Hannah's Ice Cream Factory

399 Silver Dollar City Pkwy, Branson
(800) 888-7277

Recent Reviews

Matt Karls

Great handmade ice cream.

Ashley Raines

This was not a positive experience. The wait was unreasonably long. The ice cream is what you buy at the store with a ridiculous markup. Not worth the time or money.


Milkshake was pathetic. Come-on people, for $6 you can make something worth eating. Bowl of ice cream was good.

AJs Stuff

Honestly the best part of my day. Yall were awesome and everything tasted so good.

Penny Schaefer

Located within Silver Dollar City, this is a great place for a refreshing treat. The creamy ice cream is definitely high quality. You won't be disappointed by a stop at this little shop.

dan koenig

Worlds smallest hot fudge Sundae. Ice cream was more icy, less creamy. The banana split appeared to be a much better value.

Sharon Holzmeyer

Enjoyed the Snowball made with Peppermint ice cream in Hot Chocolate

Margaret Wilson

Yes, delicious even when cold outside.

miyako yamamoto

My sister loves this place if your name is Hannah and is spelled as such you get a free scoop.

Lisa Mahler

The ice cream was amazing. My grandson said it's the best.

Karlie Stephenson

Some of the best ice cream you'll ever have.

Joshua Lenox

I'd give it 6 stars if I could

Ashley F

You cant even get to it. The location is in a park and recommends you drive illegally through its restricted area to get there. Not a real business you can get to without going through the park.

Donna Baze

Was very disappointed that my brownie hot fudge sundae had a Little Debbie Brownie. You would think for the price they could make brownies.

rw slp

Great homemade ice cream and one of the few locations to buy the unlimited drink containers.

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