Hughes Brothers Theatre

3425 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson
(417) 334-0076

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Terry Wilkerson

We saw Escape Reality with Magician Brian Ledbetter.The show was fantastic, featuring several Las Vegas style illusions, including the Chinese Linking Rings and a lightning-fast Metamorphosis!The dinner was delicious and the staff was very friendly and helpful!If you're in Branson, be sure to see a show!

Rose Ann Fuller

We did the dinner and show. Both were excellent!! I don't think there's a better show in Branson!! We caught the first night of their Christmas show, and it was amazing!!! They involved so many family members, each as talented as the next. Great mix of laughs and thought-provoking content. You will not be disappointed! I'll be going back and taking my mom.

elizabeth case foster

I was very disappointed in this show. Their voices were not exceptional. I’ve heard much better singers in other shows.The second half is much better than the first. The younger singers were entertaining and I enjoyed the children singing.The theater is old and the seats very low.The brothers did sing some great harmonies at times.

Jim Brown

Excellent show!While there are many shows to choose from (all very talented) there's something special about a family production. We especially loved the 'Put Christ back into Christmas' theme.

Tracy Gerken

We started with the before show dinner and it was absolutely delicious. The dinner was the best part of our visit. The show was decent, comedy was a bit slow and the music choices could be better. The cast "family" are so welcoming and nice and they're the reason we will come back here. We highly recommend this show and if you can opt for the dinner option.

Darwin johnson

There were several generations of Hughes performing. They were all good but it was amazing to see how well the young ones performed. Amazing.

Doug Milner

Really very enjoyable performance by all!!!! Extremely energetic family of entertainers with a really fantastic variety of music & entertainers!!!! Over the last 25 years, this the 5th time going to their shows & I would go again many more times!!!!!!!!

Craig Moore

Amazing show! The humor lines felt contrived and not well delivered, but the musical part are top notch, well-rehearsed, and the musicians are all phenomenal from the youngest to the oldest. I would watch this every time I visit Branson. Also, kids 12 and under are free!

Harry Cordon

I have literally just seen The Hughes Brothers Music show today and can hands down tell you it is a fun, talented and fabulous show with a diverse range of music. My favourite part was the second half with all my favourite musicals. I was taken back to a moment in time with a wonderful friend who I have since lost. Thank you if not just for that one emotional moment.Such great talent from a wonderful family.Visiting from England I even got to shake the hands with respect of the Brothers it was a pleasure to meet all especially Marty.Thank you.

Chris Stauffer

Went to the Hughes Music Show. It was a great show for all ages! We would recommend this show to anyone visiting Branson.

Diane Payne

This show is awesome

Teresa Treadway

Watched the magic show and it was awesome. Came with a meal that for some reason some loved it and others didn't. I was one that didn't like it. I don't know why though. My son said it was one of the best meals he's had and he's very picky. Back to the magic show. It was awesome and the kids keep saying we're going back next time in Branson.

Hattie Bear

I absolutely loved it!!! They had a great workshop program and the show was great!!! They had really good treat choices. I also loved the cheap books by their family member! I picked up the Christmas one and have been loving it! If you are in Branson you should definitely check this out!!!

L Diamond

Our family goes to the Hughes Brothers Theatre at least every other year when in Branson. It's fun, family-friendly entertainment.Country Show: Our latest visit was to the county show, which included a meal served by some of the Hughes family themselves. The food wasn't exactly our favorite, but it was still good and matched the theme of the show.Hughes Brothers: Our favorite show is still just the normal Hughes Brother Show. They are all entertaining, though!Meeting the Hughes Brothers at the end of the show was the best part for our kids. The brothers are all wonderful with kids and have a great sense of humor.

Donna Maness

We could have spent all afternoon in here. So many photo ops! This was a very fun and engaging place.

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