Hong Kong Buffet

1274 Vierling Dr E, Shakopee
(952) 403-6073

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Jody Clutter

We decided to go here because we haven't been in two years. When we walked in the door, it looked as if they tried to adf some calming decor, so we werr hopeful.Thete was nobody to greet you. There were tables set up with a bunch of to go boxes, 1 cash register, and one lady behind the register that never said a word. There were hand printed cardboard signs that had pricing for the buffet by the pound.We asked if we could eat at a table. She said we could, but all food goes into the cardboard containers and we can choose a table to eat it.When we grabbed our to go container and walked to the buffet, thete wete boxes of gloves. I put a pair on and started filling up my container.I saw other people just disregard the gloves & begin filling their container.They had a decent selection to choose from. We grabbed beverages and went to pay.They put the container on a scale where you couldn't see the weight & did the same for the next container. My husbands was much heavier than mine & they charged us the same amount for both containers. Clearly a rip off.We had to grab our plastic silverware, which I hate eating food with, and ate our meal. NONE of the food was hot. Most of it was cold and some of it was tepid at best. The flavor was okay, but I'm positive the food doesn't meet temperature requirements. I was fearful I would become ill.The good news is that neither of us got sick. The bad news is we will never come back to this restaraunt. It's a shame because we used to enjoy coming here.


Came here expecting an ALL YOU CAN EAT well . It is HOWEVER its sold by the pound :( I agree people might waste but I was hesitant to get stuff I might've wanted because of how heavy it could add to my tray.. then I started to walk to my table and they lady at register yelled at me because I walked wrong way I didn't even know I wasn't allowed but I found out quickly for sure I was wrong .. won't go back sadly I enjoy Chinese buffets I'll goto Super Moon buffet instead it's unlimited trips to buffet for 1 price... This place is pay each time you go up to buffet. :(

Raymond Sather

They only let you eat by the pound it is not a buffet the food sucks for the price is not worth the quality of food

Jennifer Brown

So weird, you have to eat out of styrofoam, there's no milk, tea, ice cream or soup anymore. The atmosphere is cold and dingy, I sooo miss the old Hong Kong buffet! I won't be back.

Megan Mendenhall

Food was great, but it was not all you can eat. Instead it was pay by the pound. They also do not have a changing station. Just a fyi.

Theo Swedo

First experience on Feb 6, 2022. Worst Chinese food I’ve had in a long time. The Orange Chicken had ZERO orange flavor to it. And usually Orange Chicken has a small kick from the dried peppers in it. NONE! Zero kick from zero peppers. And the fried rice was bland with what seemed to be frozen pea and carrots mix in it. And it all has SO much MSG in it, I spent quite some time in the bathroom that night and the following day. Even the fortune cookies were very mediocre. How do you screw up on buying a pre-made fortune cookie?

Mitchell Grove

I use to go to this place all the time when it was an all you can eat buffet. Now the owner charges by the pound all the time and its very expensive. This is not a true buffet! HUGE RIP OFF! They need to go back to a all you can eat dine in buffet like it use to be!

Moon Daze

My sesame chicken was more like chicken tenders and the sauce had a very strong vinegar flavor that I did not like and no sesame seeds either! Pricing on the website is incorrect and items are over priced!

Portia Vogt

Staff isn't friendly. Too bad, used to really enjoy going here. Now the cashier barks at the guests. Super sad.

Priscilla Anjos

Went there today, December 2nd, 2021. Now you pay by the pound, but totally comprehensible. Businesses have to change too in order to survive the pandemic. And I bet the waste of food is way less! The food was really good and fresh. I will definitely be coming back!

Bryan Fries

Not the best I've had, not far from the worst though either. Not a buffet. Buy by the pound. Whether you eat in or take it to go you'll be eating from Styrofoam trays with a plastic fork. Not likely to visit again.

Kinny Kins

I was really in the mood for a buffet and only came to find out you pay by the pound eating out of a takeout box. I literally turned around and left and went to Pizza Ranch next door. Best decision ever.

Kristina Squillace

Wanted to dine in but at $6 something a pound an $8 something a pound for seafood we changed our mind

Phil Rogers

No longer a buffet, pay per pound. Sub par taste. Was a 3-4 star now 1. I wish i could do 0 stars.

Mike S

Do t waste youre time if you want a buffet. It isn't one

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