Pannekoeken Huis

4995 Excelsior Blvd, St Louis Park
(952) 920-2120

Recent Reviews

Lauren Reed

had the special apple pancake and it was unlike any other pancake i've ever eaten, definitely would recommend ordering it!

Tobias Pasma

If you are looking for traditional Dutch pannekoeken, this really isn't it. It tasted good, but nothing special. Just a normal American breakfast place.

Quint Mayberry

My boyfriend and I without fail always eat here before we head out of town back home. The new building is beautiful and the food is still wonderful and always has the comfort food feel. I love there classic pannekoeken with a side of hash browns. Staff is warm and very good at what they do. I highly recommend trying it out, it hits the spot every time.

Jenni L.

Delicious food and friendly staff. It was soo tasty but couldn't finish such a large waffle. Stopping by again when on this side of town.


Apple pannekoeken with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream is amazing. BUT STAY AWAY FROM THE COFFEE. it tastes like the machine has never been washed. Very musty, and moldy tasting. However all the pannekoeken are amazing.

kara carlson

My husband's childhood favorite and it was just as awesome as he remembered it. Thank you for helping to bring back wonderful memories. We had the apple one and it was delicious. Our waitress was great too!

Joshua Olson

My party was satisfied with their meals. I had the triple berry pannekoeken and although I probably should have anticipated it, I was disappointed the fruit clearly came from a can. The pannekoeken itself was good tasting. If I went again I would order a different pannekoeken or something else entirely. We had excellent service from Natalie.

Mike M.

Been wanting to try for years but live in DC. Came up for a visit and the girlfriend brought me here. The atmosphere was very laid back not too much noise. Very comfortable environment. I ordered the diablo burger and let me tell you that first bite was just amazing. Just got better with every bite. I then ordered the triple berry Pannekoeken I can't even.... no words come to mind except phenomenal. Only left me craving more. Will be back every time I can make it to town. Highly recommend ,you will leave with a full belly!

Joshua Rogers

All around solid choice for breakfast. They leave a pot of coffee for you and the food is well priced and delicious. I have gone with my girlfriend many times during peak breakfast hours and we have never had to wait more than 2 minutes.

Travis Grundy

Had the morning free, so hubby and I had breakfast here. It great, decent coffee, fast service, and pretty quiet before 8am. Make sure that you pair one of the sweet pannekoeken with one that is savory, because the flavors can be intense.

D&N sister For life

Decent service, food was cool. The pancakes were good. Wouldn’t go out my way to visit again.

Nicholas Boerboom

Food is exceptional and so is the service. Always enjoy my time at this place. A highly recommend place to eat.

Trina Koning

Must try the pannekoeken, which is like a big stuffed crepe. So big sharing is a good idea. Incredibly delicious!

Brandon V

This place is a gem and I hope it stays open forever. This little dutch inspired eatery offers something you cant find anywhere else: a pannekoeken. Something that can be a breakfast meal or a dessert. The staff are great, the food is perfect and the atmosphere is comfy.

Nick W.

Pannekoeken is so fantastic. So tasty and sweet, it's a great treat every once and a while. The location closest to me closed down years ago and it was sad because of how good pannekoeken's are. Really wish they stay open

Mary T.

My introduction to pannekoeken (Dutch pancake) occurred when I lived in Rochester. There was a restaurant that served many varieties of pannekoeken. When your order was ready, the server would come to your table and yell, "Pannekoeken!" It was cool and different simultaneously. This restaurant has since relocated. I had flagged having lunch there after visiting the SPAM Museum on my recent trip, but my hunger pangs made me change my plans and I had lunch in Austin instead. I was shopping around Edina and drove around St. Louis Park afterwards. I noticed Pannekoeken Huis and did a double-take. It was like someone had read my mind -- that I was craving panneokoeken and this eatery magically popped up. I drove around the block to have lunch here. There is a decent number of parking spots here. I had no problem finding a spot pretty close to the main entrance. I walked in. An older gentleman greeted me. He got me a booth. I felt like I was one of the younger customers here. Most seemed to be retired. It was a Friday afternoon. My server came over. She was younger that everyone at this restaurant, so we fixed the age spectrum... haha! She was the sweetest person. She asked if I wanted anything to drink. I started off with a Diet Pepsi. She often checked on me and refilled my drink. I was strictly interested in getting a pannekoeken. There are also other items on the menu if you're not in the mood for a Dutch pancake. I ordered the traditional apple pannekoeken. It is by far my favourite, although I should branch out someday. My order came out fairly fast. I was ready to dig it. It comes with a pat of butter on top, which seals the deal. The apple pannekoeken is exactly how I remember it. It's not too sweet. It's flavourful. The apples are good. Not too sweet. Not too tart. It's Goldilocks perfect (yes, it's just right). The pancake it chewy as it should be. Simply delicious. I paid my server at the table with a credit card. All went well. I wished her a great day. The washrooms are behind where the greeter is. The women's washroom was clean. There are two sets of huge toilet paper rolls in each stall. One paper roll is on top of the other. You have the same deal with the hand driers. One is higher than the other, likely to suit your reach, which I liked. I had a great experience here. I look forward to coming back. Prices are pretty great, service is excellent, and the food was yummy. (30)

Jeff E

Really good coffee and I enjoy the French toast sandwich off the specials menu. Service has been good.

