Chipotle Mexican Grill

5580 Excelsior Blvd, St Louis Park
(952) 922-9390

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Nerissa N.

During the Covid pandemic, this employee was not wearing gloves and handled multiple different foods without any gloves on or hand washing during the 5-10 minutes I waited in line to order. I ended up leaving because of this to avoid risking them passing anything to me, covid or any other food born illness. Everyone else in the kitchen and on the line was wearing gloves as I assume they're supposed to. Just disgusting to realize that people are preparing food like this. St. Louis Park, MN Chipotle

Winton P.

If you are looking to apply for a job at this exact location, I strongly urge you to look for another Chipotle and cross this location off your list entirely. About two weeks ago I had an interview here with one of the two managers, Sarifa. It lasted five minutes. Despite stating that I wasn't able to start working for the next two weeks, my orientation day was the day after my interview at 3:00 pm. Fast forward the next day, I get there ten minutes early like a normal, eager-to-work kid for my orientation day. I walk up to the cashier and tell her it's my orientation day today, she goes and tell the GM. I proceed to wait in the middle of the Chipotle for 40 minutes straight when I see the GM, Sarifa, walks out from the back and instead of approaching me, starts to chop chicken. I approach her saying it's my orientation day and she responds to me saying that my orientation day is two weeks from now. This was never stated during the interview and I just wasted an hour. Well, it's been two weeks and today was my "real" orientation day. I give the Chipotle a call, Sarifa picks up, "Hey, it's --, my orientation day is today I'm just confirming the time I should be there today." She's telling me I have the wrong Chipotle, I'm 1000% sure I have the right Chipotle. I tell her that I know this is the Chipotle where I was hired and she can't respond to me, she's at a loss of words due to her beautiful disorganization skills. "I have to go now, bye." She hung up extremely abruptly and rudely. I was shocked. I was looking forward to getting a job but now it seems like I have to start the search again.

Julie Faltyn

We ordered for delivery and both bowls were wrong. This happened at this location before, but thought it might have been an off day and gave them another try. We were missing ingredients and the rice had no flavor. The chips were stale and all of the food was overall very bland. There are enough other locations that this one isn’t worth going to.

Tear-e K.

The other reviews are accurate. Wish I could give it zero. Lunchtime on a Thursday, 3 people working the line, 3 in the kitchen. 2 in the kitchen are doing things that definitely don't need to be done at lunchtime. No fajita veggies, they just didn't make any and despite many complaints from people, wouldn't. People were waiting for their pick up orders the whole 15-20 minutes I was in line and they had been there. Finally the cashier goes and finds all the receipts for their orders like she's surprised and suddenly we all had to wait while they made them. Garbage overflowing, tables all dirty, smallest burrito I've ever had.


The cleanliness of this restaurant is questionable. It was really dirty. Dirty tables, the pop machine area, and windows. It wasn’t even that busy in there. And the only nice person on the line was the cashier.

Christina H.

The most unorganized chipotle/ restaurant I have ever been to. No one knows that is happening and everyone working on line was laughing about how they didn't know who's food was who's.

ed hogan

Not the best, but not the worst, better location than others.

Michael Baltz

Got a half scoop of Steak on my Burrito. When I pointed this out to the employee she said it was a full scoop. The guy in front of me had double the meat and ordered a single portion. I asked for light sour cream and she scooped a heaping spoon (3 times as much as the 8 pieces of steak) on my burrito. Got home and opened up my chips to find it was mostly crumbs. I knew the bag looked small. This is my first review, felt it was warranted.

Matthew H.

I used to really like going to this Chipotle at their other nearby location but when their building got taken over and they had to move, the redesigned, smaller space just isn't as comfortable to me. There's not really any 'private' seating so that they can maximize the number of people who can sit down. This is a function of the small space but it doesn't allow me to feel like I can have a conversation that everyone isn't listening in on. I've also been in a couple of times in the evenings when they've run out of tortilla chips and one of the meats that I wanted. I get not wanting to make more than you need and having to throw it away but it's also lost sales from my not going back there if I know they're within a couple of hours of closing time.

