Hong Kong Buffet

1274 Vierling Dr E, Shakopee
(952) 403-6073

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Yashira L.

Mediocre food and the customer service is god awful. We asked for extra sauce and the cashier literally grabbed like 20 packets and threw it at us in the counter.

Kristina Squillace

Wanted to dine in but at $6 something a pound an $8 something a pound for seafood we changed our mind

Phil Rogers

No longer a buffet, pay per pound. Sub par taste. Was a 3-4 star now 1. I wish i could do 0 stars.

Mike S

Do t waste youre time if you want a buffet. It isn't one

Ashley H.

Only reason for the one star is bc I couldn't give it a 0! The woman was extremely rude when I said that the food was cold. She went to the back and brought out fresh HOT food and told me that I was wrong. I simply asked if she could heat up the plates we had gotten, and she refused to comply with our request. Simply terrible food and customer service!!!! I will never return especially with my special guest! Would love our money back for the inedible food!

richard St james

OK first of all Buffet should be all you can eat not charge by the pound I got two plates of food for almost $30 then on top of that there’s soda machine CO2 wouldn’t work so we had to wait about 10 minutes for that to work and within that time we tried to eat our food and everything was cold noodles except for the noodles the meat was cold the chicken skewers were cold the sweet-and-sour chicken nugget thingies were cold and then I tried to present this to the lady and she just got super mad and somebody else said something about the stuff being cold and she’s like Feel the warmer it was Luke warm this place is bad and when I grab a can soda she yelled at me to pay now. For the soda I was going too. Just a bad bad experience


This place has gone down hill since the pandemic. Buffet back open but food has that gangly sick flavor from not discarding it lieu of putting it back out on a later date. I have tasted this before at other buffets. I think they are breeding and deep frying meat from old dishes to General Tsao and orange chicken... Maybe possibly using pork or beef mixed in. It all tasted sickening. Second bite in I had to spit it in my napkin. These guys got so fixated on pandemics they ruined themself. You can get to go in a box and eat it there in the restaurant? What is that? I don't forsee returning and it's a shame. It used to be a place to take the family and chow down on palatable Asian digs. RIP Hong Kong Buffet.

Gregory Peterson

Their prices on the website connected through Google Maps was not correct (not updated).They were not very busy that when the door slammed behind me, practically all the guests (8-10 people) looked at me as if I interrupted a private party.And, I found that the food had a bland flavor for chicken fried rice.I will keep searching for a better all around Chinese takeout!!

josiah james

I'm here right now and they charge by the pound as you do get the option of takeout out delivery. The food is either warm or cold, the sweet and sour sauce is warmer than the egg rolls, they're either out or don't have the food that's normally seen in a buffet

G. Shay

Yes. You will like it here, great selection for the price including desserts and beverage. We go often with Sr. discount too. Food served hot, as it should.

Rhonda S.

We hadn't eaten here for a long time (years) but thought we'd give it another chance. We walked in to find that they aren't currently doing the all you can eat buffet - you grab a to-go box, fill it, and pay by the pound as you can exit the buffet. You can sit at one of their tables and eat out of your box. No thanks. There were stacks of cardboard boxes (presumably paper products or fortune cookies) next to their makeshift checkout table in the middle of the restaurant. Hardly attractive. Can't speak to the food quality- we left, as did the family who came in behind us. If they continue with this format we'll never be back. Two stars for surviving the pandemic.

Tou Y.

Even though it's a "buffet", they charge you by the pound !! We seen a group of 5 , turn around and leave !

Sanam Khan

Very rude people they don’t how too talk in the phone I didn’t even finish my talk she hungup on face

Gladys Hernandez

My family has been coming here for years, the food has always been pretty good for the price.Unfortunately, since before the pandemic, some of the staff have been very rude. Everything is confusing now for dine in or take out. One employee will tell you one thing or price and what's included and the other will change it and charge more, with no drink. Essentially you will be paying more for less. I hope things change.

Daniel Berger

They were only serving takeout buffet when we stopped here on June 12th. The food is good.

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