Deborah Carmichael

The Apple and Traditional Dutch pancakes are amazing! Love the mettewurst as well. Ventured out of the box for huevos rancheros and they were good too.

Kathy C

Although this is normally a favorite of our, and we drive around 22 miles to eat here, when we arrived today there was a sign on the door stating they closed due to weather (keep in mind, we just drove 22 miles, so the weather was not bad ... we live in MN). There were people inside. So we called. They informed us that they closed because it was "slow". While sitting in the parking lot trying to find another restaurant, 6 people tried to get in the door. They missed 8 customers in half hour. I recommend to ALWAYS call before coming.

Trina V.

First time here with a group of three and we were seated very quickly upon arrival at 10 AM. Service was quick and the servers were very friendly. We ordered the apple pannekoeken with sides of mettwurst (which is basically a sausage similar to kiolbassa, IMO) and bacon. I loved the Pannekoeken... very fluffy, just enough apples and cinnamon, and not overly sweet. You can also order ice cream on top of your pannekoeken as well. Overall, Pannekoeken Huis has a diner vibe with booth and table seats. There's a parking lot in front and there were definitely a lot of spots at 10 AM. It's a great breakfast spot, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me, but there are several omelets and other savory options as well. I would definitely come back again to try the other dishes.

Brandon Storkamp

I was hungry, found it by accident, I left full and satisfied. This place is really good. I can't believe I never found it sooner.

Kathleen Garza

Incredibly friendly staff, really tasty meals. We brought dessert home to eat later They were all outstanding.

Pam Beeson Preiss

Good solid food and very friendly staff

Alyana Haines

This has been the best experience and food I've had in years. The waitress KNEW what we would like AND explained the menu in a way we could understand.

Shirley Rowley

The food was excellent but the waiter was the worst l have explained. It was like we were not worth his time . Not good for your business.

Brady Burton

Delicious food and amazing service. Perfect breakfast location.

Geoff Eide

The service was awful. Our waiter lied to us as to why our food was taking forever and said a printer in the kitchen went down. The first time we got our food, it was a completely wrong order. Then, almost an hour after we had ordered, we finally got our food. We were ignored by our waiter until the very end of the meal.

Darin Routier

Awesome brunch Lots of options and very tasty sweets Big portions!!! Why order toast when your next option is a warm cinnamon roll....

Brittany Stevens

Pannekoeken has been one of my favorite breakfast spots since I was just a little girl! The food is always delicious, and hearing the wait staff yell, "Pannekoeken," when they deliver your food is fun!

Adria Sorensen

I love their banana cream pannekoeken with the vanila pudding they use. Their malts use fresh bananas. Their split pea soup is nice and thick. Their steaks are juicy...come with an appetite, because you will walk out of there stuffed from all the dandy food. : )

Richard Spyhalski

This the original Pannekoeken Huis recipes with readable prices. We enjoy our going there and there is a Half Price bookstore very near by.

Scott K.

Back in the twin cities for a wedding. I didn't even know if this restaurant still existed. It was a happy surprise that they did! Pretty much as I remember. Tasty and cozy. The Pannekoeken was a bit smaller than I remember but just as good. Wait staff was friendly and attentive. An excellent choice for any sleepy Minnesota morning!

Adria S.

Their split pea soup is wonderful and thick. Their steaks are tenderly tastey. Their malts are fresh with the bananas. Their banana cream pannekoeken with the vanilla pudding.... forget it... yum yum, and yum! Plan to go there with an appetite because you will be stuffed silly from such good food.

Jackie Heitz

our last visit was disappointing. my son who was 8 at the time ordered a plain hamburger off the kids menu. they brought him a burger with lettuce and tomato on it. of course now my picky eater won't eat it. when we asked about it we were told they dont have a hamburger just the California burger and it costs the same. So, we were lied to and charged twice the amount for the KIDS HAMBURGER from the kids menu. the waiter didn't seem to care we were unhappy with this and didn't offer to do anuthing for us. he was also very inattentive. we used to love going here but probably wont be back after our last visit.

Chris Lance

Delish potato pancakes! Savory yet perfect paired with applesauce. The server I had was friendly and attentive and my meal was prepped quickly.


We stopped in to check out this place for breakfast. None of us had eaten a pannekoeken before, so we just had to try one. We ordered a strawberry one to share and each of us ordered a separate meal. The pannekoeken was really good and tasted more like a dessert than breakfast. Who can complain about that?! The other breakfast entrees were good too, but I would highly recommend ordering a pannekoeken when you venture in. They have lots of flavors to choose from. I don't envy you in having to make that choice though...

Dennis Matteo

What unique place. Love it. Love the pannekoekens and metwurst.

Colette Small

they serve the best pancakes ever.

M Harper

Want a full meal with potential leftovers worth eating? This is the place to go for authentic Danish pancakes. I also had the Denver hash Browns and the were otherworldly delicious!

Kurt A.

My server was Manny and he was great. I am nervous about posting. This place has been around forever but I worry about it being discovered. Everything you want for a breakfast spot is here. Quite , no lines , and amazing food. I am hoping people continue to the two local hot spots and leave this gem alone. Ask for Mannie