Chipotle Mexican Grill

5580 Excelsior Blvd, St Louis Park
(952) 922-9390

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Ann Somers

Normally St. Louis Park Chipotle I have had no issues but today 9/1/2020 I ordered like usual online burrito bowl with a drink but when I went to get it I did not receive a cup for my drink it was then I was informed there fountain station was down when I asked what I needed to do because I did not have time to wait in line for a refund the mgr came over and said he would refund it or I could get a drink from cooler and pay extra. I let it go with him refunding my account for the drink but when I finally got to my car to eat in my bag I found a spoon not a fork which is what I usually get and I needed to run back to work to get a fork. Not sure if someone dropped the ordering ball when it came to supplies but very disappointed in this visit and I just hope that this was just a bad day for them and they do better next time.

Tyler Barthelemy

While sanitary conditions were exceeded, the lack of food in the bowl I purchased will cause me to never return to this location again. Chipotle is great, just not this location.


Some to go orders are missing labels. 5 minutes there and saw 3 customers come in touching them all. GF eats here. The few times I have it's been very salty and tough chicken. Stale chips.

Jonny R.

Rude employees. First they said they lost my order then they said someone took it. Either way I was treated like it was my fault. After waiting, I had to go to the back of the line.

K P.

Consistently very poor service. I've been here where the service was extremely slow or many ingredients were missing. the chips don't have any lime or salt - please re-train your staff on how to make them. Today, no attempt was made to ask the young man in front of me to put on a mandatory mask or at least not lean way over the food counter, and I paid for a cheese quesadilla that was not out in my bag and I didn't discover was missing until I got home. I've tried several times to call and get refunded for the missing food but they won't answer the phone.


We have ordered from this location several times. The service is typically slow. There have been times their chips are stale or the food we’ve ordered for delivery (through Chipotle’s website) has been cold.Also, the few times we have had ordered for delivery we have either gotten someone else’s order or not received the entirety of what we paid for. When we contacted the delivery driver they state it’s the bag they were given when they picked up the food. If this is the case (unclear which party is responsible for picking up the correct food, restaurant or driver), I would not recommend ordering from this location if you can help it. We won’t be anymore.

Sarah Smith

I had originally gone in store as 2 people were in line after waiting 5 minutes they took one person then laid out 5+ online orders and with my dog in the car I had to leave, I decided to do a door dash. I ordered 3 chicken tacos which came accurately prepared however the tortilla was stale and the food cold. I ordered a kids quesadilla and received a burnt tortilla in tin foil with tin foil attached to the cheese. The drink and sides were missing. Very big disappointment for a company that is meant to be consistent. Will not be going to or ordering from this chipotle again.

Tim Witham

Zero stars, the only reason I'd recommend not closing this store down is because my apartment is next door. Portions are pathetic and it's staffed with children who have no supervision. I debated calling to say how small my burrito was and decided it was worth it. No one answered on 4 attempts. I know nothing will change by me posting this, so yay!

Nick Thorp

This is by far the worst Chipotle location I’ve ever been to. Online orders are constantly running 30+ minutes late, portions are small compared to other locations, line to wait for an order takes forever. It’s a bummer because this is by far the most convenient location for me, but I’ve sat and waited too many times to ever try this location again. Stay far, far away.


I don’t know if it’s just me but this location consistently puts tiny portions when making my burrito bowls. I’ll always pay for double chicken and I’ll get barely even what looks like half a serving of chicken. Barely any guac either.

Aakash Brown

No accurate toppings, no follow up call on the order. Steak was burnt and chicken was old and dry. A far cry from our typical experience.

Sara Strong

It's so irritating coming to this location. Every time I order (which is at least 1x a week), I end up waiting 15+ minutes for them to make all the online orders first before acknowledging that there is a line forming on the inside. It appears the customer in front of them comes last to the online orders.

Carrie Berg

Be prepared to wait 30 minutes or more passed your "pick up time". is what it is right now! I was surprised people could come in and order - some came in after me, ordered at the counter and got their food before me.

Christina Eichorn

I was very disappointed after placing an order online that included a Kids quesadilla, only to get home after picking it up to see that the management must not have ordered enough cheese. instead of a quesadilla, my child had 2 tortillas...No phone call about the order, no mention of the cheese shortage at pick up. I tried calling them, but there was no answer.


I’ve never had so many messed up orders and missing items for delivery. Most of the time they forget side tortillas, wouldn’t bother ordering chips and guac cause the chips don’t come half the time. For some reason when you go to the store in person the burrito bowls are normal sized but when you order for delivery it’s 1/4 that size. I’ve never seen such tiny amounts of food in a burrito bowl in my life. I’d HIGHLY recommend you avoid this location at all costs.

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