El Maguey

901 E Nifong Blvd, Columbia
(573) 874-3812

Recent Reviews

Marshall Sheets

There are a lot of different Mexican places in town that don't stand apart from one another. El Maguey is no exception. The food is well prepared, and comes as expected, but it's nothing to write home about.

joshua cason

Attentive service, after ordering food was brought out fast, and served hot, wide selection of spirits! Good choice to come out satisfied!

Steven Sapp

The menu is varied and the food is always good in my opinion. The service is okay, but often slightly slow.

Jason Cockrum

Great Margarita but the food was a bit to be desired

LaVetta Hodges

I ordered from this restaurant via Grub Hub. I ordered two of the same dish. I arrived at the time they said pick-up would be ready and found a bag waiting on a table at the entrance of the restaurant with my name on it. I brought that back home expecting it to be what I ordered. Once I got home I realized that I was missing one of the 2 orders. I drove the 10 minutes back to the restaurant and mention to the cashier that I was missing an order. He looked at the receipt and saw that they had made the mistake and ordered it again. After a wait, the food came out, but it was incorrect. I had to then wait again for the order to be recooked. When I finally received my order, the cashier not only neglected to aplogize for the wait and mix up, he didn't even thank me for my patience. The customer service was very disappointing!!! :-(

Don The King 1

Very rude & impatient when I was able to get the waiters attention. Spilled a drink & waiter gave me 2 napkins. While waiting to pay for my bill, other workers walked past as tho I wasn't standing there. Employee finally walked up to the counter but to only answer the phone for an order. Took 15 mins for someone to check me out. Horrible customer service.

Dylan Cooper

The food was great. The service was merely ok. We're not your chores. We're your customers.

Tabitha Grayson

The food was so good can't wait to get more.

Corrina U.

I lived off this food for years when I lived down the road. It was hands down my favorite Mexican food! Life hack- order the fajita taco salad, and two orders of tortillas, crunch it up and wrap it in a tilla and BAM- fajita dinner for two for $8. And it's the best.

Alex Johnson

Always a great place to go for a special occasion. We can hang out with friends/family, the chips and salsa are the best around town, (I've looked!), and it's great all-around! 5/5

James Gerding

Great food. Great service. We'll be back.

Cecelia Cordray

Good was great. Service was great. No complaints. Large portions at cheap prices.

Cassandra J.

Good food! Best Mexican restaurant on the south side! Nice location as well! Loved their marg and tacos! Staff was super friendly! Would score higher but their health score is a little low

Jarine Logan

Their service is terrible! I will NEVER go there again.

Emma Thornsberry

Delicious food I come back home full can't eat any more that's how good it was

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