Ryan Holmquist

It’s clear that you guys need to have someone taking care of the mobile orders on nights when it’s busy. If it’s 6:20 and the customer is able to set a pick-up time of 6:30, we shouldn’t be waiting until 7:00 to get our food. There were around 10 people sitting in the dining room with us who were also waiting for their mobile orders on this busy Sunday night, and we were all watching as the people in the long line were coming and going, getting their orders fulfilled more promptly. Either the app needs to change to reflect the busyness of the staff, or there should be a person dedicated to fulfilling web orders to ensure customers’ pick-up time is met.

Tyler Jones

Not going to stop at this location again. Skimpy on portions, not the first time. Attempted to upcharge by assuming the meat rather than take the 2 seconds to ask the person next to them which one it was.

Ryan H.

It's clear that you guys need to have someone taking care of the mobile orders on nights when it's busy. If it's 6:20 and the customer is able to set a pick-up time of 6:30, we shouldn't be waiting until 7:00 to get our food. There were around 10 people sitting in the dining room with us who were also waiting for their mobile orders on this busy Sunday night, and we were all watching as the people in the long line were coming and going, getting their orders fulfilled more promptly. Either the app needs to change to reflect the busyness of the staff, or there should be a person dedicated to fulfilling web orders to ensure customers' pick-up time is met.

Gabrielle Mrosla

Delicious food but don’t rush the people ordering in line just because a line is forming. Got home and realized I was jipped on nearly every item. Guessing they didn’t want to run out of food... my bowl was not even half full and I know they usually load em up

Madeline McCauley

Terrible experience every time. No one will answer the phone when I try to call and check on my order. Often times the line gives a busy signal as though the phone is just sitting off the hook.

V N.

Terrible location, went in around 9:30 and it was a disaster. Waited almost twenty minutes in a line with only 3 people in front of me. The trash cans were overflowing and the staff didn't seem to have any sense of urgency when people were waiting for online orders. One of the employees was wiping down tables and completely ignoring the full a$$ trash cans.

Christine Dennison

They get 4 stars for friendliness and fast service. But ZERO overall. I literally had to suggest cleaning the food prep area. It was so disgusting. It was primarily where the toppings and cashier was. If I had noticed before my order, I would have walked out and chose somewhere else for take out. I shouldn't have to request not to wrap my burrito in the over spill of sour cream, etc. CLEANING IS ESSENTIAL!

Nicholas Hillson

Total pit. Food smeared all over every prep area and the make line, which then covered the outside of every food container (burrito wraps, bowls). I'm not coming back to this one, there are better locations that won't leave you feeling dirty.

Rebecca W

Hot, fresh food! They made a small mistake on the order and were very apologetic when I informed them, plus threw in a free bag of yummy chips as compensation. I'd definitely go back - good customer service.

James Koplos

This is the worst Chipotle ever! A few weeks back I stopped in and it took over a half hour for them to get through a line of 15 people. Today, I was the fourth customer in the door. It still took 7 minutes to get through the line. When I went to sit down, the first two seats I went for were still dirty from yesterday. After eating I went to wash my hands and there were not paper towels in the bathroom. This store hasn't even been open for 30 minutes today. How are there no paper towels??? Chioptle, you should really consider new staff and management at this location.

Sean Stark

The staff is dancing yelling and screaming, it’s 9pm on November 10th and it looks like manager is not on shift or doesn’t manage their staff properly. Couldn’t even eat my food in peace. They should do better.

Alison Robbins

This is the slowest Chipolte I have ever visited. I walked in to order dinner to go at 8:26 pm and made it to my car at 8:57. They did have a lot of to go orders which seemed to take precedence. There seemed to be a fair number of employees working, but there needs to be a better process.

Maria Cvar

That night specifically the employees were very nice and mostly young adults. Place was trashed and all tables were dirty. On that note though..the food was delicious! I actually give this Chipotle Grill a 5 on FRESHNESS. Line workers were kind and tried there best to be fast and clean. Thanks!

Ashley Neitzel

Out of all of the Chipotle restaurants in my area, I drive the extra mile just to come here. I am always impressed with their efficiency, teamwork, cleanliness, and overall friendliness. They do so well with giving you the appropriate quantity and have excellent burrito wrappers. Awesome job guys!

