857 Selby Ave, St Paul
(651) 224-6420

Recent Reviews

Al Sipple

Its subway another 1 of my kids places to eat

Team Spirits

I came to this location various time to order a quick sandwich on the go and was impressed. Store is clean and location is nice complete with friendly staff and professional attitudes. Looking to come back for more.

Gutem Dube

Poor customer service. They should really know that customers are there to pay them and get the Services they deserve.

Dominique Beard

The person working was EXTREMELY RUDE. Not only did I not get the chance to fully order, She started putting things on my sandwich that I didn’t ask for. I told her I didn’t ask for sauce and that’s was not what I wanted & she said “too bad that’s what it comes with” I’ve never had this happen at any subway location. I was so offended I just decided to leave and I will not be back. You would think in the middle of the pandemic businesses would be great full for all the business they can get but clearly they do not care.


One of the best Subway's I've been to in a long time staff is efficient quick and professional definitely help to my day around after the in the positive after dealing with the people at the science museum

Charles Davis

They always have my order ready

Deangalo Williams

Melissa Hill is so wonderful kind listen to me talk about my day nd my order at the same time everytime i come she there alone and does wonders

Jo Ann Hardy

My very favorite Subway! Super nice employees, always very clean. Food always fresh!


Its Good...The 2 Ladies That was Working on the Selby Ave Store ....Very Good Service..They were Wonderful ..

Charles Dailey

The staff at this particular subway are great ?

jo hallfielder

Three words. Kallie Is fabulous. She is amazingly fast and wonderful at her job!! She was working alone one day & had a line of customers, she killed that line. Was whipping out sandwiches like no ones business! She was very efficient with everything & even though there was a line she made sure to great every customer with a shining smile . When I got my sandwich it was made to perfection. I should of taken a picture & sent it to subway to be used in an advertisement. Definitely will be back here again soon. Great work kallie. Give this girl a raise !!!!

Vince P

The Subway on Selby in St. Paul has amazing staff.

Cathy Henry

Quick and friendly :)

Steve Flores

One of my preferred places to eat. excellent location, always clean, and fantastic customer service. Very good job!

B Conover

Manager did a great job. Give her a RAISE.

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