Chili's Grill & Bar

1840 County Road B2 W, Roseville
(651) 633-7718

Recent Reviews

Pete Devora

I enjoyed our rare visit. Cool breeze in back booth, but server quickly moved us. The 3 dips were great. I liked the friend thought the burger was greasy..I thought juicy...we'll go back again....Food: 4/5

Kathy Duclos

Veterans day so place was very busy. But our waitress clocked in early just to help out and she was terrific, as was the host. Food wS good. Ordered margaritas and they are 2 for 1 all day. Nice surprise. Great variety of flavors.Food: 5/5

Kellee Woods

Not sure about the food. I went in on a Sunday at 2:30, they said I had to wait about 10 mins or so to be seated. There wasn't many people there so I figured low staff, no problem. While waiting I noticed the floor in entryway was not clean, food smashed etc on it. Thinking to myself, if they can't seat me, and keep their restaurant clean where their customers are, what does that kitchen look like and how long for food? I left.

Paul Barber

Slow service. Ended up leaving before ordering since it was taking too long.

Heu Pao Moua

It was a good experience. Food was good. Took a little while to get our food so I'd say... service was ok.

Michael Miceli

I got a nice strong drink at the bar, while waiting for 2-go food. Bartender was great, atmosphere was mid day, so no crowds.Really enjoyed the egg rolls and salad. Good prices, good amounts of food

Catherine Brine

We are typically huge fans of this location and stop every couple months when we are in the area. Today, we stopped in for an early dinner and it was a cluster-f. They only had one young server on. Totally not his fault for having to run around and do everything. We’ve all been there…We had a long wait for food. They were out of just about every beer they typically have on tap. And the obviously new and overwhelmed server had no help.Props to the new guy, but could definitely have used a manager or some help with his tables/bar service.

Dominik D.

I was actually pretty surprised. It feels like it's a step above other Chili's, as far as food quality goes. It's located in the shopping plaza with the Hobby Lobby.

Kurt Thompson

I usually don't give a bad review of restaurants but I have to say going into this Chili's restaurant was not a good idea. We got seated in an area that didn't have anyone. No silverware and the wait staff were standing around in the back area yapping away. Sat there about 10 mins and nobody even offered us a glass of water or acknowledged us. They obviously are making enough money this location must not need our business. We left. The person that seated us just half smiled and never even asked us if anything was wrong. Ta Ta!

Yawo Bedi

I just wanna know why then changed the vibe so hardcore! It’s crazy lost in here I have no idea who’s house I’m at lol I mean hello is this a restaurant or a basement at someone’s fish house in Atlanta

Denise Thales

Will never go back! First appearance noted a very dirty floor, then got seated a a booth that seriously half of the booth seat was tore up with white stuffing showing through. There was maybe 10 people in the place but yet they choose to seat us here…..then after being there for about 20 minutes was told there stove broke down and they had limited menu. I think there is more thank just a broken stove! Expected better from a Roseville location. We were not the only customers that walked out.

Kinlie T.

We had a nice waiter but it was really dirty in there. Garbage all over the floor and flys everywhere.

Simon Jones

Was great the food was fast, hot and goooood. The servers were also right on the mark gets a double thumbs up from me and hunter'd recommend it to anyone

Joe Haupt

We haven't dined at Chili's for some time so we didn't know what to expect. As it turns out, our dinner on Sunday night was excellent with great food and service. The only glitch was with the little electronic device on our table. Using it was a hassle, and we will avoid using it on future visits. The food was prepared well. We had the 6-ounce sirloin with asparagus ($15.99), the Santa Fe Chicken Salad ($12.99), the Presidente Maragrita ($8.99) and Chips and Salsa ($5.99).

Simon Jones

service was great and so was the food,. A new server had started that day she was great, chatty, friendly and had an experienced server and he was excellent so all round brilliant experience

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