them again. They just lost my business due to Mr low.

coffee grounds

Jesse is the man! Greatest delivery driver ever!

Anthony Ball

Driver Left my food at the wrong apartment and the driver told me I gave them the wrong address. Had to walk to another apartment to get my food and sure enough, I gave them the right address. Tough.

Ty Bernard

Third time ordering, and this time I ordered the chicken bites. They are worse than McDonald's nuggets. Didn't even eat all of them. And had it delivered this time, and was cold. And payed 30 dollars for pizza and nuggets. TOTALLY not worth it.

Supreme 90s

it's 11:42 and could not take my order and y'all close at 12:00?? ?

Jason H.

OMG - I literally can't believe how bad this food was....the Custom Pizza I ordered tasted like crap ...but literally the so called "jalapeño poppers" tasted like masking tape inside of duct tape. It literally has no flavor....I can't describe how bad of sucked.I've bought better jalapeño poppers from Target for $1.79 that a hundred times better than this incredible crap .The same girl at same location was literally a bitch that abused ME and cursed me out for complaining!!!DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM HERE IF YOU WANT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE & Somewhat edible, good tasting food ....this was garbage through and through/ you're better off going to a Gas Station ....THE WORST FOOD ON THE PLANET!

Bridget Littlefield

The young lady that works in here named Tiffanie always has a great bubbly attitude. I enjoy coming here to get my Pizza

Harry Enoch

It’s papa johns what more do you need to know. I have had no issues as of yet.

Dante Skaramanga

No Facemasks! I went to go pick up my pizza and literally watched someone cough all over my pizza! The cashier was horribly rude and told me I would be charged with it no matter what!! I can't believe what I saw at this place! Wow!

Dave Halgren

Free pizza if your homeless depends on there availability for you

Fili Segura

good prices. good pizza

Erik L

None of the employees were wearing masks or Personal Protection Equipment including their drivers. I wouldnt recommend this place until Covid-19 is cured.


This is review for the Richfield location. I generally go to this particular papa johns. I have always been greeted by this African American lady , I do not know her name. May be she is the store manager. She makes you feel welcome in the shop and always have a great smile. Prepares your order really well, does not mess up your order. My family appreciates the quality of pizza and the great customer service. These things make difference for me.

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