2339 Fairview Ave N, Roseville
(651) 255-3344

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Sarah Miller

Went here after a long day at work didn’t expect much until I got amazing customer service from young lady with red hair. I asked how it worked and she explained the process of ordering a sub! I was pleasantly surprised and ordered the Turkey Ranch and Swiss, and loaded tots! After ordering a different employee with short brown hair was cleaning up the restaurant and it looked very clean! While the other middle aged lady stocked the drinks and chips! It is rare to see people do there jobs these days but these three lady’s did amazing! Would definitely recommend and will come back soon!


Driver left food on the ground and didn't give me time to walk to the door to get it, unprofessional and very rude

Andy R.

I had an old favorite the other day for the first time in over a decade, the chicken carbonara sandwich. I ordered it with a drink and chips and to my complete and utter shock, the total was $20.13.The service was great, but the pricing means I'll never come back to Quiznos again.


This Quiznos sucks they did not give me my auju they charged me for another auju and only had a little bit of meat balls on one sub out of brownies and consumer service was horrible and very disrespectful and the workers at the store when called lied NOT HAPPY PIST OFF

Toy Lee

Every time I come here get my order RIGHT and when I call in on busy days they are very patience on the phone and still get my order RIGHT.

Jill N

The staff was so kind and accommodating. Good was great!!

Estefan Perez

This was my first visit here after a long day at work, never had Quiznos and wanted to give this place a chance and was open to having something new and not treating the place harshly, but that changed when I went inside, as the place was super dirty, tables had a ton of crumbs and there were even cockroaches scattering about along the floor. The workers there weren't any nice either, young lady was super moody and was coughing all over the food with no gloves on, while proceeding to wipe her nose and mouth with her hand that she never washed and made it seem like my girlfriend and I being there was an inconvenience, food was super sloppy and was terribly made at the end. When we both got to the end of the line to pay there was many extra hidden fees that we had to pay for, and ended up being $20 for a single small sandwich. Don't eat here, just go to Subway.

Tom Mancuso

$18 for a sandwich and water.She still put things on my sandwich after my asking to not. It was a complete mess to eat I didn’t even finish it. It just fell apart. She didn’t even really cut it in half so I had to manage that myself.I used to come here a lot. Quality has definitely fallen. Won’t be back to this location unfortunately.

Bonnie Johnson Dillon

One of our favorites

Lilacuity “Lily”

Young cashier with short hair was coughing on all of the food and not washing hands... overcharged for each meal, my partner had to pay almost $20 for what was originally $13. Go anywhere else! Be careful.

Callie Broughton

I did not have a very good experience at Quiznos the other day. There was no dressing in my small chef salad, my broccoli cheddar soup was clumpy and lukewarm, and my partner’s chicken carbonara sub was not very good as well. I would not recommend this restaurant over subway or jimmy johns.

Tray Henderson

Took my money online said it would be ready in 20 minutes got to the store and they were closed. Spent $35.50 and now I can’t even eat lunch because they took my money.

Caitlin Paulzine

Food was really good but the staff were not very friendly at all. And part of the order was wrong.

Tona Willand

I was so looking forward to my sandwich and then I tasted it. If you get a steak sandwich don't get that silly barbecue sauce that they automatically put on it, it just ruins it. They put a lot of sauce on their other sandwiches too. Get it light with the sauce.

Mario Aspinwall

Got Ripped off on over charging for meals.When politely brought to their attention, I was rudely confronted. Apparently exposing the sneaky extra charges, which is comparable to theft, is frowned upon by these owners. Do not buy from here.

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