Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Jeffrey R.

This is the worst location I've ever been to. The food was horrible, terrible service and they didn't include the chips I ordered. They made both of the burritos I ordered incorrectly. They have terrible food safety practices at this location. A group of kindergartens could run this better. I will never be returning to this location or any location again. Get your act together.

Tea B.

I thought I just had a bad experience with an insanely slow line (3 pm, normal day) but it sounds very common for this location. I will not return. The line moved so so so slow it was laughable.

Daniel K.

I've come to this chipotle twice in the past couple of months and have been blown away by how great the staff has been. I don't remember the names of any employees but whoever it was that was about to be a dad you're going to be great. Anyone who gets that excited about being a dad is going to be great and I hope the best for him. As for our most recent trip the two employees working the line were fast and clearly loved working there which makes the entire visit more enjoyable. (Also the guy who wrapped the chicken burrito was faster but the girl who wrapped the veggie wrapped it better so you guys can decide who really won there.) Also, food has always been fast and perfect every time we're there!

Amber Woitel

The service in this Chipotle is INCREDIBLY slow and disorganized! After waiting in line for over a half it comes to my turn only to find out they have run out of food! RIDICULOUS! This Chipotle needs some better managing!

Shawn Phelps

This place is disgusting. No napkins. Floor needs to be swept and mopped. Tables need to be cleaned off. If I could rate it zero or negative I would. Will not be returning here ever again. Absolutely disgusting.

Kelsey B.

Actually the worst Chipotle there is. Always disgusting with food on the floor and tables, always out of at least one food ingredient, staff extremely unfriendly.


Closer to a four than a three but apparently half stars don't mean anything on Google.

Kathy Kelley

I moved by this one a year and a half ago, I have tried so many times to get food from here, most of the times, I walk up see the waiting line and go somewhere else. The 3 times I have just waited it out, took forever, one time was not a peak time. I went there two weeks ago, there was a line, 3 of us just walked away. By far the slowest Chipotle I have ever been to. Do they need more employees? Food is fine. Hope they can see these reviews and do something about the wait time.

Joe Roggenbuck

This has always been BY FAR THE SLOWEST CHIPOTLE I’ve ever been to and I’ve finally had enough. It’s the closest one near my apartment but I don’t think I can come here anymore as I have to wait way too long. The lines aren’t even that big, however it never moves because the workers are that slow. I’m currently waiting in line (once again) during a non busy hour (8:30pm) and this line has barely moved in 15 minutes. Unacceptable from a wonderful organization that I know and love.

Sachin R.

It took forever to get the food even though I ordered in advance using the app. No one was paying attention to online orders until it was pointed out by a customer. To top it off, There was a bone in the food. An actual chicken bone!

Katie P.

I can't figure out why this location can't get it together ... They are typically out of at least two things you want and they are slower than molasses. Also, why did they stop doing online orders at this location?! They have the set up for it in the restaurant! So frustrating when the next nearest location is in Uptown (no thank you to that drive). It does the trick when you need a Chipotle fix, just don't expect to get everything you are looking for in your burrito (bowl).

Alex Block

Order online during the lunch rush otherwise you’ll be waiting in line for 15-20 minutes.

Alex Block

Order online during the lunch rush otherwise you’ll be waiting in line for 15-20 minutes.

Kevin W.

I am refraining from going here for a while. Basically, I ordered online to skip the line when I arrived, as it was originally designed and intended for. To my surprise, I got there and was greeted to a mob of other people waiting for their online order, even one lady who said she had been waiting for an hour. She ordered ONE BOWL. I endured 35 minutes of waiting before I grew fed up. The workers looked like they started 20 minutes before I walked in, and didn't care one bit if they were slow on the line. Chipotle needs to up their wages to get better people in the building. I asked for a refund which took another 10 minutes, and drove to the Uptown location. Still busy, but took 10 minutes to crank out the whole line of customers in front of us. Why does the trash Chipotle have to be less than a mile from my house!?

Ryan Maurer

Great Food but it sure takes its time.

