St. Louis Park American Legion Post 282

6509 Walker St, St Louis Park
(952) 929-9016

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Mike Schaffer

Fun, friendly place to stop. Good food

Susan H

I agree, Great food, great staff and agreeable crowd. We had a breakfast burger with a fried egg & the chicken strip basket. Very good fries & onion rings, too. Anyone in SLP or Hopkins looking for a nice meal should head on over.

Roger Miller

Nice place. Friendly staff. Good food. The Thursday riveted special was awesome!

Jack Paar

Delicious burgers and great service. Lots of menu choices.

Willie Nichols

I never went to the old location, but the new one is really nice. Big bar. Good music on Thursday nights. Good food. Awesome prices.

Nixon Hancock

Awesome spot to eat food when in a hurry. The customer service is quick, rates are affordable, good mood. Will come visit again

Angel K.

Dropped in here for some cheap food and drink. For the price and entertainment , this American legion does not disappoint. Popcorn and peanuts available while you enjoy your drinks. Great happy hour specials and different evening events, including karaoke. Food was solid and hit the spot. Highly recommended!

Jayden Cisneros

Tried this place once with a friend and I am hooked since then. I loved the excellent mood and delightful food and drinks. Great work.

Brandon Eddy

Average Legion with above average food

Jeanne Talberg

We have been to 2 "Date Nights" on Thursdays at this legion. 2 entrees with 2 free drinks, easily costs less than $25.00 for the both of us. The menu is typical of a legion post. I love their meatloaf sandwich and the BF gets a hippie burger (turkey). Waitresses are super nice. The BEST part, IMO, is the music! They have live music from 5-8:30. Someone has very good taste picking the musicians! Some of the best local music people! Only downside, your food order will take a long time-be warned!


I like the atmosphere, staff and food.

Charity Mohs

Good burger and nice staff.

Tyra L.

The old location was good but this new one is great! It's still relaxed and dive-y, but now you don't feel like you're trapped in a church basement. They even have windows! This is also much closer to Park Tavern and now The Block if you want to hop around a bit. I'd completely forgotten about this new location until we came out of Sota Clothing and were looking for a bite to eat. I remember steak night being popular at the old location so I had some confidence in the food already. By recommendation of our lovely waitress we went with the MacDaddy burger. It was soo good. I was hesitant of the sweet pickles - I normally HATE sweet pickles. They are a bit sweet with a kind of Christmas spice to it, like cinnamon or nutmeg. I went with it and left the pickles on the burger. They really do add just be right amount of snap to contrast the creamy 282 sauce. The bun is also nicely toasted and has an almost crisp texture where it meets the burger. This burger definitely rivals some of the others in The Cities. Wash it down with a $3 happy hour beer, and it can't be beat. They also have something going on almost every night of the week. And at a reasonable hour, where I don't feel like I have to ruin my bed time to participate. No, I'm not 80... I just like to be well rested. We were there on a Sunday and they were having Texas Hold'em tournament. Free to play and you can win a $50 gift card. The organizer was kind enough to teach us to play, and made us feel very welcome. Recap: Awesome Food, Awesome location, Awesome staff, Awesome prices, Awesome events

Mike S

z American Legion is also a pretty good place good people good food.

Chris Ridley

Fun place. Meat raffle has a great selection well done !!

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St. Louis Park American Legion Post 282

6509 Walker St, St Louis Park, MN 55426
(952) 929-9016