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Daniel Young

My Son and myself had tried to go to several different places for brunch and the wait time was around 2 hours. He said Sophia's was one of his favorite places for dinner, so let's try brunch. OMG.. When I'm in town, I will never go anywhere else for breakfast. The tiramisu french toast was out of this world. The bread was a little crispy to give it an excellent texture. It was sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. Perfect balance.. Definitely my new go to, when I come to visit.

Anthony Ruselowski

Great food! We enjoyed our lunch the portions where bigger than we usually eat so we took some home. We had Sophia's Italian Nachos, Caesar Salad and the Smoked Chicken Carbonara. The Carbonara was spot on very delicious. Sorry no photos of before we dug in. We were so hungry and it smelled amazing! Tastes amazing too!

Kevin Blount

The restaurant is always easy to get into, sophisticated and quiet. One particular dish seems to have changed over the years, and that's the Caprese salad. The last few times it has been swimming in olive oil rather than the drizzle as the menu suggests. When I mention it to the manager he told me he's always been like that. I've been going there for almost 15 years and no it hasn't. It's just the last couple of months. Hence four out of 5 stars

Matthew Kauffman

I had the steak sandwich and fries. Very good! Our food was brought it seemed like in no time. Finally, our waitress was above excellent in getting us what we needed and checking on us but not to much. This was my first time there and will stop in again sometime.

Andrea W.

This is it!!! My favorite Columbia MO restaurant. Perfect for a date, a small party, business lunch or family gathering. The atmosphere is warm and cozy. The service is always excellent and portion sizes are large but not overwhelming. I've tried so many of their specialties and I have found each one packs the deep flavor that comes from handcrafted food. Do not pass this place up. The food is slightly non traditional Italian but it is done so well and doesn't loose the appeal of traditional Italian dishes. They also offer a great wine list so you can find something to pair with anything on the menu.

Gail C

My dining companion and I enjoyed a nice lunch at Sophia's. The restaurant is dimly lit, so beware going in from a bright sunny day. There is a step up into the booths that I nearly missed (both of us are seniors and eyesight may be a little less than perfect...). Service was prompt and excellent. My companion ordered the pancetta salad with warm bacon dressing. I opted for the Spicy Buttermilk Yardbird sandwich with fries. The salad was large and fresh. My companion said it was delicious. I felt my sandwich was just a wee bit overcooked but the flavors were lovely together. I especially enjoyed the pickles which offset the Cajun spices perfectly. The fries were hot and crispy and plentiful. We were served some very good Italian bread with dipping oil just before our meals arrived. I will return to try one of the pasta dishes, which also sounded very delectable.

Tl Smith

Our server and all the servers were great. Very friendly and hard working. As for the food and the price I was charged for what I got, it wasn't worth the visit. No dinner salad with the meal was a shock. The food wasn't bad, but it wasn't special for the price.

Nathalie H.

I had a good dinner here with friends. The meal was well paced, and service was excellent. We had set appetizers, pasta courses, and dessert, while the main was individual selections. All through, service was handled beautifully. The servers were knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive. 5 star food and service. Highly recommend for a great dinner out. A little more pricey, but it's a safe bet.

Mary Traveler

Cory was great! Had Mediterranean pizza and 4cheese beef ravioli, excellent!!

Billy Sanchez

My waitress, Kathryn, was super warm and welcoming throughout the entire dining experience. The entire time I was at the restaurant, she had a smile and was always happy. She was the friendliest waitress I’ve had in a long time and she did an amazing job ensuring everything went okay. She made the perfect dining experience.

James Gerding

Great birthday dinner! The food, wine, and dessert were fantastic. Our waiter was very good at his job. We'll be back for sure.

Glenda E.

We had a great time here last month with our two grown grandchildren on their beautiful patio. Will definitely be back. The food was excellent as was the service.


Very pleasant setting. Crab cakes were delicious, crispy but moist and flavorful. Came with a delicious sauce. Side salads were more like a full size salad. I had Caesar salad. The greens were cut up nicely and the homemade croutons were nice and crunchy. We both had pasta dishes. The serving sizes were enough for two people. My husband had carbonara and I had shrimp with Angel hair pasta and cream sauce. Both were delicious. We were too full for dessert!

James W.

We had not been to this restaurant for nearly 3 years and even then it was for a presentation in the back room. Recently we went at 10:30a.m. on a Sunday thinking that since they were open that they would serve Italian. We were wrong. They have what they called a brunch. We were informed that they do not serve Italian until 3:00 p.m. There was a droning noise that sounded like a short in a microphone cord and the manager told us that the building was old and that was normal. She offered to move us but we could not believe it would do any good since it seemed to be coming through the vents. We ask our server several questions about the menu and she admitted that because she was new she didn't know any of the answers. I made the mistake in buying eggs benedict. It consisted of a thick sliced biscuit grilled, prosciutto and the Dijon Mornay sauce. I asked if my eggs could be poached soft and they said they do not poach eggs. In short the prosciutto was grilled making it tough, the eggs are overcooked, and the thick biscuits were too dry. In summary, a bill for three of us was $54 and with only water to drink. All three of us agreed that there was nothing to come back to Sophie's for. I get the feeling that this business has a loyal following that overlooks the menu shortcomings and ... a constant drone while you eat.

Casey Stewart

We used the last bit of our gift cards and I can tell you I am still not impressed. Once again, I am sure the owners are nice but a 15% take away charge? This is crazy.In top of that, all the vegetables for my vegetarian family were not cooked correctly. Maybe one day it will be right, it just won't be on my dollar. Cheers.

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