Burger King

1330 1st Ave E, Shakopee
(952) 405-8175

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Nic Pruse

No option for additional options extra this or that. I don't care if i getcharged for it, They also do not answer the phone. This is my 4th and last order. I hope that you will have better experiences than me.

Cynthia H.

I ordered the Spider-Man Verse meal and I didn't get my crown nor my Spider-Man cup. The Burger King in shakopee sucks so bad.

Nancy Vest

This Burger King is better than the others! The fries and breakfast potatoes are always hot and crisp. I don't know how they manage that. Other people have noticed that, too. Yummy!I don't go inside, so I don't really know Bout the atmosphere. I drive out of my way for this place!

Johnee D`Shea

Burger ? ? King has fallen from grace thanks to the lack of care to their buildings, employees, and overall standards. I still love the food, but it's like a circus every time I walk in. Disgruntled customers, employees and the occasional 'we're out of something' or 'i can't find your mobile order'. It's like fast food bingo. I always win.It's a ghetto shop now, but as long as the food is still as processed as ever, I'm totally there. Hold the onion ring zesty sauce...

Jen F

Long wait in the drive thru but the working world is short staffed right now. They did the best they could with a smile on their faces. I appreciate their hard work.Food: 5/5

Katrina Rosival

Seemed busy but they all were super attentive! Had to give a shoutout to Nasha who ran out into the parking lot to give me an item we forgot :) its so appreciated!

Ricky Coles

Stop here with a client every so often. Have found the staff very friendly and helpful. We’ve been through the drive thru and in the dining room, both of which were good experiences. The dining room appeared very clean and while in the drive thru I was told “you rule” by the staff helping me. My self esteem was thru the roof for the rest of the day. Thanks BK!!

Jesse B

I ordered online, and this is the best crew that has served me. When I opened my sandwich, it was glorious! It was like my thought on the menu screen! Thank you people, thank you very much. This meal was made with love. Thank you BK crew!Food: 5/5

Gavin F

They gotten rid of all the good items they've had but do often surprise with the new items that come in seasonally. Better than mac dons that's a guarantee!Food: 4/5

Phath Bauer

Workers were very polite and apologetic. I did not find a reason for them to apologize. They were busy, and my order still came out in a timely manner.Food: 5/5

Greg Kellogg

Ordering on the app has been my go to as you don't have to worry about drive thru speaker issues (none to worry about at this location btw) or human errors in ordering expcet your own as you're the one pushing the buttons this time. Show up and let them know what the oder number is from your app and you're good to go. At the window your food is ready as you've already paid so no fumbling for the wallet or loose change in the car.

Charles m.

Even though the poster in the window advertised "mix and match two sandwich's for $7" ,when my son ordered two sandwiches he was charged the prices of two singles.

Beatriz Estrada

horrible they are very short staffed, a worker said they were having problems even though all they were doing was laughing and talking and not doing their job at all!! instead of helping the cook they were both standing together gossiping. they said they werent trained to do anything so thats why they werent helping, the line was long and we got there at 5:37pm and left at 6:30pm wasted AN HOUR waiting for 2 whoopers and chicken fries! the girls kept fooling around, everytime the saw someone pull up to the drive through they yelled “GO AWAYY!!” now i know why burger kings go out of business, they dont hire professional people, definitely not worth the wait dont come here?

Elizabeth Lyman

The manager/guy at the window this morning 11/6 really made my morning! I won’t go into details but he just really deserves to be recognized by the company. Food was all fresh and we appreciate the workers here! Thank you. ????

Justin Smith

Awesome service, window lady was awesome and energetic. Food was super great. So happy there is still a BK around. They are getting more and more rare.Food: 5/5

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