Chris Montbriand

The food was great. The staff were flying around, busy as can be. But the line didn't move. I waited about 45 minutes in line at 7pm. Several people in line left due to the wait. When I did get my order, the lady charged me for 3 orders of tacos (1 order is 3 tacos). The boss was on it immediately and fixed it right there. But the restaurant was a mess, they were out of napkins and it wasn't my usual Chipotle experience. Maybe they need to have a separate assembly line for online orders or maybe they were just inefficient, but it was easily the slowest I've ever seen a line move at Chipotle. As a stockholder, I wasn't pleased.

Gene Grueschow

Food quality and portions appear to be going down hill. Food prep area was an absolute mess. Bottom side of my bowl was covered with rice when I got it.

Emma Kowalkowski

Horrible customer service. Doors still locked well after opening time, then the employees didn't come unlock the doors even though they saw us standing there. Then were very rude to us after finally letting us in 10 minutes after the time they were supposed to open.

Brian Jacobsen

This place is a dump all the time. This was tonight. I could not believe it. There is no management at this store!!

Kristine R.

I would give it a zero star if I could. Online ordering a joke. Dirty restaurant with food all over floor and garbage overflowing. Ordered pick up for 5:45 and 6 pm and still waiting.

Susan Carter

Meat (steak) had no seasoning, taste like "straight meat", for people who know what I mean by that. Guacamole wasn't even good. Not going there again!!. Other people I was with had the chicken, they said that was okay.

Sarah Davis

I got to the front of the line, ordered a burrito and tacos and they were out of tortillas and some other supplies. I was told to hang on so they could go grab some things. Totally fine I get it, you’re not fully stocked. So I waited about five minutes, no big deal. I ordered my burrito and tacos again with another person, waited again and my tacos never came. I asked again and had three customers go around me while I waited. They preceded to do a to go order before I finally got to finish my tacos. I didn’t get a sorry for waiting, or she should be getting her food first or anything. I’m okay with waiting, but you need to apologize and understand if a customer is first in line, they should take priority.

Caitlin Walsh

Fresh avocados are green, y’all, not brown and stiff. Also, the staff were trying to move too quickly and almost switched my order with someone else’s. Slow down and check your quality!

Patrick Coryell

Bathroom was dirty. Sink did not look like it had been cleaned in days. No paper towels and the garbage had been removed from the wall. Service was slow since the person in charge of making the burrito also had to fully restock the line

Jeffrey R.

This is the worst location I've ever been to. The food was horrible, terrible service and they didn't include the chips I ordered. They made both of the burritos I ordered incorrectly. They have terrible food safety practices at this location. A group of kindergartens could run this better. I will never be returning to this location or any location again. Get your act together.

Tea B.

I thought I just had a bad experience with an insanely slow line (3 pm, normal day) but it sounds very common for this location. I will not return. The line moved so so so slow it was laughable.

Daniel K.

I've come to this chipotle twice in the past couple of months and have been blown away by how great the staff has been. I don't remember the names of any employees but whoever it was that was about to be a dad you're going to be great. Anyone who gets that excited about being a dad is going to be great and I hope the best for him. As for our most recent trip the two employees working the line were fast and clearly loved working there which makes the entire visit more enjoyable. (Also the guy who wrapped the chicken burrito was faster but the girl who wrapped the veggie wrapped it better so you guys can decide who really won there.) Also, food has always been fast and perfect every time we're there!

Amber Woitel

The service in this Chipotle is INCREDIBLY slow and disorganized! After waiting in line for over a half it comes to my turn only to find out they have run out of food! RIDICULOUS! This Chipotle needs some better managing!

Mythomantic .

Closer to a four than a three but apparently half stars don't mean anything on Google.

Shawn Phelps

This place is disgusting. No napkins. Floor needs to be swept and mopped. Tables need to be cleaned off. If I could rate it zero or negative I would. Will not be returning here ever again. Absolutely disgusting.

Kelsey B.

Actually the worst Chipotle there is. Always disgusting with food on the floor and tables, always out of at least one food ingredient, staff extremely unfriendly.


Closer to a four than a three but apparently half stars don't mean anything on Google.