New Dragon Cafe Inc

576 Marschall Rd, Shakopee
(952) 445-9615

Recent Reviews

Mitzi Beliveau

What a great place to spend with family and friends. Whether with a large group or on a day. Great food and pleasant wait staff.Food: 5/5

Kayla Marie

The food is alright the fried rice tastes burnt and the portions are TINY considering they charge almost $14 for a specialty combo. The fried rice container is so small you can maybe get 7 bites out of it, and the main container is barley any bigger. Smallest portions from a chinese restaurant I’ve ever seen.

Dylan Harbitz

Ordered Cheese Wontons and General Tso Chicken with rice. Disgusting. The wontons are bland and the chicken was mushy and lacked any flavor. Portions were very small as well. Never eating here again. Outrageously expensive as well.

Rhonda Schoeszler

Incredibly disappointing, I should have read the above reviews. If you are looking for Chinese (because Asian Hon closed) go anywhere else. Same experience with the sweat and sour chicken, wontons and Mongolian beef as above reviews. I coud not even count on the oversized amount rice to fill me up, because it was under cooked.If you like frozen food for $50, this is it!

I don't Know

1st time trying this place and last. Spent $50 for barf in buckets. "Food" was obviously microwaved or frozen. All of it went in the garbage after 2 bites. No taste, mushy, obviously not fresh. Asian Hon will be missed.

Patrick Flynn

I've been going here for over 30 years and I've loved it every time. Food is top notch! Service is always great and the atmosphere is perfectly fitting. Beef and broccoli is some of the best I've ever had.Food: 5/5

Adam Waulters

Exactly what you would expect from Minnesota and sometime much better! Don't order non fresh item if you want crispy bread. Minnesota doesn't understand chow mein, so I belive the fresh dishes with rice are great. I never really tried appetizers, but I KNOW that I love the serviceFood: 4/5

A Balanced Breakfast

Good quality food, good prices, and quick and friendly service. The egg roll was one of the best I've had!

Robert Youngman

We have been dining at the New Dragon for more than thirty years. We have NEVER been disappointed ! We have tried just about everything on the menu. Our favorite items are the Chef's Delight, Beef and Broccoli and the pork Egg Fu Young. Delicious food. Great service. Friendly owner.

A Lee

I've been coming here for over 30 years since I was a kid. This is a wonderful family that operates this business. Always so so kind. Five star service every single time. I'm sorry that some people take their one time experience and need to try and blast it on social media to be cool. But for me, this place sets the bar for what good Chinese food is.

Robert H.

Wow! These people are cheap! They charge extra for every little thing. I ordered egg flower soup and they couldn't even give me a plastic spoon to eat it with. Also, they charged extra for a side of sweet and sour sauce and for a little bag of stale crunchy noodles for the soup. I get times are hard but come on. If you're looking for a reasonably priced chinese restaurant, dont go here.

Myna Davis

I used to like this place a lot. But now it's just okay. I don't like that they've upped their prices and it doesn't reflect it on their website. When I asked for a receipt, it wasn't even itemized. It only shows the total and what each item was. How could an order of chicken wings and 2 combinations come out to be $40?

frank furter

Just no flavor at all in the General Tao's not to mention the miniscule side of rice that came with it. Take out only at this time so everything is just mushy when you get it home. I can put up with the mushiness as it comes with the territory but is too bland and overpriced for $14. Not worthy of another try.

Mz Gigi

Do not come here! The sweet sour chicken is burnt and hard. They don’t let you dine in and the lo mein is skinny and burnt. The veggies aren’t cooked fully! The pepper steak is all peppers! Omfg the food has no flavor except burnt!

Christine O

Well most times I have absolutely no complaints about this place.. do not order anything to do with shrimp or seafood... I ordered the shrimp and vegetables and all I get is a big bucket of vegetables with a total of 4 shrimps in there definitely a waste of money.. it should say vegetables and shrimp since there's always more vegetables than shrimp.. at least make the ratio better.. if you order chicken then it's packed with chicken and some veggies.. not filled with veggies and a sprinkle of shrimp

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