Pannekoeken Huis

4995 Excelsior Blvd, St Louis Park
(952) 920-2120

Recent Reviews

Clare LaMont

Always fantastic service. Tina was polite, conscientious and prompt.


Loud and crouded atmosphere. The food was nice, although not "typically" Dutch.

Gary Lehman

Always excellent food and service. This place is so clean it's unbelievable. SPOTLESS!!!!

Pho Lee

First time at this place. The service and the food was really good. My daughter rated this an 8 out 10. She loved the Pannekoeken that we order. She order the power pancakes with bacon on the kids menu. She was full with no complaints. She also took my Cinnamon Bun. My wife order the sunny side up with bacon and sausages. She enjoyed it but she really enjoyed the Strawberry, Mango and blueberry Pannekoeken more. I got the Denver omelette with hash brown. We all agreed it was really perfect breakfast spot that we will come back to in the future.

Jenny Kemp

I love the pannekoekens! They are served hot and fresh with the best service.

Quinton Wells-johnson

Food was good, hot and fresh to order. Staff was quite friendly as well. Price is ok for what you get. Decently comfortable seats, and clean on the inside. Overall a pleasant visit, I would eat here again.

Cheryl E.

Dorothy Loonens review below is accurate. I walked in, was seated and walked out. Dirty entry, dirty booth... And watched the server clean a booth recently vacated. No spray, just a filthy and disgusting rag. So glad I got up and walked out. No apparent adherence to Covid restrictions.

Coffee Greg

Wow their open to serve you a great meal. Absolutely great food and fantastic service.

Dorothy Loonan

The gentleman I’m charge of seating spent an unusual amount of time in the kitchen near the food making process without a mask eating and drinking scratching his head with no regard for food hygiene. The booth that I sat in was filthy. No Covid 19 standards being met

James Ben Koehl

Best Shrepard pie ever. Just like a pot pie. Last page bottom right hand corner of the menu

Dani Thompson

Great food as usual. I had a rhubarb Pannekoeken and Andrew had a mettwurst and Gouda omelet. All employees wearing masks, I door and outdoor seating options.

Sheri Hernandez

Excellent service and even better food!!! my all time favorite breakfast place!!

Lauren Reed

had the special apple pancake and it was unlike any other pancake i've ever eaten, definitely would recommend ordering it!

Kym Avalos Maginn

Excellent service and delicious food! the Bananas Foster Pannekoek is phenomenal but they have lots of flavor combinations if you don't feel like dessert for breakfast.

Tobias Pasma

If you are looking for traditional Dutch pannekoeken, this really isn't it. It tasted good, but nothing special. Just a normal American breakfast place.

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