Jeff Hanson

I love Chipotle, but this location has some serious work to do. Nobody, including the managers, give a damn about what's best for the customer. Constantly out of ingredients within the last hour and a half of their closing time. There are a few younger people who work weekends during the day who want to please the customer, but the majority of the staff that I have ran into do not care what kind of service they give. Also, nobody seems to care when there is a line. They still move lethargically, as if they want to be fired. Not sure how this location is still open for business. Never going back.

Kyle Wesely

The lackadaisical pace of many of the employees is consistently impressive. The consistent lines should NOT be as slow as they are. The consistency of the issue shows clear training issues with the manager. These issues are so consistent, there’s numerous other reviews that say the same thing. Hmm. Seems consistent.

Roshan Rajkumar

Quick, clean, easy. Staff knows how to make your Chipotle standards in minutes. Really pushed through the early lunchtime rush. Probably wish the crew interacted more with me, but they are all business. Always clean too. Like that alot.

Yande M.

Never in my 8 years of eating Chipotle have I ever been to such a terrible location. Unfortunately, this one is very close to where I live and it's very inconvenient to drive to the other location (Lake Calhoun) when this one is literally not even .1 miles away. I go to this location at least 3 times a week. Sometimes as many as 6 times a week depending on my work schedule. The team here is awful. I worked as a restaurant manager before and I would have fired all of them. They do not know how to work as a team and the customer service is awful. I tolerate it because it's a close location but after my visit on 6/3, I am so tempted to never eat at a Chipotle again. I usually online order, but with it never being ready on time or constantly being made incorrectly, I decided to just go in. There were 3 people ahead of me in line, I was so happy. The line can sometimes be out of the door. As I got closer, most of the dishes were empty. The white rice really had one scoop left. Instead of the girl in the front asking for more rice to be made, she divided that little one scoop of rice over 3 bowls and 1 burrito. There was barely any meat. There were 5 employees in the back kitchen that were just hanging out and mingling. I went to order and asked if there was more rice, she said they were out of rice. It's 8 P.M. how are they out of a key item? Then rice magically appears. When I get to the meat, they are all out of steak and this is when she turns to one of the cooks in the back to make steak. At this point, 5 other people are waiting for steak. Why was this not prepared when they initially ran out? I waited 15 minutes for steak to be made while my bowl of rice and beans just sat out in the open. At least cover it up or put it under a warmer. The initial girl had such an awful attitude and you could see she didn't want to be there. She was rolling her eyes at customers and tossing their food to the side. We get it, you hate your job and you don't want to be here. But the least you can do is put a fake smile on your face and keep the line going. A person went ahead of me who ordered a different meat and found out there wasn't any lettuce available. He said, "Why don't you guys mention what you're out of BEFORE customers make their orders?" The girl said, "We run out of stuff." At this point, I was fed up. I asked if my bowl could just be cancelled since the steak was not made and there wasn't any lettuce. The manager comes out from the back and states, "We do have lettuce." Why do your team members up front not know this? At this point, multiple people in line are just leaving because they're fed up too. I eventually got my order made and the cashier was very friendly. She apologized for the wait. The other girls making the orders were so awful. They were rude and one couldn't wait to walk out of the door. While people were waiting for their food, one of the girls made herself a burrito, grabbed her purse, and walked right out of the store. No hand-off and no one to take over. More people left at this point. I don't understand how complicated it is to give customers a smile. Or even some basic respect. If we're friendly with you, we expect the same in return. Your entire team, except for a few individuals, should be fired.

Nathaniel B.

I try to not be too harsh on restaurants, as I've worked many years in the business, but dang this place takes the cake. Whether it's ordering online or in-store, you'll be waiting. I went today at 3.30p and there was a line of 6 people waiting just for them to make chicken. I ordered steak but was disappointed to see that they were out of brown rice, corn, and sour cream. They weren't out in the store, there just wasn't any prepped ready to serve ...yet they had 8 staff behind the counter??? And, like other reviewers have said, simply going 2.1mi down the road to the Uptown location (one which is a busier location, yet has their stuff together) is a world of difference.

Chipotle Mexican Grill
Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill

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