Dangerfield's Restaurant

1583 1st Ave E, Shakopee
(952) 445-2245

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Kathi Latscher Moore

We sat outside on their deck for dinner last evening (July 15), we had a VERY good dinner and cocktails. We had the 1/2 order of onion rings and the cream cheese and crab rollups with apricot sauce. For dinner, I had the Dangerfield steak burger with smoked gouda cheese, SO good, hughly recommend. And my husband had the ghost pepper cheese burger. and of course a couple of cocktails. It was so nice to sit outside on their deck after a long week of work and relax and let someone serve you yummy food. To be honest, it's been a couple of years since we've been to Dangerfields, and we'll be back sooner than that next time.

Jessica M Deelstra

Food, salad bar, and super club feel were fabulous!!!

Mike W

We decided to go to Dangerfield’s for brunch which turned out to be quite the mistake. Upon arriving there was a line to be seated which did not take long. We had a nice booth near the piano which the pianist played wonderful tunes. Probably the highlight of the morning. Upon being seated we were welcomed to go to the brunch buffet. Approximately 50% of the items were gone, my wife ended up getting an omelet that was extremely oily and tasted more of an oil used for stir fry. The items in the buffet were mostly fried, and 30 minutes later when the buffet was filled the items ranged from under cooked to over cooked and stale. The wait staff was not very attentive so getting condiments like ketchup or hot sauce never happened. Overall the atmosphere is good but the service and food were poor. Unfortunately we will not be back to this iconic restaurant unless we went for a cocktail and to listen to the pianist.

Matt K

The food was really good. Went for mothers day brunch and it was amazing! But here's what I'll say. We had a reservation for 6 and they put us in a table that could seat 5 at most. We asked to move and it seemed very inconvenient for them. We finally got a proper 6 seat table and then it seemed okay from there. It was a bit of a clusterf***. They were really not prepared to be this busy. The food was decent, a but over priced in my opinion. Overall though it was a good experience and I'm still happy that I went.

Bonnie Schmidt

Love going to Dangerfield's with friends for brunch. We were there today and the food was fabulous. Only thing all 6 of us complained about was the piano player was so loud. Could hardly hear each other. I like a little background music but the ragtime music was a bit much. He is a fabulous player, however. Otherwise, great food!

Tierney Fawbush

I had their 8 oz top sirloin (medium) with asparagus and potatoes wedges. The steak was perfectly seasoned and cooked. The wedges were delicious, but not a good pair with steak, in my opinion. The staff was delightful. There is a nice view and they had a pianist play.

Dean Hanson

Food and drink were good (except the flavorless house potatoes), but we never got the popovers. I also definitely asked for the pork medallions and got the steak instead, but it was my second choice, and they gave me a free drink over it, so it was fine. Our server was very nice, though, so perhaps just underexperienced staff. I will have to try again and update this review. 3/5 for now

margaret Funston

This is my new favorite restaurant!! On a whim we thought we would try it. Wow!!!!! Everything was fantastic!! The food and service was amazing. We drove an hour one way to try it. My husband wants to come back for his May birthday. Keep up the great experience.

Michael Johnston

Great steak medallions. Pasta was ok. Service was great.


We have been to Dangerfileds many times for the Sunday brunch. In general they were good. We went on March 20th, 2022 for my daughters birthday. Very disappointed. Not a big selection of breastfast items. No pancakes or waffles which the kids wanted. Had to wait for French toast to made went fast. I can honestly say there was nothing that was good and all food was barely warm. The pumpkin pie had such a hard top you couldn’t even get your fork thru it once you did the pie was very tough. I have to say the service was good. Our waitress went over and above and did get the kitchen to make pancakes and made sure they got french toast. Not going back for a long time.


I ordered the salad with an add on of GRILLED SALMON!! Does it look grilled?! Nope it looks like an overcooked baked salmon that had been a leftover from yesterday!! I order thru online they texted that your order is ready but when my husband picked it up they said oh popover is not available. My husband asked if the salad is available whoever is assisting him said yea it’s ready. My husband ended waiting for the salad to get ready! When you say order pick and you’ll send a msg when it’s ready it means the whole order is ready!! Please is this how you cook a grilled salmon?!

Sherrill Kemper

My dad surprised me when he took me out for my birthday. He had told me that we were going out for my birthday, but not where or that my siblings were going to be there waiting for us. It was fun! Dangerfield's is a lovely dinner club.they have wonderful service; great, friendly staff; excellent food! Average cost/meal is $20. I had the lobster stuffed ravioli which was simply delicious!!! Dad enjoyed his crab stuffed walleye meal, and my siblings enjoyed brisket, steak marinade madallions, and a pasta plate. If money isn't an issue and/or you are looking for a REALLY nice place to dine, then Dangerfield's would be a great place for you to try! I highly recommend it!

Zimako777 W.

Pleasant setting on the shore of the Minnesota River. Ample parking. Excellent food and service. Evidently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the place was almost deserted when my friends and I had dinner there. A few weak spots: menu was hardly legible due to small font and multiple photocopies. Wine list is too short, and the popovers not fresh, again probably due to the establishment trying to cope with the pandemic and limiting its expenses. But all in all, it was a pleasant dinner, and we will definitely go back there.

Ben Hendrickson

I wish there was something good I could say. We couldn't get drinks, waters took 20 minutes, steaks had more fat than meat. They said they had no bartender and the owner was cooking. Hopefully they get it figured out soon. This used to be a really good place to go.

brenda nelson

We made reservations at Dangerfields for New Years Eve. We were greeted with a smile and seated immediately. The staff was very nice and the food was very good. I would highly recommend.

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