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2575 Fairview Ave N Suite 1, Roseville
(651) 633-4981

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Our family had a great meal after the funeral service in Minneapolis. The food, staff, venue was just what we needed.. I can't recommend this restaurant enough. And the gradations of spicyness in the dishes was well appreciated to accommodate all of our tastes.


I taught English in Thailand, so whenever I spot a Thai resteraunt, I am ready to go. I was on my way to another resteraunt when I spotted Lisu's. I didn't hesitate to change my plans. I'm very happy with my decision.The first thing you should know is that almost all of the Thai resteraunts in the Midwest are operated by Laotian/Vietnamese. The recipes are Thai, but there is a definate Hmong influence on the cooking style.Lisu's is almost hidden in a stripmall next to a Petco. Limited parking. The inside is very clean and spacious. I was greeted right away, seated, and given water with lots of ice. The menu was a take-out trifold on white paper, which made me nervous. There was also a single page laminated Lunch special menu. The lunch menu items were with tofu or chicken only, the serving size smaller than regular menu items.I started with a Thai iced coffee and some chicken satay. The coffee was a little bitter, but it grew on me fast. I ordered a second one with the dessert course. The satay was standard, but the peanut sauce was thick and wonderful, not too sweet. I tried the regular Pad Thai with pork, and lunch special Masman curry with peanut (chicken). I selected medium for spice level.I always check the bathrooms when I dine out, and this was a delight. The strip mall shares an inner corridor and public bathrooms are available. Very close to the resteraunt door. The bathroom was very clean and well stocked, which is rare for Asian resteraunts.The food was not served at medium spice. It was much spicier than it's peers in the midwest. The taste was very good though, texture good. Once I got acclimated to the increased heat from the spice, I really got into it. Possibly the best curry I ever tasted.The server was very quick to get me the check but also adamant that I take my time and enjoy. She never asked if I wanted another drink or dessert, which cost them a star. I flagged down another server and ordered sticky rice with mango. It was served too hot; I almost burned my tongue. Had I been warned, there would be no issue. Once it cooled, it was very tasty.I should mention there is a sign on the door stating credit card transactions will be charged a fee. I had no issue with this as I was notified ahead of time.Overall this place has a lot of potential. New menus, adjusted spice level, and better follow up after the initial order is all they need.

Beth-Alison Berggren

Delicious! Flavors were so wonderful. Very large portions and staff was lovely.


All the Thai food tasted great.Orange chicken is 90% deep fried breeding, very greasy - do not recommend.

Alyssa Breu

My favorite Thai spot in all of the metro and then some. We drive down from Nowthen to eat here. Its 40 min! Worth it. I indulge in the chicken curry every time, excellent flavor and spice. The cream cheese wontons are the best I’ve ever had. Sweet sticky mango rice is the bomb dot com and my 5 year old loves the pad Thai (I do to!). Spicy 3 is excellent and spicy 4 is fire! I love the staff here, atmosphere and food is worth the trip.


I really enjoyed my meal of fresh spring roll and green curry. The flavor and freshness of both were excellent. My friend enjoyed her choices as well. Service was maybe off a little bit, but it was a decent experience.

Stacy Yang

Cute little restaurant with huge Thai flavors! This was my first time here (Roseville location), but I'm rating and reviewing now because I live in the south metro and know I won't be in the Roseville area often.Fresh Spring Rolls (not pictured): good standard spring roll ingredients.Spicy Fried Chicken Wings: these were AMAZING! A big hit at our table. I don't know if they make their chili oil in-house, but coating the fried chicken in this oil, it's freaking spicy, just how I love it!!! If you're not a spicy person, ask for the chili on the side.Pad Thai (brother had beef, I had chicken): good standard pad Thai noodles and flavor.Basil Fried Rice with beef: really good fried rice! The Thai basil really comes through with aroma and flavor.Curry Fried Rice with chicken: good fried rice with subtle curry flavor. Not overpowering with curry spice, which was liked by the table.Rice Noodle Soup (basically Thai version of Pho): gosh, this bowl of soup was delicious! They forgot my order for this one, so I had to flag our waiter, then wait 15min for them to prepare. Came out with piping hot broth, condiments, bean sprouts, Thai basil and lime. The beef broth is definitely homemade with it's sweet and savory flavors, with a little thickness to it almost. This seems to be a standard bowl with plenty of thin beef slices and really big beef balls (no tendons/tripe here, which is fine for me). With this bowl, I believe I tasted specs of fried garlic or onions, which I love as well. (Added sriracha, hoisin and more chili oil to taste.) Worth the 15min wait.Service: greeted and seated right away. Very polite and attentive. Although they missed the pho, they quickly resolved it and the pho came out great. Gave us two boxes for leftovers, which was plenty for my other brother to eat when he got home from work.Overall food and tip was about $83. I would visit and try other items next time! It was a delicious meal with my siblings. Thank you everyone at Lisu's Thai Taste! We really appreciate your time to make our bellies full and hope to see you again!

Susan Polfliet

This is our second time dining at Lisu's Thai Taste. Today our entrees were Chicken Pad Thai and Chicken Green Curry. Both were prepared to perfection with leftovers that will be enjoyed later. Their vegetable spring rolls were delicious and light. I would highly recommend this charming restaurant for dine in or take out. The staff were very welcoming and knowledgeable about our choices and we will definitely continue to dine here in the near future.

Mark Levdahl

Oh, my goodness! Certainly the best Thai food we've had in years. Fresh Spring/Summer rolls with unique flavor, fabulous Drunken Noodles and excellent Thai Iced Tea. Friendly staff and modest but comfortable dining room.

Rene Nelson

This restaurant is super SUPER good! The food is amazing and they have great prices for big servings! Both meals that we chose tasted AMAZING. Definitely a must try!

Nayan Garg

Such nice flavors..tried the khow soey noodle soup, veggie rolls and thai red curry.. everything was amazing

Nicole Soboleski

This place is wonderful! True Thai food with an offering of authentic Thai drinks and deserts. I fell in love with the wonton fried shrimps! And the house sweet and sour sauce is delish!! The staff / owner is grateful for all business and puts so much TLC into the details and making customers happy.

Shahrin Shabnam Upoma

We went to this place based on the reviews. The service was fast. We were greeted and seated by the server. Food didn’t take long to serve. Tasted good as well. However, I am taking one star off because of the pad thai. The noodles were broken, kinda mushy/overcooked and not pad thai-e at all! Cheese wontons and the beef salad was good, salad was a bit salty for my taste.Food: 3/5Service: 4/5Ambiance: 4/5Cleanliness: 4/5

Daisy BF

Would recommend, have been there several times, always delicious food, nice atmosphere and service. I Went there today for lunch and had the Red Chicken Curry and Vegetable Egg Rolls. I want to try everything on the menu!

Perrie Heitler

just came back with an order of beef Pad Thai which we have ordered many times before. This was so subpar, soggy noodles no taste in the sauce. Looked totally different. Very little meat.

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