Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

2420 Fairview Ave N, Roseville
(612) 217-6595

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Shea M.

Waited forever for food and staff was extremely rude. Watched the employee laughing and talking for 10 minutes and when we asked for our drinks she became annoyed and slammed the window. Horrible experience. Horrible customer service

Phoebe H.

Horrible experience. Saw multiple employees goofing off in back and having an attitude with customers with only two customers in the drive thru. The wait time was 15+ minutes and the employees acted liked they were slammed with orders when in reality the car in front of me had ordered one meal and I ordered one meal as well. The lady who was handling the drive thru orders was the rudest worker I have ever had encountered. I've worked in food for multiple years and have never witnessed this type of service. I am not a "Karen" and usually give the benefit of the doubt but watching an employee laughing with her co-workers and then slamming the window multiple times throughout my order is not acceptable. Very poor customer service.

Jose Hernandez

I went inside to order as the drive thru is always fully backed up. Though I order for dine-in, they gave me the order to-go. In hindsight, it was good this happened as the inside of the dining area was disgusting. Spilled drinks on the floor and some of the tables, and all the tables had food leftover specs on them. ALL of them. I've been to other Cane's locations that are equally busy, but are well maintained inside so I'm not sure what is going on with the Roseville Mall location, other than Management not doing their job.As for the food, despite this place being really busy at the time, the fries and chicken I was given were soggy and lukewarm. Never ordering at this location again.

Gabriel S.

Super nice staff who will make your order right. The food is always good here and they serve it fresh and hot. Clean sitting area and easy access from the roads. If you are looking for chicken whats not to love!

Erik Davis

This drive-thru took longer than any canes I have ever been to and the line wasn't even long. The girl taking my order could not figure out that after she told me they were out of honey mustard that I didn't want to be charged for an extra cane's sauce instead. They have also raised their prices on their menu which is understandable with inflation but what is not understandable is how their prices on their receipt do not match their prices on the drive-thru menu. The drive-thru menu says $10.99 for a box combo and they charged me $11.31 for it. After tax it ended up being $12.14. That's false advertising enjoy your one star.9/12/22 4:50pm

Sofie_ Brama10

this is the worst canes experience i’ve ever had. i payed for a 3 finger combo to get extra sauce, when i went to get the extra sauce not only did i not get it, but the bread was uncooked and the fries were old. and to just put a cherry on top we got cut off in the driveway twice. makes me mad when i really love canes and this is what i get. do better please.

Charley Rae King

Chicken strips only... they were fresh, tender, nice and hot. I am not a fan of the sauce. I wish they had a non breaded option or gluten free option. For my personal opinion, it is fine for those who want to eat only breaded boneless chicken strips.

August Dressel

Went here today for lunch and had a great meal, delicious sauce and chicken with decent fries and tasty sweet tea. I would like to say that inhave food poisoning now but I don't want to let that effect my review seeing as my girlfriend also had chicken there and did not get sick.

Warren J.

Oddly shaped tenders. One of which was so overcooked and chewy I literally could not eat it. Soggy toast. Undersalted fries. Raising Cane's is generally pretty good and extremely consistent. Our only visit to the Roseville location was a miss. Will certainly give them another chance however.

John C.

Consider me a Caniac. I've had chicken fingers before, but let me tell you: this was a completely new experience. Breathtaking. Crisp to perfection with a juicy, tender core. This chicken's a star. Fries are a little disappointing, but I'm personally not a crinkle cut fries fan. They could have benefited from some salt. BUT! Everything else was a dream. The Texas toast is out of this world -- fully convinces me that I don't need to go to that fascist state to get its culinary wonders. 10/10 would chicken again.

Mary Ann Silvano

We preordered 100 pcs of chicken strips for my child’s birthday party today. The order was hot and ready for pick up at the exact time. The food and packaging were great. Staff are friendly and very efficient. Our guests loved the chicken strips.

Rhonda G.

National chicken finger day got me here for a free finger for Caniacs. Some people like a late breakfast, I like an early lunch. I got the 3 finger box. I got it without sauce at the last minute and the manager was there and offered extra fries. The layout of this place is fantastic and it's the only one where I'll like eating in. The lot is an easy maneuver, not many can make that claim. The 3 finger box doesn't come with the wretched coleslaw. Corporate seriously needs to address that. I enjoyed the first booth at 10 AM. Even though I was relaxed, reading and took my time, I was in and out in a half hour. Amazing folks, this place deserves the ONE LOVE banner on the building.

Adriana G.

Raising canes is the favorite for chicken fingers! They're SO good and freshly made every time I order. The toast is really good here too. I like this location as it has a nice patio area where you can enjoy your meal!

Mark E.

Wow! I have never walked into a more welcoming and friendly restaurant. I want to thank every employee for greeting me with genuine smiles and truly making me feel at home. It was a wonderful first impression stepping into the restaurant for the very first time. The rest of my experience did not disappoint as my food order came very quickly and I couldn't wait to taste the food. The chicken was cooked to perfection with a crispy fried coating that contained an amazing juicy meat and the coleslaw was absolutely delicious. The crinkle cut fires were plentiful and I really thought the Texas toast was a nice touch. My entire experience was exceptional and I can't wait to come back.

Andrew P.

Chicken was tasty as always! Perfect combo with fries, slaw, and bread. Love me some Canes

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