Hong Kong Buffet

1274 Vierling Dr E, Shakopee
(952) 403-6073

Recent Reviews

Kevin H.

Great value for the amount of food for takeout. Easily my favorite Chinese buffet in Minnesota!

Juan Colon

Really bad the shrimp ? were not cooked ? first time I'm not going back no more ????

billy bob

For its price, it does very very nice! Love their walnut shrimp, addicted to it!

Steve J.

I came to this restaurant a few nights ago and the ownership does not listen to you. You have to scream through plastic WHILE STANDING OUTSIDE IN THE COLD. Cause they blocked off the entrance to their restaurant. You cannot hear them over cars running in the background. Terrible experience trying to order food. I understand the barricade but this restaurant could allow you into the lobby and barricade themselves further in the restaurant like other Asian restaurants do.

Eduardo Torres

Today I go buy a beef and broccoli and they only put 4 pieces of beef and the rest are broccoli come guy do better

garrett stumpf

Just called and asked if they had dine in. She said no. And I said why not. The chick hung up on me. Have eaten here before. Crab legs are disgusting. They only bring them out every half hour. Other food is decent but nothing special. But that was just plain rude. Hang up on people you lose customers. Period.

Norman Dale

This is a nice family place! Reasonable prices! Great food! Their soup and baked mussels are the best in Minnesota! Friendly stuff! Five stars!P.S. Dear chef, please, return baked mussels to the lunch menu! Please! :)

Liza Pradhananga

The lady at the counter doesn't know how to talk to the customers. She is really very rude with everyone. She also charges a lot more price than written in the actual menu. Even though the food might be good but the lack of good customer service fails this place.

Kristina Castle

I love this place so much! Their food is amazing, and staff is very friendly. The only thing that would improve this restaurant is if they had delivery.

Alicia Gomez

They forgot my Lorain order and charge for it


This place never disappoints. Their portions are huge and veggies are always cooked perfect. Plus they have an awesome set up at the moment due to Covid. Highly recommend!

Alexandra Stauber

Pretty good Chinese Buffet. Prices are awesome

Darlene Johnson

If I could give this place ZERO STARS, I would.We went for the buffet. This place was HORRIBLE!!! Would NOT advise eating there. They need to clean it up. Food was not good or hot. Worst food I've eaten. Would NEVER GO AGAIN.

Dave Pluth

Food is good (some great and some meh but that is all in individual preference) and staff is very pleasant. Good value.

Fernando McEntire

Fantastic atmosphere and very attentive service. The food was crisp and delicious. Will absolutely recommend this restaurant to friends. Affordable prices and generous meals. Great job.

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