2339 Fairview Ave N, Roseville
(651) 255-3344

Recent Reviews

Spike Loomis

Service was great,but the sandwich was not so good.

Madi Jacobson

Decent spot for a quality sub.

Mark Mathews

This location seems to be a bit better than some of the other locations.

Philip Seleskie

A middle aged lady working at making sandwiches would not allow me to sub bacon for turkey. Extra turkey extra money is what she said. They are both proteins and are included in the turkey bacon guacamole. She should realize that her not performing a simple substitution for a meat due to someone not liking pork is bad customer service. She then sort of laughed at me when I questioned her reasoning. "We don't do that here". Pretty good reason I suppose. If you want to get charged extra for something included go here.

Azu Dash

Great staff, awesome service, good food

Matthew Croft

good sandwich, also the employees are just really nice


Good cheesy bread. But old and bad quality meat, onion, and tomato.

mike gensmer

Food is amazing but the young girl working was rude and never greeted us and was super rude with ordering. Smile once in a while it goes a long way.

Cpt Weeoo

The chipotle steak has no taste. The meat appeared to be roast beef soaked in something. Will not return

Joey Harvey

I hadn't been to Quiznos in over 10 years. Even better than I remembered.

Will Knight

Service was fast enough, but they cut my sandwich so carelessly it borders malice.

Elizabeth Mathers

I came here for the first time at the ripe old age of 29. The scary singing mascots put me off for 20 years... [or however old the Internet is]. They made me a big tasty sub to quell the rage within me. So, a good first impression. I am looking forward to my next future sandwich.

fnaf fan101

I can't believe there still around!!!! I always loved Quiznos food so I wish they would put normal tomatoes on the sandwich. But great food and service.

Kenny T

Not that bad. Menu could be easier to see and read

Anthony Rombalski

Baja ? is the best sandwich in the ?

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