Roti Mediterranean Bowls. Salads. Pitas.

1620 Park Pl Blvd, Minneapolis
(952) 244-9722

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Molly F.

First time in. Awesome staff at the end of the night. They were incredibly accommodating, smiley and positive. They did a great job with me who is , unfortunately, a pretty annoying customer, asking for things on the side and extra sauce etc. (I am aware and working on it). The food was really good and lots of food for the price. Thanks!

Andrew Day

Catering order for 20 for backyard wedding. Food was accidentally not ready at pickup time.?The team however all scrambled and got the whole order ready in 20 minutes and I had everything back before the meal was served. Thanks for the hard work guys. Not sure what happened but perhaps a more streamlined system is needed to track catering order ?

Matt Stark

This place was great the first few times I had it. Recently they consistently don't include the pita in my order. I also just ordered a scheduled pickup for 6:30 and received an email saying it was being prepped at 6. Rather eat fresh food that hasn't been sitting out for 30 minutes.

Sima A.

Quick and easy "chipotle" style fast food Mediterranean food. Came here for a past workout meal since I was craving something healthy. Got the chicken harissa (per the staff recommendation, because it was more flavorful than the chicken roti) and it definitely was saucy :) love that they have cauliflower rice if you're looking for a lower carb option and not in the mood for a salad. Also love that they have unlimited toppings, but (maybe I missed it) I didn't see any hummus which was odd, would love to see that added to their topping and sauce options. They did have spicy feta which was great. The staff was super friendly and the portions were pretty big, couldn't even finish my whole bowl lol. The bowl also came with a small fluffy pita. All in all great if you're looking for a quick healthy meal.

Stacy A.

I love this location because everyone is always very friendly and it's clean. The only reason I am taking off one star is because I do not love the updated menu but I have adapted and found my new faves on the new menu. My favorite part is all of the delicious sauces, I love the red pepper sauce and the white yogurt sauce (especially together).

Aa Ason

Your sinks are broken, you're out of hand sanitizer by the door. Where am I supposed to wash my hands after going to the bathroom? An employee walked out of the bathroom with the broken sink, and went right back to work... The sink basin is bone dry, meaning there's no water at all.The staff was cold and distant when I was ordering, then downright rude when I requested a refund. I agree with the other reviews about the bad service.The location leaves much to be desired. Roti in DC are in vibrant walkable neighborhoods, but this location is just in a strip mall area. I don't know what they were thinking with that.

Ross Brandenburg

The staff here are some of the most friendly and welcoming people you will find at a restaurant. They are also very efficient and hard working.11/10 customer service.The falafel with green shug is the best in the realm

Sif Bacchus

Dear Roti Modern Mediterranean team,I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible service I received during my recent visit to your restaurant in St. Louis Park. From the moment I walked in, I was impressed by your amazing work ethic and dedication to providing exceptional customer service.Despite the long lines, your team was able to knock down wait times in mere minutes, which is a testament to your efficiency and commitment to making your customers happy. It was clear that everyone working there loves what they do, which made for a truly enjoyable dining experience.I also wanted to mention that your team deserves a better tipping system. The service I received was outstanding, and I would love to be able to show my appreciation through a more substantial tip. I hope this is something you can consider implementing in the future.Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to excellence. I will definitely be back soon and will recommend your restaurant to all my friends.

Katra Farah

I’m giving this place 5 stars thanks to Asma. I was welcomed with a bright smile. She was so kind, helpful and patient. I can be a picky and indecisive eater so if you give me options, it’s a hit or miss. The food is fresh are the portions are great. Thank you Asma for making my experience painless as possible! I’ll be back. Sam (manager), you have a great employee! Gem.

Confessions of Prakhar Mittal

The place is good, i got carried away with the name Roti thinking of it as Indian food fusion which it was not.I tried a pita bowl and a rice bowl with cauliflower rice.Food prep was super as its grab and go but taste for me was average.Might give it another try

Kendall D.

I love Roti so much that I wish the portions justified the price! Toppings are great- although the falafel is always quite soggy (cannot compare to Wally's) all in all if I'm busy a bowl is still pretty good and feels healthier than Chipotle.

Kal S.

One of my favorite counter service spot for a salad with a kick. They serve modern Mediterranean inspired salads plus pita bread. They have different bowl options and greens, the protein, then all the topping, and dressings which are more flavorful and spicy if you like that. I usually add humus (complimentary) and the red spicy sauce with the marinaded grill chicken. My friend got the salmon which was still tender. Wish we have more locations in the Twin Cities since the Edina location closed due to the covid shutdown.

Ashley Wolter

So yummy and SO MUCH FOOD! It's a bit pricey but worth it for how much food you get. I usually get a bowl and it lasts me 2-3 meals. Really fresh, very quick. This is my go-to quick lunch place! Pita is always fresh. Veggies are good and lots of bariety. The chicken is so good!

Charlie B.

I loved the FALAFEL & HUMMUS pita that I ordered. It was my first time here so I Googled the menu and since I eat Vegan I chose that particular item. When I walked into the restaurant I quickly noticed that the setup is a lot like Chipotle but that's not what I expected. When I asked for that particular pita the 2 guys looked at each other in surprise and then pulled out a stack of recipe cards and shuffled through them until they found the ingredients for this particular menu item. All in all what they prepared was excellent tasting and well prepared but I am still in shock that if that is a regular item, at least on their take out menu, why they would not have first hand knowledge on how to make it?As a first time customer I would have appreciated if the workers were more friendly and proactive and explained to me how this system of ordering worked. At least they could have asked if I needed any help...which they did not. Every place is different. However, now that I know the set up I will certainly be back because the food is definitely that good.I wish I could have given 5 stars if the service had been just a little bit better.

Nicholas Leeman

Fast Middle eastern fare, and while the rice was a tad dry, the rest of the flavors were there. It won't blow your socks off, but it's fast and it's not going to break the bank. Service was surprisingly friendly and jovial for a Sunday mid-afternoon.

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Roti Mediterranean Bowls. Salads. Pitas.

1620 Park Pl Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416
(952) 244-9722