Taco Bell

2000 W. US Hwy 76, Branson
(417) 335-2576

Recent Reviews

Cassie Pitts

Always get my order wrong. Asked to add an item to my order and was told they’re all out. Slammed the door in my face without letting me finish what I was asking. Won’t be back anymore. Given it enough tries.

Daniel schaedel

I pulled into the drive-thru with minutes to go until close, and was greeted by a pleasant lady by the name of Anabell. She did a wonderful job was just as pleasant when I had to redo you my order. Food was great too. Well done

Krista Ford

Soggy crunch wrap which makes it NOT A CRUNCH wrap. So I had a wrap and it was supposed to be no sour cream no tomato, can you guess what it had? EXTRA SOUR CREAM AND TOMATOES!! And they took away the $5 crunch wrap box that came with a Doritos locos taco and a drink-poorest decision Taco Bell could’ve made!!

Amber Fitch

Employees were very very rude. The restaurant was very dirty, they didn't get my order right at all and got attitude when I asked them to fix it and it was way over cookedFood: 1/5

Sydney Steimle

Good food. Didn't get anything wrong with our order, which is pretty good considering most of the time there is always at least one mistake.Food: 4/5

Faith Davis

I love taco bell. The grilled cheese burrito was exceptionally small however this time, and for 7.00 your expectations are a substantial sized burrito ?. And I've gotten them before not only last season when they were available, but during this time as well. So I was a bit upset on that, but everything was great as usual.Food: 5/5

Renee Beacom

It's very stressful. Staff had rap music blaring from the kitchen and a totally different music in dining room. I dont go in to eat to be stressed out. Don't enjoy ordering from the board instead of a real person. No cashiers at counter here. Taking away the personal touch and jobs.Food: 3/5

Trever Laxson

I ordered 4 five layer burritos one with no bean we didn't get the no bean burrito I tried to call 4 times and got ignored they didn't even answer the first time, on top of all of that the man at the window didn't give us the receipt he didn't even ask if we wanted it so that's 3 to 4 dollars waisted

Stephen M.

One of the only drive thru places in Branson open after midnight. I was really hungry and had one of their burritos which tasted good, a bit on the small size.Food: 3/5

Dakota Wilkerson

The entire experience was awful. Horrible customer service. I believe her name was Robin was rude to our family who needed assistance. Vibes of death and anger in the atmosphere. Never again.

Tony mozzarella

Read the description of the pictures of food, it is a crunchwrap in place where it's supposed to be a quesadilla, I don't know I thought it was funny. You guys get a bad review for late night because your food quality was terrible, everything is wrapped wrong, and the food tasted bad, it wasn't even put together right, and you used the wrong ingredients when making things. We only had five items on her order and we were the only car there. I understand you guys are busy and the late night before close you guys have other things to worry about, but the customer is still number one regardless.

Helen C.

Closed inside seating at 2, we arrived approx 1:45. Staff were friendly, food was good. We didn't understand why they were closing, it was New Years Eve Eve. The door sign said closing at 2 NY Eve.Food: 5/5

Chris Alvarez

Went through the drive thru. Food was really good for a taco bell. Awesome service at the window!Food: 4/5

Dominique Adkinson

Could definitely tell they was short staffed. Regardless there was no greeting people walking slower than my 3yr old. My existence was not paid attention to for a good 10 min. No enthusiasm no smile. Branson needs to do better with customer service in multiple establishments.Hello we will be with you as soon as possible. *smile*Not that hard

Kaci Pickett

It was the weekend of black Friday and the line was long. But we chose to risk iI. We did wait quite a while, but after getting to the window it was all worth it. The young lady working was so nice and our food was absolutely amazing for a taco bell! We loved it!

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