227 Marschall Rd, Shakopee
(952) 445-8050

Recent Reviews

Melissa Foster

Wonderful and fast service even during the busy dinner hour. The manager, Brandon, clearly leads by example and creates an efficient and effective work environment.Food: 5/5

Jana Winsor

Drive thru was backed up to the street. We usually end up at McD's because we have 5 kids...this location has trouble with special orders tho.Food: 3/5

Benji Wedel

6/10 times they will mess up the order. If you are into gambling or like the thrill of not knowing what you might get, this is the place for you. It’s McDonald’s so what can you expect but still, it’s rough.

Crank Those 90s

Service is always quick and food is fantastic. Brandon was an amazing employee, will definitely return!

Colleen Coder

They never get my order right!! I'm going to stop going to this location. I'm just tired of it.Food: 3/5

Daniel Arismendi

Horrible attention. They didn’t let me finish order and when i got to the window to add the rest of it they were attending me with an attitude and basically shutting of the window in my face.

Dbm J

Says dining room opens at 6am yet all doors are locked I’m in a 11ft bus I can’t go through the drive through maybe update your hours on the door

ramona peterson

Always nice to see the manager working out front and not sitting in the office.Food: 5/5


Waited over 30 minutes to get our food as they told is to move up to the 3rd window. Finally we got someone to come over to that window and we asked where our food was. They said they would get the manager... Manger came over and said we must have lost your order and the food will be right out. We waited another 10 min as we see the 7 cars behind us get their food we decide to go in to see what is the issue this time. The manager said they had to put our new order behind the other people's order because they ordered first. What?? Seriously, we ordered over 40 min ago and we aren't moved to the front of the line? This manager which looked about 18 needs some serious mngt skills tought to him. Don't go here, they just don't care about their customers.

Aaron Rognlie

No complaints as far as the food goes. It's a McDonald's and it's exactly what you'd expect it to be, for good or bad.Customer service is another story with this location. Nearly every time I come here, I find myself wishing I had gone to the Burger King next door or the other McDonald's in town. My most recent visit prompted this review. At the window the drinks were handed through first, when the food was handed to me I asked if there were straws in the bag since none were given with the drinks. Employee starts arguing with me about how they're now using "strawless lids". That's great, but one of drinks is a frozen drink, and I'd still prefer to use a straw. He eventually hands me one straw, despite my order containing three drinks. We go back and forth some more and he finally gives me straws for the other drinks.I'm assuming this is something coming from management or ownership, because there's also a sign on the window saying that straws are available upon request, so I won't completely fault the employee here... but if whoever manages or owns this location reads this, I'd ask you to reconsider whatever cost saving measure you think you're implementing here. I can buy a pack of 100 straws for like a dollar, I bet your price is even less. Don't have your employees hassle me over something that probably costs you less than a cent. You're creating a bad experience for your customers, and frankly I shouldn't need to argue or justify why I might still prefer a straw, especially if they're supposed to be available on request.

Cassandra Mitchell

Just got to call my frappe but it was probably the best, frappe I've had in awhile they actually put caramel in it and tasted very goodFood: 5/5

Paulo Viruet Rios

Puerto Rican food is a good way to go.Food here is good and for the price you can't go wrong.I do recommend eating here if you feel like trying something newFood: 5/5

Emma M.

these people can't even get a hamburger order right. third time going thru the drive thru trying to get a plain hamburger and they messed it up 3 times in a row. called to complain and get a coupon for the $10 i just wasted and the manager told me to talk to her more respectfully lmao. don't come here

Michael Weggeland

Horribly slow drive thru, not even at a normal dinner or lunch time. Poured my fries into the bag upside down so they didn’t stay in the holder. Sloppy made burger and McChicken. Won’t come back to this location.

Carrie Herman

Took a long time for them to bring mobile order out and then we were missing our sauce. Didn't notice until we had left, unfortunately, but shouldn't have to check.

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